Did you solve any difficult problems this week?

I figured out the meaning of 3-4 symbols in the bible I had been struggling with
I located the guy I like online - I wanted to learn his full name so I could add him as a friend on social media - I didn't find his facebook or twitter but I learned his full name
I also previously located the full name of the other guy I like and I found a resume that might belong to him but not sure at this point if its the same guy
I also decoded a bible mystery I had been struggling to understand for around 12 - 13 years - if you read my posts you will see the mystery I have uncovered
And I came up with 22 book outlines for 22 books after 15 years of study on the bible in preparation for writing a book
27 d
I got laid off because of CoVid but I used to work 5-7 days a week
Did you solve any difficult problems this week?
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