In reference to differing opinions on the matter of manipulation and religion... ?

I do not veiw myself as a witch, christian, aithioust, antisocialist, righteous, or any 1 single labol/religion. I was lucky enough to be a born natural nature worshiper, some call it being or practicing "witchery" and for those that classifiy me as that, I say then, I'm a white witch. I only do good upon nature and others. Never wish for bad things to happen. Never take advantage of my surroundings and only utilize what I need to live. And am greatly thankful to be given these things, skills, food, friends, support, the days, and nights I'm being allowed to have been given to me by this green and blue world. I have bad emotional days as any human does and find myself questioning this life sometimes. That's when I go outside and put my hands and bare feet into the earth and grow. I grow along side the food I will later put into my own body and give to those that will do the same in good health. I'm always more than willing to help a stranger the same way I'd help my grandmother any time anyone needs. Without expectations. I've been told that I get taken advantage of, but I disagree, if that be the case then they needed it more. For whatever reason. Example.. I know addicts that will feed the whole neighborhood, but steal for their habit. Weather it's drugs alcohol or just being a clepto. Any time I come across people with ill intentions, I do "bindings" for so they don't harm themselves and in turn do bad upon others. Therefore... Manipulation is simply that, regardless of the means. Be it using your looks, words, skills, money, power, or influence. If you use it to hurt other or for self advantages and ill intent without helping this world in return you are not "christian" or any type of human I'd like to be associated with. I've come across all types of self labolers and regardless of what they call it... Your either a good hearted person, willing to help with good intentions, or your not. And have dishonest and hurtful motives and intentions.
In reference to differing opinions on the matter of manipulation and religion... ?
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