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Career Versus Relationship: Why I Had To Let Her Go

Me and my girlfriend of 5 years have just broken up. The reason for this is not cheating, or fighting, or not getting along, or bad sex, or anything else of that nature. The reason is I've been out of work for over a...


How I Became a Crazy Ex Girlfriend

It started out as the best relationship I have ever been in, I felt like I found my soulmate. We had been friends for a long time before we got together. In high school, we actually had crushes on each other but neither...


Best Traits Of A Girlfriend

Short note before you begin: This myTake was written from the perspective of what a guy could look for in a girlfriend, a lot of these points could very well apply TO BOTH GENDERS but for the sake of time we'll focus on...


I will never cry in front of any girlfriend ever again⚠️

I never understood for what reasons we men were "indoctrinated" since we were little boys to never cry as it was seen as girly and weak and a sign of defeat. Quite literally we were either told and programmed to never cry...


Why Women Actually Go for Looks Instead of Personality

Here you are. At a coffee shop looking at your dream girl. She's sitting down with a caramel frappe and looking at her laptop. You decide to get the guts to go and talk to her. You say to her "Hey! I saw you sitting here...


How to get your ex girlfriend back

Hi everyone, Welcome to my new "blog"! This is my first myTake post out of hundreds to come on this website. I'm quite experienced with relationships so I thought why not help people out there who need some advice. I plan...


He rejected you...What now?

You liked him for a while. You daydreamed about his baby blues every day. You fantasized about your perfect date. And you planned every single detail- what would you wear, what would you do, where would you go... All of...


25 Reasons Why He Won't Ask You To Marry Him!

Mike Masters writes a blog for women about relationships at Traveling the world and dating every single he met along the way allowed Mike to make an uncountable number of mistakes in relationships....


Guys Need to Re-Evaluate the Girls They Go After

It seems to be that many guys feel like they should have the girls who are tough to get. Or maybe they’re inadvertently being taught that they need to try hard to get the girl. Either way, it sends a lot of guys into a...


How to be a Great Ex

I used to have this saying when I was single and had a hard time finding a relationship: "You know, I make a great ex-girlfriend.  In fact, guys should date me just so I can become their ex!" I didn't call them, I didn't...


Why Loving Yourself Leads to Loneliness Instead of Love and Marriage

I've been single my entire life. You know those people who are always in relationships? I'm the complete opposite. My longest relationship was 3 years, but those last 2 years were on-and-off (mostly off) and based on sex....


How I Turned From Being Bitter and Resentful Toward Girls Into a Philogynist

In this MyTake I am going to share my long story how I was once someone, who turned bitter and resentful towards women and girls, was blinded by facts, traditions and hatred that led to generalizations of the female sex,...


A Male Guide to Getting and Keeping Relationships

If I were to ask you what's the most important thing when deciding whether any type of relationship would succeed or fail, what would you say? Confidence? WRONG! The correct answer is RESPECT. Respect for her, respect...


To marry or break up: A decision I can't decide! Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 of this story, you can view it in the link below. If you already have, feel free to skip on ahead: To marry or break up: A decision I can't decide! The "Talk" I have taken the advice of many on...


Why dating for the sake of dating is a bad idea!

I know so many people who date just to date. It doesn't have to be someone you're really into. It doesn't have to be someone you love. There doesn't need to be chemistry nor attraction. That person just happens to be...


The Many Faces of Long-Distance Relationships

The Many Faces of Distance Relationships There are many reasons why people end up in distance relationships. Maybe they didn't find anybody fitting in their proximity, maybe they started a relationship but got separated...


The most Terrifying Serial Killer You've Never Heard Of

Please exercise caution while reading this my take it can be upsetting and graphic for some. Our story begins on February 1st, 2012, in Anchorage, Alaska with a young woman named Samantha Koenig. Samantha worked at a...


The Importance of Logic in Strong Emotional Situations

So I am going to share something that has been on my mind. It pertains specifically to sexual relationships and emotions, and I am writing this from a female angle. I am writing based on what I have experienced. I am the...


A Valentine's Day Cure for Writers Block

It was Valentine’s Day and I sat at my computer with a writing deadline. I did not know what to write. I had a really bad case of writer’s block. I looked at the cursor blinking back and forth like it was mocking me....


I'm Not Religious, but I Get Signs At Every Turn

I will try to keep this as concise as possible. Never have any of my relationships ever worked out. For me, my career and being the most famous, well respected, and knowledgeable person in my field. That is my greatest...


