Was he an actual friend or not?

So I back in 9th grade my ex cheated on me but I decided to stay friends with him because he asked me to. I’m a now a Senior. He said he was sorry for everything that happened in 9th grade. I told him about the stuff that was going on at home with my parents. He was supportive. Although he did make fun of my aesthetic. He asked why didn’t I date someone in my grade. ( My now boyfriend is a Junior.) He also said all the remaining friends I have are gonna leave me some day. I tried talking to him about Jesus and he told me “ Nope. Not this bs!” I tried reasoning with him but he said he’d rather be in Hell than have his dad enforce it on him. And he said all is Christian people are the same and the Bible is an old book that is whitewashed. I tried being reasonable again but he told me to “ F*** Off.” After that I didn’t I talk to him. Was he an actual good friend?
Was he an actual friend or not?
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