What if your wife secretly use a Ouija board or witchcraft?

My husband and I have been married for nearly 4 years now (no kids yet). He had issues with my mother but eventually things ''worked out''. However, I wanted her to not get involved too much. She hated him once and now she was suddenly too nice, saying he's like a son, etc.

Feb 2019:
I secretly started playing the Ouija board with a friend (no one in our family nor my husband would've liked it because they supposedly had bad experiences). I'm not a believer but played it for fun and asked it several question, if Satan was real, if it was stupid, if my mother was being fake again to my husband, etc. A couple months later, I did some witchcraft and summoned Satan for fun. I read that it keeps people apart, that way I can have my husband for myself only. I don't believe in these things but I still ended up for hard.

Supposedly weird things have happened. My husband sometimes has nightmares of shadows having him, his relationship with my mother's fake ''you're like a son'' thing bs has ended, my mother showed her true colors (she never liked him and was only being polite out of resignation) and now I can keep my husband to myself, my younger sister (who lives with my mother) claims someone moves her covers and has nightmares, etc.

I can't help but laugh at this whole scene happening. I stopped playing with it though but these things are still happening according to them. They have no idea how, why nor what's going on. I might be careless one day and perhaps he'll find out. Honestly, what would you do if you find out your wife was using a Ouija board or witchcraft (for fun), meaning she was behind all this basically?
1 y
Nothing is happening directly to me though. I'm not the one with nightmares, nor visions of being watched, nor anything.
What if your wife secretly use a Ouija board or witchcraft?
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