How To Put Your Girl In Her Place...Respect Yourself First

**Putting Your Girl In Her Place** Catchy title, right? Do you have to constantly put your girl in her place when she freaks out on you? I've seen this topic discussed on gag a couple times now, and men seem to have...


My Heart Is Broken, How Do I Fall Out Of Love??

Email from a reader So, maybe, my question is, how can I turn off this love? How can I do it, if I loved him, flaws and all? He was sweet and generous with me when we were together and I only have good memories. I was...


How to Deal with Dance Floor Competition

This is part 2/Bro Code Volume 2 of my first article "How To Be a Go-Getter at the Bar." In that article I was discussing how to dance with a girl on the dance floor when out at a nightclub and went over "The Types" of...


Why Don't Girls Like You? You're a NICE GUY!

You're a nice guy, SOOOOOOOO NICE! And the "girls" don't like you. WHY? Why, oh why, oh whiny whine whine why? You are not a nice guy. You THINK you're a nice guy, but you're not. You're a whiny, entitled bitch-boy. Real...


Never Risk to Love Someone for Love

It's been so long I've waited for the right guy to came by I've reached 24 when I lost my virginity One man came to my life and I forget why I was waiting He touched my soul that is the reason I stopped thinking of it...


My Story~ My Romeo is Dead

Well, most of you know me, as either gingerXsnap or as my name is real life, Ruby. Well, I am a 16 year old girl in high school, I love music, I love art, I am involved in almost every academic or artsy group/club you...


WTF? 20 Types of People You See at the Gym

Disclaimer: I always say that and I will keep saying it. This myTake is NOT meant to insult or make someone feel bad. It's supposed to make people smile. However, if you feel insulted, I can't help you, but I may be able...


Keep Yourself Happy

Maybe you've been constantly wondering why it is you aren't as happy as other people appear to be. Maybe you just want to increase your level of happiness in life? Here are eight ways you can begin to change that. 1. More...


No One Loves Me and That's Okay

There's a recording that plays over and over in my head: "No one loves me. and no one ever will." I have been trying to re-program my mental script, and part of that involves examining these thoughts. Is it really true...


Is he a Gentlemen? 9 sure ways to tell

Finding a true gentleman can help make your dating experience amazing and that is how it should be. They know how to satisfy women on an emotional level before they deign to venture into the physical realm. They are...


I Don't Want To Be a Dude

Obviously I cannot be a dude but everyone at some point in their lives has pondered what it would be like to be the opposite gender. It's hard being a woman, and I won't discount what a lot of us go through as being less...


The Girl Who Doesn't Picture Her Wedding Day

It's said that all girls dream of their wedding day and they picture exactly how it is going to be, down to every detail. I suppose that's why they refer to it as the "brides day" because women put a lot of thought and...


Why Some Women Walk Away

Almost every woman has walked away from at least one relationship at one period in time or another, sometimes leaving the guy behind scratching his head... saying "What did I do?". I have had many guys ask me this, and...


10 Signs Your Man Is No Good

I wrote an article of past experiences of my own and observing past experiences of my friends. Don't put up with any of this behavior, for you’re only wasting your time. This is 10 signs your "man" is no good.


Deep and Dark Desires

Preface: I'd like to try something different for a myTake so I have a short story here. Given the content of the story, perhaps it's appropriate that this is my 13th myTake. I'd like to be able to flesh this out into a...


Signs Your Man Is Falling Out Of Love With You…

You just feel it in your gut that the man of your life is not the same guy you fell in love with. People change but he has totally gone 180 slowly but surely on you. Here are some signs your man is falling out of love...


101: How to not fall for a Player...

So, I’ve spoken about flirting, about love, about keeping a conversation going…. Yes, I’ve checked those off, but here is one that bugs me. Players! Now, sure, I know how it’s done. Have I used it once or twice? Sure. On...


A Man's Perspective on What We Love and Hate About Women.

Many articles are written about what women love and hate about a man. There may be many articles written about what guys like about girls, but I haven't seen them. So yea. I'm being original. :P Anyway, this particular...


Men cheat for sexual variety, women cheat for emotional variety

When a man cheats, chances are he just wants to get his rocks off with a sexy/ alluring/ hot girl who he sees as sufficiently varied from his girlfriend. Say his girlfriend has brunette hair and a tomboy look. So he might...


The Chase Theory and the Psychology of the Shy Guy

Do guys like chasing girls or do they like the girl to make the first move? I've seen a few variations on this one and I've developed a theory about it that perhaps some people may find useful or (I hope) at least thought...