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Does the LGBT & Gay communities have the right to push and insist someone they suspect of being Gay to come out of the closet immediately?

I've noticed a few LGBT outlets have been making a lot of "celebrities that are in the closet" lists and I honestly don't find it ethical.

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Do You Think the Rainbow Parade Is Good For the LGBT+?

The LGBT+ community has the rainbow or gay pride parade once a year (or something like that) to mark their own rights and to gain positive attention to the movement. I'm wondering if you think it's a good way to go,...

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Does the LGBTQ community try to guilt you into supporting them?

I feel that way. I was all supportive of the right to marry and what not, but now this transgender/transsexual agenda is getting on my nerve. Like how some of them believe that if straight people won't date them then that...

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Are there any girls out there who are on the right side politically?

I feel like one of the reasons it's hard for me to meet girls is because the majority of the ones I meet are Liberals, who don't share my Conservative view points on LGBT and immigration issues. I told my crush, "Trump's...


It is Impossible to Unite the LGBT+ Community

In response to: I couldn't read this without shaking my head. Keep in mind this is not a...


Why I Stopped Supporting the LGBT+ Community

Hello everyone, It's me again. Before you continue to this MyTake, let's make something clear. Yes, I'm not a member of LGBT+ community, feel free to attack me. The fact that I'm annoyed with some things of it, that I'm...


What Being Gay in Russia Looks Like

Why does everyone lose their mind when you say something bad about Russia? Nobody bats an eye if you point out the bad parts about Saudi Arabia. We cannot hide from the truth just because we like one country over the...


How To Handle Sensitive LGBT/GLBT Issues

Whether you are gay or straight, supportive of or opposed to or ambivalent about GLBT rights, it is important to acknowledge LGBT people's history and interactions with mainstream heterosexual society. Here are some...


Supporting the LGBTQAI Community in the Workplace

Hello @GirlsAskGuys Community, Every day we hear of homophobic abuse in the workplace, cementing the mistrust in business support for LGBT people. Recently Good Indian saw a question on GirlsAskGuys about this. I am not...


Calm Down Gays, The Fight Is Over!

Apparently I'm being incendiary today, but I'm interested in seeing how this Take goes over. I was being facetious with the title, the point of this Take is to actually contest that claim that the fight is over. I've been...


The LGBTQ+ Community is Struggling with Unity and Needs to Fix it Fast

I've been an active member of the LGBTQ+ community since I was just about to hit puberty, still not sure if I wanted a label for myself because it didn't matter much. Now, I use many labels. "I like everyone" is a label I...


Apologies to the LGBTQ+ Community: Is It Really Necessary?

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made headlines by delivering an emotional filled apology to all members of the Canadian LGBTQ+ community for past discrimination and wrongdoing they endured. People around the world...


The Meaning of LGBTQ

Before Reading: Please note this is a long "MyTake", as well as my first but you can easily skip few headings if not interested in reading it all, as for the main goal from this is to list the definitions and terminology...


The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Terms Regarding Gender, Orientation And Sex

There's A Lot Of Inappropriate Usage Of The Following Terms.. Leading To A Lot Of Controversy And Confusion Over What They Actually Mean.. But Don't Worry, I'm Here To Officially Clear Everything Up For You First, you...


My Problem with the LGBTQ+ Fandom

No it has nothing to do with trans, gay, bi, ace or any of that..., i accept anyone the way they are ( unless of course they are a murderer)...all of this stuff is fine..and i think that everyone should accept it..however...


Why I'm an Ally

June is Pride Month, a month so dedicated in honor of the now 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 in which the LGBTQI+ Community fought against police and others who were constantly raiding and shutting their...


The More the U.S. Identifies and Celebrates Minorities, the Further They Get From Equality... and I Think There's One Real Reason Why

DISCLAIMER: Some of you may hate me by the time I'm done with this and hate speech of any kind will result in a block. Private messages are welcomed as long as they are reasonable, fair and constructive. This is solely...


The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

I know this is completely necessary. But I read a question that said: "Who are you going to vote for and why?" and I simply could not put all my reasons into a short and simple answer, so I decided to write this JUST IN...


What Conservatism is, and Why Leftism is Evil

What Conservatives Value I read one of the most asinine things I've ever read in my entire life in "Why I am a Liberal" so, I felt it necessary to respond to such asinine nonsense with facts and reality. Ultimately, the...


Some inconvenient truths about the Oregon shooting, for those who've been had

It appals me how many blindly and obediently bleet out whatever Barry and the Fifth Columnists tell them to. And how many Europeans are so ignorant about their own history as to think disarming civilians more and more...


Beyond Labels (In a World Ruled by Them)

Sorry if this is a little long. Probably one of the only MyTakes I will do. Simply put, I get why we label and categorize everything. It makes it 'easier' for us. We can set rules. We can build accordingly. We can...


Why Do We as Humans Feel it is Compulsory to Judge?

Why is it that we judge? We all judge every day, every thing. We judge hairstyles, fashion, how others raise there children and even who they are dating or are married to. We judge by sex, sexual orientation, skin colour,...