What is the. Truth?

I do not know how to find the truth. As I been looking for truth all my life and still can not find a strong candidate answer.

I was born in a Christian home but all of them seem to be fake and teach things and do the exact opposite, and they teach they= christians are God's people (but with teaching all of us came from just two people that will = we all are God's people lol) so you know there is a lie in there somewhere lol. So what they teach can not be true if they teach two things that contradicts eachother.

I stopped following that when people showed me that treating eachother as family and respecting eachother helping eachother no matter where you are from we are all the same. I call all people that believe in that religion my brother and sister as they feel like my family (this could be because I was severely abused all my life and 0.00000% of people in my life treated me like this, like a family. It feels nice to be accepted and treated nice) With this I feel it is way better to believe a creator and we treat all people as family and support, help, and respect eachother.

But I'm still lost as there are so meny opinions and religions what one is the truth? How do you find the truth? How do you know?
What is the. Truth?
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