Another much older hurricane dream about to be fulfilled. What do you think?

TD 19 should intensify to at least Category 1 hurricane. I think this is a much older hurricane I dreamed about several years ago, but didn't preveniously mention. I thought I had proven this dream was just a "pizza dream" but I must have been wrong.

I already know what is about to happen, but because I didn't mention it earlier I won't be able to prove this one to anybody, except maybe my own mother I guess. Anyway, this is going to move slow as molasses from east to west and clobber several gulf states wtih inland rainfall totals very high. If this is the OTHER storm I dreamed about, New Orleans will get heavy rain, and there will be an inland storm surge on Lake Pontchartrain and even Maurepas which will do significatn inland flooding damage.

The HWRF computer model takes TD 19 all the way up to Category 3 strength before landfall, and the HMON model takes it to Category 2, this is much stronger than the official forecast, sometimes the forecasters just don't believe the models, and sometimes the models are correct and sometims the models over-exaggerate.

However, I think we agree it could make Category 1. The category isn't what's going to do so much damage with this storm, but rather the very slow forward movement speed will mean hyperbolic increase in inland rainfall. This is going to be a catastrophic damage event, otherwise God would not have given me the dream so far in advance. 9 times out of 10, when God gives me a weather dream, it means it's going to be one of the worst catastrophe's of it's kind when it comes to pass.

So even though this is NOT the Category 5 I prophesied, I'm confident this is going to bust someone's tail between New Orleans and Mobile Bay due to Catastrophic inland flooding.
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Again, this pattern from GFS and EURO computer models closely agrees with the Prophetic Dream I had. This is NOT the Category 5 I prophesied, this is a different Prophetic catastrophe about to happen. God almost certainly wouldn't have given me a dream about this storm that far ahead of time, unless it was going to be catastrophic. So I suspect inland rainfall will be the primary damage source for this storm. And the Category 5 is still coming too...
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In the dream, the storm turns north towards Mobile Bay, and then a few hours before would-be landfall, it turns west all the way into NOLA and Lake Pontchartrain and clobbers everyone along the way with heavy rainfall. So look for a northward track at first, and then at the last second it turns west and stays going west due to a powerful continental ridge steering it. Then inland rainfall over Mississippi will be very, very bad, as the storm hard stalls for a while before turning north again.
Another much older hurricane dream about to be fulfilled. What do you think?
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