How I understand the parable of delayed gratification in Luke

In the bible Jesus tells a parable about a master who after his slave has finished his work tending sheep or plowing in the field, tells...

12 Relationship tips I learned from studying the bible

12 Relationship tips I learned from studying the bible Until you figure out what you were designed to do you cannot find stability with...

What we can learn about Lot and the destruction of the city

I had been struggling to write a book on religion for 16 years. These last 30 days I’ve come up with around 60 pages of outlines...

Understanding two money parables in the bible

Jesus gave many parables on money In one story, a man gave his servants smaller units of money and left for a temporary trip away Before...

What Religion is and what Religion is not

So I like many others used to believe that being religious was about keeping the law I now know that being religious is not about...

As a Christian this is how I believe meaning and happiness should be found

I believe life has four purposes Most religious people believe life is about finding and serving God But I believe it’s also about...

Why do Hindu women have mustaches?

It is a cultural thing or religious thing with hair. But why do hindu women keep their mustaches?

How can you prove there is a GOD?

When you claim the existence of something, it is your job to prove it's exitance. It is NOT the job of others to disprove it.

I am a Christian but I wanted to know if it’s ok if I wear the Star of David along with my cross?

My husband was Jewish and was recently killed. I just gave birth to our first child and I wanted to wear a Star of David necklace next...

What will you do when Anarchists come looking for you?

I'm not an anarchist, and I'm not longer a Christian either. However, another Coup attempt is coming, the Christians are going to try...

Why is spirituality so widely accepted without any factual evidence backing it up?

Spirituality has no factual backing. Once someone has awaken the Rinnegan or their Sharingan, I will accept spirituality as a factual...

I don’t want to be friends with someone talking about the devil?

Is it wrong that I don’t want to be friends with a girl who says she’s sold to the devil? I don’t like the energy because I am a...

What if your dog is really God?

Some people do not believe in God and for those who do they think he is a man in the sky who watches over us. I know there is a divine...

What is your zodiac sign?

Please state your zodiac sign and do you believe you carry the attributes of your sun sign? I am Virgo and I act very much so like a...

Are people ultimately good?

I think we’re all ultimately out for ourselves and just occasionally help others to feel better.

What percentage of young people in the United States still believe in God?

In your opinion, what percentage of young people aged 14-30 still believe in God or a higher power? I don't mean how religious they are,...

Where do aborted babies go to after death?

I'll responde only those who believe in Heaven/Hell because I'm curious about what they think of abortion.

If the devil was real, would it go after everyone?

The topic about the devil was brought up. My cousin who is an atheist and never seen a ghost thinks that the devil would leave her alone...


what do you think.

Would you rather worship Mother Nature or God?

I would rather worship Mother Nature because I do not think God is real. Also, I do my part to save this planet!!