Dreams are coming true?

I’m aware this may sound bat shit crazy but if you’re open to this stuff then please leave advice because I’m a little freaked. I’ve had loads of these dreams but these 3 are the craziest.

first dream was about a certain person, let’s call them D. In my dream D had uploaded a video of themselves revealing specific information about themselves, about a week or so later in real life, D uploaded a video revealing the exact information I had dreamt about. There’s no possible way I could’ve ever known this about them.

second dream, I was in a house with two old ladies and the house had a specific look to it, the inside was basically all wooden, the old lady was circling a date on her calendar. when I woke up I realised the date she circled was D’s birthday. a few months later D uploaded a photo to Instagram of them at their grandparents house, the interior of the house was identical to what I saw in my dream. again, I have never seen their grandparents house until that photo.

third dream D has uploaded a photo to Instagram and captioned it ‘my angels told me to wear this’ and she ended the caption with ‘by the way, you’re my half sister’.

Please tell me I’m not going insane 😟
Dreams are coming true?
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