Ever do this, listen to a message in a song?

I had a girlfriend, about a year back, mentioned her before, she died last yr. she gave me a tape of an old recording, Bee Gees , To much heaven. I played it about an hour ago. This is captivating. She told me it had a message, but I never listened bbefore, im blown away. She was heavy, she was maybe the love of my life. She never thought anyone would care because of her weight, i met her by asking if I could help in anyway?, She was in the hall crying, school hall, I asked why? C ause of her weight she said. Id never spoken to her before. I just hugged her, said it would be ok. Ii was blown away, but she gave me the song, and she died from a heart ailment, after I fell in love. That made headlines among all the gossipers at school. They asked... why? Bee Gees. To Much Heaven. Listen if you want. Thank you
Ever do this, listen to a message in a song?
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