Should I give up on Christianity?

I'm done with it. The belief in Jesus is dead to me. I haven't told my family this but, it's dead to me. My stepdad is a staunch believer in Christ and uses the Bible as an excuse to yell and curse at his son, lie and blame his brother for his own shitty behavior, etc etc. Apparently there is some drugs going on in his family.. although HIS DAD was a very good person. Not him, but his dad.

That's all the personal stuff I'm sharing.

A SHITLOAD of "Christians" use the Bible as an excuse to be racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, abusive and/or neglectful to partner/kids, etc etc. I have LOTS of family members like that.

I'm going to be moving out soon and was thinking about selling the Bible my stepdad gave me. My mom said not to because it's a sin and I could go to Hell for that.

Look at Andy Ngo, as conservative as he is (*I don't agree a lot with him), he gave up on religion. Twice, sort of. Converted from Buddhism to Christianity, and finally a peaceful athiest still rocking self defense.
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Should I give up on Christianity?
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