Do you believe a person who has tattoos or piercings in their bodies is dissobeying God?

Because in some Bible passages it clearly states those things are forbidden? Im saying this based on an article I read who some Christian post on social media and got my attention to the text.

I gave my opinion on it and I said, that people who have tattoos are not doing any harm to anyone, as there are people without tattoos who are bad or good people and there are people who has tattoos that are also bad but also good people.

The passage where it says tattoos are bad "..And you shall not make scratches on your body for a dead person, nor shall you print any marks on you."
Other passage says..".Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in you, which you have from God, and that you are not yours?"

Then this lady I used to know for some years when we used to do aerobics exercises together. She stopped working out cause she became a Christian and her free time she started to dedicate to God and going to the church very often and she stopped working out, cause she did not have time anymore for exercise and got distant from the aerobics friends group we use to have some years ago

So this lady told me ." . Actually I shared this article not for a matter of taste in tattoos or whether people are good or bad or to offend someone. Anyone who wants to get a tattoo can do so and is respected. However, the point is an attitude of obedience to God, those of us who know, love and serve God must honor and obey him. We must reflect Christ in our lives and his word guides us to do so. The issue of tattoos is the same as the attitude of people who take drugs, kill or also conduct that is wrong such as lying, criticizing, fornicating any aspect of sin that even knowing that we should not do it, we continue to do it..." unquoted.
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So for this lady getting a tattoo is dissobeying God, even if she respects people who have them. Is this lady right or wrong?

I dont have tattoos on my body but I know some people look attractive with some on their bodies. But I personally dislike completely if a body is like 50% covered with tattoos, it makes the person less appealing. I only like when there are just a few on a person body and well-placed on it.
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This lady also says that.". we have to obbey God and we have to medidate the way we worship God beign obedient and how we want to be perceived by other people. God love us and wants our obedience".
Do you believe a person who has tattoos or piercings in their bodies is dissobeying God?
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