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To men wanting a girlfriend: There’s no use being nice. Just have the money!

I am 25 and I should have realized this long ago but I did not want to accept it. I should have known what it really is that women are after. I tried to be nice, funny and good spirited to most of the women and other...


How to Get a Girlfriend: Attractive, Decent, Or Even Unattractive

Important point: Most guys who get attractive girls get them because those girls find them attractive AND they don't mess it up. How most relationships happen is when someone's intially interested in someone because...


My Ideal Girlfriend: Style, Personality, Activity

I feel as though this needs a disclaimer beforehand, and state that this is solely my preference and what I find most attractive physically and mentally. The Type of Style I Like I really like somewhere between stylish...


Why Women Have A Hard Time Finding Good Men

My name is Marc. I am 26. I'm a pretty average guy with a lot of ambition. I've always been the guy who many have called "Mr. Right". I am a college graduate and graduated top of my class. I wouldn't call myself athletic,...


Guys, it is ALWAYS OK to Check Your Girlfriend's Phone

Before continuing keep in mind I ALWAYS suggest the girl I'm with to exchange social media passwords, and for either to check each other's phone at any time giving (meaning I give full access to my phone and accounts...


How to Get a Girlfriend (as Requested by the Guys!)

This myTake was recommened the most in one of my recent questions, so I'm going to cover it for all the guys who might appreciate it. Note I took about 20 websites of info, personal experiences, and peer advice and threw...


5 Sure-Fire Ways to REALLY Hurt Your Girlfriend

I get that arguments can erupt and things can be said out of anger.  And though I know women aren’t the easiest creatures to live with, even if we start an argument ourselves out of nothing (which we have created down to...


How I Turned From Being Bitter and Resentful Toward Girls Into a Philogynist

In this MyTake I am going to share my long story how I was once someone, who turned bitter and resentful towards women and girls, was blinded by facts, traditions and hatred that led to generalizations of the female sex,...


5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriends Will Keep You Single and Lonely

I know I know, you love your girls. They are the emotional comfort foods you indulge in when life gets hard. Friendship is wholly necessary and a part of growing up. But a lot of women (especially in their 20s) will allow...


I will never cry in front of any girlfriend ever again⚠️

I never understood for what reasons we men were "indoctrinated" since we were little boys to never cry as it was seen as girly and weak and a sign of defeat. Quite literally we were either told and programmed to never cry...


Is She Playing Hard to Get or Just Not Into You?

There are so many guys (girls do this as well, its not gender limited) that believe that they are "talking" to a girl, when in actuality, the girl just views them as a friend. Their immediate rage flares up when suddenly,...


Talking to girls and asking them out...It's not hard at all: My experience

So during my highschool years I was fat, nerdy and not good looking. I didn't brush my teeth regularly and bathed once every 2-3 days. I never cared about my style, clothes, or parties or anything like that. Nneedless to...


"Why Can't I Find a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?"

"Why can't I find a girlfriend/boyfriend?" I've seen this question asked multiple times and to be totally honest with you all, I used to be annoyed when I see questions like that because I used to perceive them as if...


English Girls Are the NEW American Girls Obviously, this video is biased but I can attest to it's partial validity (about the hammered English girls in the street) from many lost drunken nights partying in London. For...


Being the Bipolar Girl

I have been crazy since I can reemeber. Not the typical white girl crazy to where you're breaking peoples windows and all that jazz, but just my life on a daily roller coaster and my moods were inconsistant, to say the...


18 Things Guys Don’t Understand About Girls

1. We’re too rough sometimes. Kissing, grabbing boobs, etc. Just pretend you’re fondling a little puppy, dial it back! Caress her body, don’t knead it! 2. Sometimes we think girls are confusing or can’t figure out what...


Rock's Greatest Girls II: Meet more of the World's Most Amazing "Female" Blues and Rock Musicians and Singers!

My friends call me "LAURIE, THE BLUES BABE" and if you missed my first introduction to the Greatest Girls and Guys of Rock you'd know why :) ...and just for you, I have provided the links at the end of this mytake. But...


