Why does Satan want to sift humans like wheat?

Why does Satan want to sift humans like wheat?

We are often told throughout the Bible that Satan has the desire to sift us as wheat. Obviously this is analogous to something but to what? What is the desire that Satan has that drives him to want to sift us as wheat and what is this actually meaning?

I think it means that he draws you so close to him and you end up following him and you get complacent and he soon will wreck havoc on your life and you will fall to pieces so easily that you can't get the desire to make your life whole again. What do you think?

Please explain what is meant by Satan desires to sift us as wheat!
He hates humans due to being made in God's image
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He likes toying with humans to cause terror
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He doesn't (it is an analogy for something else, name it)
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He doesn't (Satan exists but he doesn't desire to nor anything analogous to that)
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Satan doesn't exist (explain how you came to that conclusion)
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He likes to hype you up and then make you fall to pieces and have hardships
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Another answer (explain)
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Why does Satan want to sift humans like wheat?
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