Why do Christians think Heaven is so exciting?

Don't want to start a bad religious argument, but so many Christians feverishly insisting to people that Heaven is such an awesome, inspiring place. If I had to choose between going to Heaven and going to Hell, I would rather be good to get into Heaven and not suffer for eternity in Hell, but what is Heaven supposed to be?

The vast majority of Christians say that Heaven must be a vague, spiritual, distantly "happy" place where we worship and praise God for eternity and will not care about doing anything else? How is this even inspiring or appealing to me? No sex even in marriage because of "dirty evil lust", no personal "high" experiences. No personal challenges to overcome. Emasculation by having to be "protected" by Jesus and angels instead of getting to be a strong badass and fight enemies on your own.

I can't relate to what must be so exciting about Heaven that Christians hate this life and look forward to being there instead. I am writing on the assumption that Heaven exists and is reasonably accurate to the vision I described above.
Why do Christians think Heaven is so exciting?
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