Does it sound like God punished my cousin?

My cousin wore a size 1 in clothing and had an Ivy League degrees, making millions managing head fund traders on Wall Street and had gorgeous charm and fashion sense.

But she did not respect poor people and would spread lies about them and had no sense of loyalty. Everything about her was fake and she hated everybody who was not beautiful and rich.

Her husband divorced her and she lost her millionaire job, she got rejected by Harvard because her friend sabotaged her interview by calling her on the phone during when the admissions team was assessing her, she became infertile from an STD she caught and now she makes around $120,000 a year when she used to make over $2,000,000. She is also old and wrinkly from many sleepless nights and her current boyfriend treats her family like trash and is divorced with kids. She is also fat cause her ex husband did not care how much she weighed so she stopped dieting and exercising.
Does it sound like God punished my cousin?
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