Law of attraction, witchcraft or psychology?

So this has been kinda bothering me. Law of attraction/manifesting. It has been really popular on tik tok so I decided to look into it a little. So, some people say that it’s a form of “witchcraft” and that it opens the door for bad spirits or satan. and that you can’t just get what you want without a price. and some say that it’s just a psychological thing that simply attracts similar energies, being grateful to universe and etc. What do you guys think about that? Both ideas kind of make sense to me. But I’m probably on the psychology side. I’d like to know what to believe. And by the way there is a method. you write your dream somewhere like it already happenend. What do you thank about that? Is it possible for that method to open the door for some bad spirits? And the most popular one 3 6 9 method. Personally I believe that it definetly works but it might be a spell kinda thingy. I don't know. Thanks.
Law of attraction, witchcraft or psychology?
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