What Saist Thou Atheists?

You lose the debate, as usual.

Ontological argument is all I need to rule out Atheism.

1) God as we Understand Him is a Being than which no greater being can be conceived.
2) A Being that exists in reality is greater than a being that exists only in the mind.
3) Therefore we can't be imagining God.
4) Therefore God is the Greatest Being in Reality.
5) Therefore God exists.

Just how "Almighty" is God anyway?

Well, I believe based on circumstantial evidence, that the Universe is actually 96 Billion years old (I don't think Relativity can allow space-time to expand faster than light, therefore the farthest objects are much older than Scientists think,) the Sun is actually 48 billion years old (IF it is a First Generation Star and started with composition similar to the Cosmic Background,) and the Earth is actually 8 Billion years old*. I felt like God told me these numbers are correct.

(Note:* Scientists think the Earth is 6 billion years old based on deterministic computer modeling, but they can't find Earth rocks older than about 4.56 Billion years, because they've all been melted by now.)

But what about the future? Scientists agree with present best knowledge the Universe will last another 10^128 number of years, which is a number vastly beyond human comprehension. Again, I felt like God told me this number is correct.**

** This means all "End times prophecy" is actually wrong, by the way.

I prevoiusly mentioned Deist Newton calculating the "End of the world" as 2065, but neither Newton nor myself believe that to be the "End of Time", at best that's the "End of an Age", and at worst it's false prophecy.
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Also, it doesn't matter what God's name is, God exists. And it doesn't matter whether God looks like a humanoid man, or a Xel Naga or a Singularity, or something else; He is still worthy of your love and devotion and adoration.
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What Saist Thou Atheists?
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