Is Islam a religion of peace?

I took the time to read the quran and I find that it's pretty violent and very vague to the point where anyone can take it out of context to suit their needs. Even comparing the secs of Islam from Wahhabism to shia, Suni. I have never seen a religion at war with itself than muslims who curtail their beliefs to suit the needs and sow the seeds of malice.
"Those people are not muslims" I have heard that before so many times. What is a true muslim then I ask, because your book is pretty clear and those who follow islam to its roots and follow it's doctrine would. Even the history of Zina it's pretty barbaric considering the times we live in. So the argument of the Muslim in the west who drinks and smokes to the Muslim in Iraq who straps a bomb to his chest following Jihad against the Kafir's is no different. Muslims can't walk around and denounce those who would fly planes into buildings because they are doing what you would call a "holy duty" Jihad. However it's ok to lie to non believers if it saves you from prosecution so in a sense muslims denouncing atrocities is a lame attempt to deflect blame. Its tolerated because most people, uneducated people (feminists/liberals) don't understand that Islam is more than just a belief it is a way of life, culture and rules to govern it's people. From when you wake up allah has set rules upon you to follow, pray 5 times a day, eat certain foods, dress a certain way, treat women/slaves and infedelds different from your fellow muslims.

These are just a few but in all respect I can't find anything that can tell me that "Islam is a religion of peace". Even the Quran can't tell me and makes to wonder if those who are muslims have any common sense at all. It's pretty fucked up religion and here we are codling the very people who tell their kids to chop off our heads in their islamic schools.
Is Islam a religion of peace?
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