How should I respond to being called a fake christian?

Someone who I helped out a lot this year has said this to me and honestly, I don't know what to do now. I made sure she got furniture when her husband left her and took everything, I've bought groceries for her and her daughters, I made sure she raised enough money for her surgery, but recently her true colors have started to show. I realized that she judges people based on their skin color and their economic status. If anyone is not white, she tends to make some ignorant and offensive comments about them and if anyone makes more money than she does, then she judges them and calls them fake. (Even if they offer to help her and her family during hard times.) She'll take their money without question but talk bad about them. Since her husband left 3 months ago, she's saying she's now found Jesus and is a Christian, but it's almost like her behavior has gotten worse. She says I'm not a real Christian because I got to church with people who are doing well financially. And because my church has people of different races all together. I want to leave her alone, but I don't want her kids to think I've given up on them and I don't want her to use that as an excuse to tell her daughters to be racist.
How should I respond to being called a fake christian?
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