Was this guy a real prophet / empath?

Years ago I asked a Christian prophet to tell me who I would marry - he described somethings such as a certain colour his clothes would be and a particular type of work setting where I would meet him - I didn't take him seriously cause I wanted to spend my life in academia or in the church as a minister so did not see how a professional office would lead to me finding a husband - he also said the guy would need me and I was never attracted to weak men - the other thing was the colour he said was a colour woman wear and I had gone years without seeing a man where that particular shade

But the thing is the guy I liked wore a very light shade of the colour he mentioned - so light that it was appropriate for a man to wear that colour even though it was a woman's clothing colour - and the outfit was streaked that colour instead of being entirely that colour - the other thing was the guy was very very very intelligent but had a mental disability so even though he may have needed me - he was not weak - I also worked in a professional company cause I was so stressed from school I never wanted to touch academia again

But the description was very brief so it might not have been a reference to him
Was this guy a real prophet / empath?
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