Is this a normal way to treat your church family?

I’ve been attending zoom bible studies for around 4 months

for the first 2-3 months people would be allowed into the online bible study room 10-25 minutes before the study begins to socialize

than the pastor started starting the room only 1-8 minutes after the bible study begins to prevent pre bible study conversation

then he would end the study as soon as the talk was done and block Q&A

now he is separating us by age where you would get a specific bible study date that corresponded with your age group so you would not end up in a group with people older or younger than you

i was always very talkative with a 14 year old in the study cause I wanted to help him build his confidence

but I ignored the others cause I did not like their personalities

some were uneducated

some were attention drainers

some were pro black lives matters protesters

some were high minded people who were wise in their own conceit and completely ignorant of how unintelligent and limiting their views on the world were

and others were boring people with no interest in mainstream culture or collective society or modern poetry and art

it occurred to me the pastor thinks I’m a pedophile cause I talk to the 14 year old but ignore everybody else
Is this a normal way to treat your church family?
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