Could you have a dream that would come to past?

So I had a dream about my close friend that we stopped being friends and in the dream I was super hurt. It was heartbreaking because we have known each other since we were little. I have been feeling a feeling since last spring break that are friendship has changed a lot. She has a new best friend that she hangs out a lot. I think her new best friend is jealous of me in some way I guess because we grew up dancing together and she only recently meet my friend because my friend plays golf with her. I don’t go to the same College has them but both are on the same golf team. They have gotten really close and I’m happy for her. Some drama went down and the her new friend brought up stuff that wasn’t true and other things to make me look bad towards my close friend. My friend sided with her that really had me in shock because I thought she would see through her lies but she is blinded. Later my friend Amanda figured out her friend Sara was just trying to sabotage our friendship and was jealous. She apologized and now we are good but I don’t hang out with her other friend anymore. We still go out every know and then but lately I just have picked up a lot of things and I’m just questioning everything. I do feel like I’m most of the time text her first to see how she doing just like any other friend would do. she’s the type of person if she’s mad at me she doesn’t talk to me about that situation she rather me talk to her first. Or I just feel like she doesn’t care enough and that I’m not a priority. She’s doesn’t like texting and only sometimes she reaches out. Only back in middle school and high school we were really close because we did competitive dance but now that we are at different colleges we aren’t that close.
Could you have a dream that would come to past?
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