Are dreams of dead loved ones not just dreams?

I was dealing with my older brother's death. He passed away in an auto accident in 2018. I was started to quit college, drinking more, stop exercising, eating more junk food, etc.

I thought of myself worthless without him until he appeared in my dream two weeks ago. I know dreams are just dreams but this one seemed so vivid, as if it was really him. This is what happened in my dream:
We were walking in the park and talking about any subject. Then I got invited an ice-cream and at that point kept asking ''but aren't you dead'' and he changed the topic. Then we talked some more and then it ended with him saying ''I gotta go. Before I go, promise me you'll never let go no matter how hard the going gets. You'll never let go even if it seems hopeless... don't let go''. Then he left and I woke up.

I feel that wasn't just a dream. It's like he appeared right when I was at my lowest and ready to give up on my goals. I've been motivated to continue where I started since. So would you say if a deceased loved one appears in our dreams, is that more than just a dream?
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So now I'm wondering if it was really him I spoke you OR me thinking so much about him that my dream is the way he would've spoken to me if he were alive.
Are dreams of dead loved ones not just dreams?
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