Are some Christian preachers overly dramatic? Details in question below?

When a Christian constantly posts images of martyred Christians or violent non Christians killing them for having Christian beliefs, I think they are totally missing the point.

God does not send you to hell for reading the Quran or the Mahabharata / Bhagabad Gita or Buddhist Hagiographic or Jewish Talmudic writings

What you could do to avoid getting killed if you live in a country that follows the other religions is to say that you believe the Bible is a metaphorical story of Allah or Shiva or Gautama or Yahweh and that you don’t understand everything but follow the parts you understand and agree with.

The reason people from different religions keep killing each other is that they want express their refusal to assimilate or learn from each other but if somebody says - my book is useful but your book is also useful, than they can avoid getting killed.

The religious leaders who encourage christians to surrender to persecution when their are alternatives to being killed such as shrewd social negotiation and intelligent verbal manipulation are guilty of the crime of causing unnecessary death.

Life doesn’t have to be bad. There are biblical ways to avoid suffering and any preacher who depresses people with unnecessary pessimism is not being honest about who or what God is. Some might say their voluntary depression is a form of blasphemy because it denies the joy and happiness that life gives.
Are some Christian preachers overly dramatic? Details in question below?
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