Being spiritual but not religious?

I grew up religious, but as I've gotten older, I have somewhat regrettably kind of distanced myself from religion. Because it teaches you that "this is the way" you know? You have to "this, that, and the other thing" to reap the benefits of believing something. It's tough.

Honestly as I've aged, I see how there are so many belief systems, and who is one to say it's the right thing, over another thing? I have no way of proving which one is true. The best thing I've been able to do is live a life that I think is increasingly less toxic towards other people and what they think and feel, and have empathy for others, seek out real connections in people, and honestly just be in tune with myself and in hoping for a better world. Something greater at the end of the tunnel, whether that's a tunnel IN life or the tunnel OF life.

I believe something is out there that is above us, whether it's a feeling, or feeling connected to some kind of life force, or some kind of spiritual power, but it's tough to label it as some form of deity for me. I just want to love and appreciate others and the differences in people, share experiences with others, enjoy my time, feel the feelings of life and its events and the human experience. Express myself through art and consuming art. Understanding what we all are and who we can be. Pushing forward. To me this is spiritual. It's in feelings, it's sensory, it's in songs, in seeing and experiencing other places, creating memories. I want to just expand my mind as much as I can.

Am I doing it right? What can I do better? It's like I don't want to not believe something that I should to not attain a certain place in the universe, but at the same time, I don't know if I'm wired that way to just buy into an organized belief system when there are so many hypocrites out there. I try not to be judgmental, but in many ways I think organized religion can sometimes create a toxic and cult like culture and it doesn't sit well with me.
Being spiritual but not religious?
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