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Are men responsible for women being single?

like if all the women in a country end up single can you blame the men? i saw this video about an article saying that men are ruining women's chances of marriage by being broke....

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So women get into relationship because it decreases stress in their lives while men become more stressful while in relationship?

I was reading an article and it was saying that women get into relationship because they expect men to fix nearly all their problems in their life. When they are single, they often have a social support group among...

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My sister always sides with men on things even when the woman is clearly right?

I've noticed my sister sides with men whenever a situation has to do between a man and a woman. She deals with her cheating husband as well. Even if people tell her the truth about how he's an alcoholic and his cheating...

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How retarded can women be when it comes to bad boys?

I keep noticing the same explanation from women on why women love bad boys. The statement they always make is: "The bad boy is a challenge". Really? Well my respond to that is: Have fun becoming a dumb single mom and...

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How often do you think some men on the internet (who are "MGTOW") exaggerate about how the US is "Gynocentric"(Pro-women/anti-male)?

These men(from the internet) often rant about how the US is a "misandric country" because they always give women lighter prison sentences than a man for the same exact crimes and not holding women responsible for their...

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What do you think of those men and women who are in their mid-40´s and still are single, no children, unmarried and not dating either?

A. Smart and responsible as they are aware of the dangers of the world today in order to bring up kids to this world (even on the women health part as it is also risky to conceive them at a certain age). Also they are not...

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Under what circumstances do men care what a woman thinks about him? Under what circumstances do they not care?

I'm just curious as to when think it is necessary for a woman to see him in a good light, i.e. smart, successful, responsible, worthy of attention etc. Would they do this with most any woman they come in contact with or...

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Should women be able to name non-biological men as the fathers of their children even if they haven't met them?

I was thinking that in order to help with all of the single mothers out there we should alter the laws in the West to better accommodate their needs. What if a female could get pregnant by one man, but name another man as...


Why Women Are Responsible For the Breakdown of Relationships

Yes, I do believe that it's mostly women who have destroyed the family unit and life-long marriage, but I also believe that women are the ones who can fix it. For thousands of years, people understood that strong family...


What Women Really Want! Cutting through the nice guy, alpha male, "confidence" bullshit (Part 2)

The Protector What is with chivalry? Do women even need men? What are you really saying when you open the door for a woman? Give her your jacket? Help her with a heavy task, or in trouble? Offer to escort her? Pull out...


Things Women Constantly Say That We Should Stop Believing Once And For All

I write this Mytake for men. Of course if you're a woman reading this I obviously can't stop you, however, I can warn you that you will that you may find this offensive. till then here are a few of the many things women...


4 Things Women Do To Seriously Turn Off Men

4 Things Women Do To Seriously Turn Off Men 1) BAD IN BED This is a less obvious one because the general opinion is that the man is mainly responsible for good sex. This is true in one respect, but, on another, women...


Why You Should Man Up and Pay For the First Date

Paying for dates has been a hot topic here on GAG and there's been a lot of animosity towards the opposite gender over it. My view is based on a man asking a woman out. If the woman asks a man out, then she is responsible...


I Don't Think Your Goal Should Be to Be Single For The Rest of Your Life

When you're like twenty, the prospects of being single are great. You can do anything, go anywhere, have the most fun you want and not be responsible for anyone or anything but yourself. Why not live that life when you're...


Men! You cannot trust (almost all) women!

You probably want to skip this one but I urge you if you are in a hurry at least consider reading the Final words of wisdom section before jumping the gun. Very important disclaimer: I know what you are thinking. "GURR!!!...


Physically Attractive Women Are Not Stuck With Bad Boys & Players. They Can Get Good Men Too.

I am referring to women who are universally attractive. It is common for an attractive woman to be committed to a bad boy, alpha dog, or player. Fortunately, there are attractive women who are sick of these types of guys...


"Shy Guys" and "Nice Guys" Doomed to be Single Forever And If So...Whose Fault Is It?

I'm seeing a lot of the same sort of responses from guys on the internet in regards to this subject (especially here on GAG). I know that with movements like MGTOW gaining steam, there's plenty of hatred and hostility...


My Reasons For Being Vegan

People seem to be very defensive when it comes to diet, so I just wanted to write a little disclaimer saying that I'm not here telling you how to eat, I'm not telling you you're an unethical person, I'm merely providing...


The Truth About Women and Their "High Standards"

All the discussion about females having higher standards and being more selective seems to be a pretty regular thing people go over, especially guys, so I’ve finally gotten around to writing about this because I too have...


