Do you think premonitions are real?

The very few times I've predicted things in my family it has happened either similar to my dream (with slight differences) or as symbols. It's always about something bad.
My brother uncle in an auto accident in 2017 caused by a drunk driver but 2 weeks before, he appeared in my dream twice and both versions varied; one was about him drowning and another about him being on an explosion. Then before the day he died, before I even knew the news... I had a weird feeling that something bad happened.

I had a bad dream about myself too not so long ago. In my dream, I was much older (probably in my 50's) weak and had some type of debilitating disease. Do you think these things are real?
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Note: My few bad dreams and predictions are never about natural disasters nor others... just about my friends and family and myself.
Do you think premonitions are real?
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