Who’s the person teaching me in my dream?

So this is really weird but there’s a faceless person who’s like a weird glowing thing that my mind can’t comprehend who comes to my dreams and teaches me things that end up actually working in real life and I’m not sure what this is. I’m an atheist and not spiritual or anything but I know I’m dreaming when I have these dreams and the thing knows as well, usually the things I learn end up being applicable and help me in real life. I’m highkey confused as hell, usually when having these dreams I wake up with dry eyes and a cold sweat
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I’ll also have dreams where I go on quests to protect people and learn self defence with girls and boys my age and at the end we’ll exchange instagrams so we can still talk after we wake up but then i’ll forget part of it once i wake up and don’t find the paper it was written on
Who’s the person teaching me in my dream?
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