Have you heard of the concept of 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness?

Basically if you’re operating in the 3rd dimension, you’re just “HERE”... operating in space, there’s no greater purpose for the individual, God is “outside the person” and they’re kind of just going through the motions of life, in a lesser mode of consciousness. 4D is essentially another level of awareness and conscious where God is “within the person” and there’s purpose and it leads to real progression in life and the person recognizes or has a sense of being “one with humanity” and knowing “we are all connected.” And 5D is essentially being able to use your 4D awareness and consciousness in a powerful way where you’re able to seize opportunities and manifest outcomes into your life, with a heightened spirituality, positivity, and purpose, and that sense of relating to humanity as one.

I don’t think I’m getting it 100% right, but I feel like it was close to this and honestly, these days, it feels pretty real in a sense. Relating to other humans, people in general, feeling inspired, feeling purpose in your life and drive towards certain things, and ultimately if you know how to achieve them, you can.
Have you heard of the concept of 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness?
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