Are you capable of being a man?

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel slammed into the East Coast of the United States, leaving 16 dead and cutting power to six million homes. The edges of the hurricane passed through Washington, D.C., prompting the president and...


My take on MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)

People argue about feminism and whether or not it is actually for equality or perhaps it is more about maintaining female privelege where society is compelled to allways favor women over men. Generally I am critical of...


How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

There are bad women in the world. Plain and simple. While I have done a fair share of growing up this past month after recent events, I have also learned that women cannot be placed up on a pedestal anymore. Make no...


Ladies, Being In a Better Relationship Starts with You!

Ladies, sometimes we get caught up in this idea that our boyfriends and husbands are 100% THE PROBLEM in our relationship. Everything they do, or say, is of course wrong in the same way men sometimes feel that way about...


Looking For The Perfect (Literary) Man

I am a proud, self-confessed bookworm. My earliest memories involve being read to, and my earliest revelations about people came not from social interaction but from literary characters. Admittedly not the healthiest way...


How to Treat Women: Problem with "Nice Guys"

This myTake no doubt will trigger many-a people for its unshakeable truth thus if you're a feminist, or something of that nature, prepare your medicines, and breathing apparatuses so that you don't die from the...


10 Rules To Being A Good Wingman

Ladies rarely fly solo, so you'll need a solid wingman to help entertain her friend. When you hit the town for a guy's night, you want end up making out not striking out with a girl. A good wingman knows his role for the...

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Should I overlook his sense of humour flaws?

I'm looking for a quality man. On the plus side, he's attractive, caring, careful with money, responsible, funny, laid back. I'm very wary of guys because my dad was abusive but he's the complete opposite. He's a...


Top Ten Reasons He Is Going To Break Up With You!

Here are my top ten reasons he is going to break up with you! 10. Bad sex This seems to me to be the most preventable one of the 10! See my entry on are you a dead fish in bed? I once had bad sex and that...


Inspirations Behind Every Ape and His Brother's Most Shocking Lyrics watching you from the bushes, ready to pounce!!! I'm writing this take on the coattails of all the recent craze on GaG about Taylor Swift. Alas, none of her songs were spoofed below. But still... This experiment in...


Why Feminism is Harmful to Society

This take is inspired by a feminist with whom i was argueing on here, who despite my best efforts would not see the bad side of feminism and just kept demanding for evidence that the cause of those issues was in fact...


The Hidden Agenda Of Feminism

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one - Adolph Hitler If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it - Joseph Goebbels...


Role models, modern family and (P2)

Role models, modern family, and current war (P1) Part 2 - Final Every single man has been rejected one time or another. Not a single one of us were farted out the womb and, BAAM, were automatically Don Juan...


Why MGTOW is Wrong: It Thrives on Anger and Defeatism

This isn't to criticize MGTOW, but to point out that they are being duped. For years I was a angry, bitter man. I was angry at how many women picked bad men over good men, how fathers were being mistreated in family...


How To Get A Girl (the actual truth in 4 simple steps)

Step 1:Learn to think like a man Men don't beat around the bush, they don't use emotional reasoning like "everyone is different" or "that's not nice". Who the fuck cares? The answer is the girl does. She cares about...


You can't truly love someone you think of as inferior

Many men on this site like to believe that women are inferior to men because it makes them feel better about themselves. They can blame their own personal failures on women and they never have to own up to anything! It's...


Gender Equality or Hypocrisy? Part 1

So, I have been wanting to write this myTake for along time. I joined this site for research as I have joined many other sites and done interviews with several men of different race and culture. I also personally dated a...


Run When He Shows Signs That He Does Not Want To Be With You

Who are you? I do not know if there are many women out there like myself. For me if I decide to be in a relationship with a man I am committing to be loyal and faithful. I am committing to help you get to the next best...


8 Things That Happen To You After You Turn 30

I probably don't have to tell you twice, but if you're under thirty, enjoy those years. It's not to say great things won't or can't happen to you after thirty, because they do, but under 30 you have youth on your side....


10 of My Instant Relationship Deal-Breakers

In this MyTake I am going to share what merely applies to me: Things that will instantly force me to break up with anyone in a serious and fully committed relationship, with a low chance of second thoughts but a high...


My One Year on G@G!

It's my G@G birthday! I became a member of this community on 28 April 2017, so my account is officially a year old. Yay! Bring the cake, the candles, the balloons, let's start the party! In all seriousness, I wanna talk....