Is anyone interested in tarot readings? :)?

Hi I’ve been practicing tarot for a little over a year now! I’ve done readings on a few people I know and recently started doing them on strangers. I’ve gotten all good feedback on my readings and lots have said they resonated! If anyone is interested in a reading I’m doing them for free and will do yours just lmk what type of reading you’d like! 💓
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Also to anyone who is interested when you message me please message me what type of reading you’re interested in just so it take up less time since I’m getting more messages than expected! Thank you 😊 a lot of you also ask what type of readings I offer I can do any type of reading you like whether it be insight on a situation or we can start with a simple reading such as a general, love or career reading! So when you message be sure to provide that information
Is anyone interested in tarot readings? :)?
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