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Was I right to leave her for this?

You ever been with a beautiful girl but the second she opened her mouth, she turned you off? That's what happened to me. I overheard the woman I was seeing laughing with her friends. She said "It doesn't matter what men...

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Does this have any relevance in today's world and will it hold any relevance in the future, or has it been erased from "history" and / or rewritten? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the world’s first commercially produced birth-control bill–Enovid-10, made by the G. D. Searle Company of...

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An uneducated response from an uneducated statement, birds of a feather flocking together, or blind leading the blind into the subliminal blade? Trump team regroups after supporter shouts ‘shoot’ migrants at border The Trump campaign worked into the night on Wednesday...

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Have the Far Right gone too far on this or is this a master plan for something else? Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Nearly All Abortions Updated Wednesday at 12:03 a. m. ET The Alabama Senate passed a bill Tuesday...

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Do you believe Brown v. Board of Ed was judged / ruled wrongly, or was it used to polarize another cause? Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was a landmark 1954 Supreme Court case in which the justices ruled unanimously that racial...

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Whats the point of #SorryNotSorry?

I feel that people use it because they think that because they are saying sorry that it's okay. When on reality its the same as not saying sorry at all 😐😑😒🙄

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Woman gets surgery to have 3 breast? WTF yall, this bissssh is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame now.. okay so does anyone think this is normal and attractive? I know people fear or hate what they don't understand but damn...

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What social media hashtags would you ban if you had the authority? Which ones just drive you bat shit crazy?

Social media is not going anywhere; it just keeps expanding and so do the use of hashtags. I'll give an example of one that drives me nuts: #SorryNotSorry (then why the F did you post?!)

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Is Beyoncé Really THAT Great?

Don't hate me, but I go with option C and/or option F... #sorrynotsorry

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Do you think people are taught to notice misogyny/mistreatment towards women?

No doubt sexism towards women does exist, but it seems like we as people tend to react more to anything we perceive as an injury to women, or have taught ourselves to be on the lookout for it so we can say it's...

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If you and Taylor Swift were going down in a plane, would you save her or yourself?

The plane is going down, and you are the only two left, and there is only one parachute left. Everyone else already jumped ship, including the pilots. Would you give Taylor the parachute so she can jump out and survive...

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Why don't they teach basic genetics in schools around the world?

I came across some questions on this site asking about genetics. Recently a dude asked why his kids look the way they do and I could facepalm at most answers (along with the question). #sorrynotsorry I often disagree with...

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Why do guys online demand girls to be skinny, but they can look however they want and we shouldn't judge them?

I have seen on this site (and others too) comments about how women are supposed to look a certain way just to qualify as average (and that look most of the time requires years of eating clean and going to the gym), while...

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How much do you block people on G@G?

I block users a hell lot here. Not wanting to see a user/talk to a user is a reason enough for me to simply block. So why do I usually do it? (Skip to last part if too long) 1) If I'm afraid things are going the wrong...

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How do you take back a rejection of an acceptance?

Alright. Sit back, and buckle up, because this will take a while to explain. So, a guy gave me a confession note. I accepted his feelings, Then I took it back (I rejected him), by saying I was confused and that I thought...

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How much would you spend on a typical date or the perfect date?

Par So I was reading an article in yahoo about how much a typical date in New York costs. Living here, you have your options of food, but everything else it left to be desired. #sorrynotsorry in New York, you are...

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Do you feel this way? do you like this video? Seen this video. Thinking of the Blue Anons and Pink Anons #SORRYNOTSORRY and of course trolls.. Happy Holidays :)

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When there's an argument with you and your friends/fam/SO, who gives in the quickest and tries to hash things out first?

Im not gonna apologize if i dont feel im sorry. And if i do say sorry, there's a greater chance that i dont mean it. So why lie to the both of us 🤷‍♀️ I can admit if im wrong, but if im right, im not backing down. All my...

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Do you think solar energy will be replaced by coal? Solar-energy system installed at White House President Jimmy Carter and first lady Rosalynn Carter climb to the White House roof...

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Are the Republicans the party of which who try to emulate the Democrats and fail miserably, and when they do, they get nasty?

But.. But.. But.. I am making America Great Again.. I repealed Obamacare, I build a yuge wall, I gave you tax breaks, I made the economy yuge, I eliminated unemployment ALL ON MY OWN, and Im jailing immigrants!...

