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Shy 19 year old guy whose never had a date?

Is there any advice from girls mainly but guys are more than welcome to answer that can be given to a guy like me. Lets see here I'm a 19 year old shy guy whose never had a girlfriend or never even asked a girl out....

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Question for the ladies - 14 year old son

Girls - I am the father of a 14 year old son. I want him to grow up to have better and healthier relationships with women than I did. I did not date much in high school, but I was definitely a "horn-dog" (horny dog)....

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I’m currently a 17 year old male and I have never been kissed, let alone had a girlfriend, or had sex. What am I doing wrong?

I like a lot of girls in my school, but I can’t bring myself to actually ask them out, because I am very love shy. I’m not ugly or gorgeous, but just average looking. I have never done drugs or drank alcohol ever, and...

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I'm an inexperienced 18 year old who just got into a relationship with a girl... any tips I should know?

So more recently, I decided to practice getting out of my comfort zone, talking to people, making more friends, etc. And while I was nervous about it at first, and it did feel awkward at first, I began to feel way better....


Why I Decided to Give Up on Dating

So I'll compress my history of dating into one sentence. "I regret my choice to date the 5 girls I did, I should have waited till such time as I was older and more mature in my brain." So I decided on being single for a...


Lessons from TJ's AKA Dumber Dating History

This is an important milestone for me and it’s because I’m going to do my first ever myTake on a topic. For me, I know this might be childish and silly. But, I am going to go through and tell everyone my mistakes in past...

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Do people honestly think about the future in relationships? Seriously?

I mean, I see how all these people are with people that are on some sort of drug. Or whatever... But think, say you get older and marry this other person who does all these drugs, or whatever, even partying and drinking...

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Grieving after losing a pet?

My dog of thirteen years died last year. While I knew he was getting old, how it all happened was unexpected and pretty suddenly. I shed a lot of tears in the first couple of months. I'd say I am still grieving a little...

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What to do when your girlfriend says she's not ready for a reationship or any serious reationship?

So I'm 19 and my ex girlfriend is 18 we met at work and from there we on a date and she made the first move on me and everything went so great even thow the movie wasn't the movie we wanted to watch ☺️ But besides that we...

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Should I move on or do I need to back off for her too miss me and want me back

So long story but shortened up me and this girl started dating about 6 months after a long term relationship I had. In the first week sh*t happened with the ex and I broke it off with the new girlfriend. Me and the new...

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Ladies what do you want in a man? No girl wants me so I need to change.?

I'm a 23 year old university student. My dating life is non existent beside one girl who was way to attached and too quick with everything. I have trouble making friends and am pretty shy but I feel like I'm a nice...

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Would you marry someone just to get the citizenship?

I live somewhere in Europe (not EU UNION). I have kind of unlucky past with a few family tragedies. Grown up on my own and working since i was 13y old to maintain my family's after loosing my father due to cancer and...


Beyond Just Being Her 10 - Questions Answered Part 2

To wrap up, answering the questions I have gotten over how to meet and keep a girl I’ll go through how I learned to meet quality girls. Here's a link to the original MyTake that started the questions. Original Link. Here...


Men, you are the catch not women!

The modern man today acts as if women are the prize, while they must slave and work away at school, gym to prove they are worthy of getting a woman. What men don't realize is that you are the catch not women. Let's look...


Why Women Actually Go for Looks Instead of Personality

Here you are. At a coffee shop looking at your dream girl. She's sitting down with a caramel frappe and looking at her laptop. You decide to get the guts to go and talk to her. You say to her "Hey! I saw you sitting here...


A Milestone in My Life: The Day a Girl Finally Said "Yes"

On August 17, 2016, a date that will live on in glory, a milestone in my life occurred: A female finally said "Yes." She gave me her phone number, added me on Facebook, and expressed interest in going out. Asking finally...


10 Reasons Why White Women Should Date Indian Men (Asian, Not Native American)

Above, Tony Kanal and Gwen Stefani were an item for a long time before she started dating douche bag Gavin Rossdale. Tony Kanal and Gwen Stefani's breakup inspired the hit song by No Doubt called "Don't Speak". Of course,...


A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Before I get started here I want to apologize for being gone for like 3 months. I had some personal things to deal with and it was either writing to hide or stop writing to handle it. My choice was pretty obvious. I'll...


3 Misconceptions and Reasons Why I Hate Guys Who Are Naturally Good With Girls

Gentlemen, let me ask you a question: do you hate it when other guys who are naturally amazing at attracting women, just snag the girl you've been dreaming about? I do and I bet it has happened to you, too. Unfortunately,...


Cultural Differences Are a Real Relationship Barrier!

Hello and welcome! In this lengthy article I will share my experience as a migrant from Germany in a whole different country and a strange new world for me very far away from my then home (and to be honest I still see...


Why Being A Virgin Is Hell

The title seems obvious enough, right? Well, after seeing a lot of comments, I had to write this take and really go in detail. There are a lot of people who write shit like "thats fine", "it will happen" or even "aww...


5 Things That Went Well On My First Real Date!

So as promised I'm making a myTake about 5 ways my first real date went well! Here goes! 1) Chivalry isn't dead? When I picked her up her family was waiting outside because they wanted to see me first (I guess to make...


To marry or break up: A decision I can't decide!

This eternal conflict of mine has been in my mind for the past 4 years, puzzling back and forth to wondering if it would be more beneficial to marry my girlfriend or if I should break up with her to give her a chance of a...


A Chat with Galia Brener: Love Yourself First, and Why Appearance Will Always Matter

Fashion designer, blogger and influencer Galia Brener has a message for everyone: Before you can love others, you have to learn to love yourself. And paying attention to your outward appearance isn't about being fake or...


How Do I Know if He or She is The One?

This is the third installment of updates of the significant myTakes that I wrote a few years ago. I hope this is even more helpful than the original post. We all know some guy who desperately wants to be married. The only...


Confidence: Life's Game-Changer

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that I was influenced to write this piece by reading another one on this site titled You Can't Fake Confidence, written by Cool-Relax. Thanks for the inspiration! First, a little...


A Father Who Never Learned How to be One

There are many guys out there who are good fathers. Their sons and daughters learn so much from them, and experience a terrific bonding together. The story of my father is a little different. He was never a good father,...


Signs For Men That You Are In The Friendship Zone, From The Mouth Of The Friendship Zone King

A colleague at work came to me and was distressed about something. Like a real life GAG event, he asked me for advice about this situation he is in with a girl. I looked at the messages and recognised instantly that he...


A Reflection of Who I Am and What I Wish People Knew About Me

They need you right now, but when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to...