Why can't our government govern any more?

Because we have evil people governed by evil people, tha'ts the problem with Democracy. When the people are evil, the leaders are also evil.

the purpose of government is the common people are in fact too evil and too stupid to lead themselves, and that' s why we need Righteous Leaders. So I heard on the NEWS today that some states are now legalizing hard drugs, including Cocain, Heroin, and Meth, even though they don't even have the constitutional power to do that, and even though those things are banned, because the last time they were legal everyone was strung out all the time and dying from overdoses.Evil lawmakers are legalizing those drugs now just to get tax dollars. "The Love of Money is A root of all Evil."
So when people's job performanc egoes down, and the total number of DUI's goes up, and violence in the home goes up, an ddeaths from overdoses and DUI's goes up, BLAME YOURSELVES for voting for evil lawmakers.
Why can't our government govern any more?
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