Christians, is this kid evil?

Owen is 13 years old, a atheist, and a bedwetter. His parents are both Christian and strong believers in god. One day upstairs, Owen got into a argument with his 5 year old sister about god. He said God is bullshit and then she says that's why your a bedwetter and I'm not. Enraged, Owen grabs the cat opens the window, and threatened to drop it. He made his sister say she was just kidding and that God isn't real. He would also grab a lighter, grab the cat and told her he'd set the cat on fire or that he'd kill the cat one day, but he could never bring himself to actually do it. He held the cat one night and said he was sorry.
The next day, Owen's father punched, Sara ( the mother) in the face and screamed he'd blow up the house with his shotgun. Sara was bleeding and had bruises everywhere. Owen's father would beat him and strangle him for wetting the bed. Owen tells his mother that she needs to divorce him, but she said it's against God's law to get a divorce and that things will get better if they just pray.

The next day, Owen's father's brother comes over and forces him to watch and do a variety of very nasty and inappropriate things.
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Christians, is this kid evil?
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