Was the universe trying to tell me something?

I feel like this has happened to me before, several times actually, where it’s like I’m thinking of something quite a bit, or moving in a certain direction, and either people seem to notice and say something and it’s like they’re floating an idea to me, or something completely random happens where it feels like more than just a coincidence...

Today, I was thinking, just about my life, my goals, where I want to be... knowing I have to move soon... not knowing where, but as soon as I was thinking this, getting lost in thought, I saw a traffic stop coming up quick, and had to almost slam the breaks on a bit... and right in front of me, a car with a California license plate, which is where I’ve wanted and hoped I could live for so long. Been thinking about it a lot lately actually. All year long. Keep in mind I’m way off on the East coast. We never see California plates, hardly ever.

It almost felt like something telling me something, in that moment. Any thoughts on this? I’ve done a lot of research into the ideas of spirituality, dimensional transcendence, moments of synchronicity (which is what this actually felt like) along with those initial examples I alluded to, and I’ve been doing a lot to follow my heart in the last year or two. I wonder if this is my next step.
Was the universe trying to tell me something?
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