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Is this as stable as a drunk at a DUI Checkpoint?;_ylt=AwrJ7JUs3C1d.IwAPABXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyYzRzcmsxBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM0BHZ0aWQDQjgzNDdfMQRzZWMDc3I- 'Alcaida': Al Qaeda spelled wrong on Trump's notes...

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Did he just get owned, or something else?

# Trump Duped Into Speaking in Front of Fake Presidential Seal Calling Him a Puppet On Tuesday, President Trump appeared before the Turning...

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Why Do YOU Think People Get So Triggered From Being Blocked From Strangers?

I Have Noticed On The Internet/Social Media, People Actually Being Affected By Being Blocked By Strangers. I Can Understand Being Hurt After Being Blocked By Family Members Or Friends As They Know You And You Know Them On...


Stop the Hate! Enough Is Enough

Ok so if you've read any of my Takes, then you know that most of them are of the feel good, inspirational variety. I usually try to stray away from the controversial topics. Today I am not. Today I am going to speak my...


Gentlemen: The ONE key that could help make approaching women a lot easier

Hey guys, I'm that person who won't really go into something like this in depth unless I feel that it's necessary. I see questions all the time about this sort of stuff, but bruhhhh I think I've lectured about 1000 of you...


Why John Mayer is a Hero Of Men

I used to think I was the only guy who was down with JM Music. He seems to have gone from a female fantasy to more of a Bro who makes soft emotinal music that guys are into more than girls. I'm generalizing of course, but...


7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Will Always Finish Last

This MyTake is obviously attacking the stereotypical self-proclaimed "Nice guys" and not real genuine nice Guys. 1) Victim mentality. This victim mentality is a sign of weakness. Who wants to be with someone weak who...


You're Doing It Wrong: How to Apologize the Right Way

“I’m sorry okay?! Feel better?” “Look, I said sorry! Can we drop it now?!” No. The issue is not amended just because you said sorry. In fact, no. I don’t feel better. Contrary to popular belief, those two words are not...


My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men Now, a lot of you know that I am not a crowd follower or like to jump on the bandwagon like the rest here, but I admit this time I gotta go with this one. I read...


People Who Should Never be Allowed to Vote or Hold Office

Oh boy this is going to piss a whole hell of a lot of people off. 1. Anyone 70 or over I honestly think that after hitting 70 you should be allowed to vote anymore. Here is why, The average life expectancy in the U.S is...


Where I Stand On Police Violence Against Blacks, and Racism

I have to admit it's been pretty appalling for me to witness racism lately here on GaG concerning the racial issues with the police in America. Of course, it isn't the first time I've seen it on the web, as I also saw it...


You Live, You Learn: Making Sense Out of An Unfortunate Aftermath

To those who have been following recent events in my life, as well as their unfortunate conclusion and my irrational, albeit understandable knee-jerk reaction to them, I am not happy. Life has not been good to me lately....


One Big Reason Why Guys Don't Want to Pay on a First Date

I know, one of THESE takes again. Let me preface this by saying I don't mind spending some money on a girl for a first date. I'm not one to even go to a restaurant for a first date and I do prefer doing an activity where...


My List Of The Top 10 Hottest Male Actors (Part 2)

1.) Dwayne Johnson I first saw this guy in some movies before i knew he was a wrestler on WWE, as i never watched it at that point, but yeah he's a cool dude and is hot. 2.) Mario Lopez Ok i'm kind of embarrassed about...


The Importance of Initial Attraction ;)

This is the situation: Let's make it specific to GaG, shall we? Usually this problem arises in the "How Do I Look and Sexual Behaviour pages on this site. Already, I hope you know what I'm referring to. Not always, but...


Girls: You Don't Get it Both Ways.

This post is inspired by JG and AM, who are in fact an 18 year old and a 28 year old I know. Both girls, of course. What did they have in common? They both were baffled at the notion that guys wouldn't want girls who...


Part III: My Refusal to place nicely in the sandbox. And THIS isn't A NEW YORK PROBLEM

This is the continuance to my "Why I refuse to play nicely in the sandbox". NYPD Detective Luis Alvarez funeral is today, a staunch supporter of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, which Mitch McConnell and the Republican...


5 things I like from Asian Men!

If you allow me to put K-pop bands aside and talk from experience, I'm going to let you in why the most underrated dating male group is actually one of the best. After all, the most gorgeous couple I've seen in real life...