Where will you be when Global Warming destroys humanity, with God's direction?

This is Ridley's music from Lower Norfair in Metroid 3 for the SNES.The reason I post this music is because this level is in the heart of an unstable planet, and the entire level is submerged in magma and super-critical water, and "nigh invincible enemies".

Imagine when AGW gets so bad trees spontaneously combust and the rivers and oceans begin to boil away at the Equator. That's Lower Norfair.

If AGW passes a certain threshold it becomes "self reinforcing" and methane is released from the permafrost, and the oceans begin to boild, then the solar wind blows away the hydrogen from the water, leaving free oxygen, which reacts with carbon from the soil, producing even more CO2, driving the temperature up exponentially until the entire Ocean boils away (See Venus).

The Bible says that at the End of the Age, the Earth become so hot that the "Elements Melt", well on Venus, Lead and several other metals melt at he surface, because the temperature is so high. The Earth is capable of having an even hotter runaway Greenhouse effect than is Venus, even though Venus is closer to the Sun.
the Prophecy from Jeremiah and Daniel taken together has the "End of the Age" happening in the year 2065, or seven "years of years" from Jeremiah's prophecy.

So that's 2555 years
Subtract 490 years for the 70 weeks of years to Jessus of Nazareth.

2555-490 = 2065 (45 years in the future)
Which means Daniel's Book Prophesies the end of the United States and all nations in the year 2065, at which point they will SERVE the true Messiah.
However, in Revelation (a book I neither believe nor disbelieve presently, but am "testing"), there is afinal plague in which fire rains down from heaven and consumes an evil generation which is deceived by Satan again AFTER the Great Tribulation and 1000 years millenial reign (in which there is no ocean).
Perhaps this is what Peter meant when he Prophesied that the "Elements would melt" at the "End of Time".
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See here where I discuss this live.
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the end of the Age is 7 years of years, and from Daniel To Jesus is 70 weeks of Years.

7 years of years - 70 weeks of years = 2065 years
2555 - 490 = 2065 years.
Where will you be when Global Warming destroys humanity, with God's direction?
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