Can a person be out of recognition with what they truly believe and why or why not?

Think about it! So many people claim to be sure of what they believe but when pressed about it, they actually don't really believe what they say they do. They think they have a pure understanding of what they believe but when explained, they realize they really didn't believe this. This is not only in spirituality but in other aspects of their beliefs. Thinking you believe something also doesn't mean you actually indeed do believe it. This is something which occurs plenty of times.

People plenty of times say they believe in a certain political stance but learn later what the stance fully entails, then are not really in recognition of their initial stance. Many people in the spiritual beliefs field will say they believe in the power of prayer or the Holy Ghost but really aren't in recognition or living by their beliefs. The same can be said in people who claim to believe no God exists but really do when they actually are told who God is in a more advanced way like energy and abstainer like purposes. I've caught people who were out of recognition of what they claimed to believe. have you?

Why do some people claim to believe things they don't or do not live up to their beliefs?

Please share your deepest spiritual thoughts about why some people don't actually recognize what it is that they actually believe! This seems to happen with over 75% of people I encounter.
It is possible but only if they are not in their right mind
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It is possible, even if they are in their right mind and/or other reasons (name the other reasons if they apply and if only other reasons but not due to in their right mind, state so)
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it is impossible
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Can a person be out of recognition with what they truly believe and why or why not?
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