Is me being an atheist not good for my students?

No offence to anyone who believes in God. Ok so today during lunch someone (not going to name him/her) who was going to eat lunch with me started praying before eating lunch and I started my lunch without doing that, he/she saw it and said you can not be a good homeroom teacher if you don't believe in god, cause you can't teach them about good morals. I was very agitated and shocked, I just got up from there and left because I was angry and didn't wanted to say something I regret later. But after sometime I calmed down and thought what if he/she is right? Am I harming the future of these kids. I don't want that, they are my children, my students, I don't want to ruin their lives. So was he/she right? Am I not suitable for teaching them?
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Sorry guys I think my question is being taken in a wrong way. I am not trying to start anything between anyone.
I know what I am and I don't know anyone else to tell me who I am.
Is me being an atheist not good for my students?
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