How many people believe God needs them?

Cause I feel so many people have become so selfish, arrogant, full of pride and that they forgot that they need God. Cause he created them. Why? Is story for another chapter. But I seen so many when asked why don't you beg your lords for forgiveness, or beg him to make things right for you. Or pray to him so your life becomes better. They think God needs them some how. The God that created the sun n galaxies above it. Why would he need a pop machine in only 8 billions of them. While animals pray to him, angel pray to him and recognize his create greatness. ITS FUNNY HOW WE FEAR HUMAN HE CREATED N THEIR MAN MADE LAWS. OBIDING BY IT AT 3AM NOT CROSSING THE LIGHT BECAUSE OF FEAR OF Traffic violation ticket. From traffic camera flashing. Wow. Yet we don't fear the one that gives life n dead. Brings rain. And gives us health n wealth. Wow. It's all I can say. May God bless you all. I hope you give a second thought that every night you go to bed. It may be your last sleep. Who will you meet? Are u ready?
How many people believe God needs them?
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