Girls, what if you don't have the perfect body?

Any of these sound familiar? "I look nothing like the girls from Sex and the City." "My body isn't even close to the bodies in the magazines." "My boobs are too small." "My boobs are too big." "I have a ghetto booty."...


How to approach and talk to women so you can get a girlfriend!

Guys, so I'm on GAG daily and I've been seeing a lot of guys asking questions about how to get a girl, and its fucken depressing to me. How do I get a girlfriend? How do I approach her? What do I say? Where do I take her...


The 40 Percent Man, And Some Hard Truths About Dating

^The 20%, or the 40% man as I hope to demonstrate What is the 80/20 theory of dating, or the theory about the 20% man? Cited from the 'examiner' webpage: Have you ever visited a popular nightclub in a major city, and you...


Why I, And a Lot of Men, Will Probably Never Get a Girlfriend

Women are a very important aspect of making this world go round. They give birth to our children and they keep us men happy, but a lot of women are hard to get. It's like a game. Whoever gets the girl wins and some men...


Why it Feels Good to be my Girlfriend's Property

First of all: The title may sound like this, but this is not about S/M or any kinky stuff at all. I'm with my girlfriend (now wife) for over 12 years now. I remember our first weeks when every touch was a sensation. We...


50 Things All Girls Should Know About Guys Part 2

This is based of an earlier post by bri_asks about 50 Things Girls Should Know About Guys, but I thought I should remix it from a guy's perspective. I know I don't speak for all guys, but I've done my best. 1. Guys...


Talking to girls: It's not any different from talking with the boys

So I'm gonna level with you; I'm 17 now and nowadays girls like me. I'm good looking and I'm good with girls. However, this is something that's come along in the past year. 15 year old me had no idea how to talk with a...


Being too picky with girls Part 1

A lot of sexually inexperienced guys pass up on good chances because of their pickiness. If directly confronted about why they don't have a girlfriend, they may use the, 'I have high standards' apology. Even in their own...


The Start of The 'Good Girls' Movement

Many of you males have lately been involved in a 'Good Guys Finish Last' movement. Many of you females have been involved in this movement by denying that this is the case for you. Whatever your stand on this movement,...


Don't make getting a girlfriend/boyfriend a priority

Focus on Yourself I wanted to share this myTake amidst me getting over a girl that got in a relationship with another guy even though I thought we were going to end up together. People like to tell you what to feel and...


My Success Story About Getting Back With My Ex-Girlfriend

Hello, I'm here to share my story of getting my ex-girlfriend back because I feel like there aren't too many of these on the internet and this was surprising to me. Also, my experience with my breakup was really REALLY...


One Brave Man Standing in Front of a Bunch of Fat Girls Asking Them To Stop Skinny Shaming

As I went on a meme/gif hunt (my new source for insta-comedy these days sadly) I realized there's a war going on, gentlemen, and it's between skinny and not so skinny girls. It's hard to believe anything happens in...


Virgin Guys and Angry Girls: A Message to Both

I am 19 years old and I never even had a kiss. Now, I wanna clear up some things: 1) I'm not some weirdo I look and dress normal, shower on a regular basis (of course), I have friends, I go out often, I have a job, I have...


7 Things I Want to Tell My Ex Girlfriend

For those of you who don't know me... Hi. I'm PinkPandaBear180... or simply "Mr. Bear". Recently, I just got out of a relationship which lasted 7 months. She was my world. I am just now moving on but I have some things...


5 Tips to maintain a healthy relationship with girls!

Hello and welcome everyone! It's your boy Hal and you already know what we're gonna talk about- Relationships! Tadaa! So, if you want "da wae" to maintain a healthy relationship with a girl, no matter if she's your...


Want to break up with your girlfriend but not do it yourself? Here's how to make it happen harmlessly

Breaking up with a girlfriend will 80% of times bring her to tears and she will likely cry and be in pain. Most of the times no normal man is ever proud of it but only misogynists and sadists. Making girls cry is really...


I Stared at a Girl and She Confronted Me...

So I kept staring at this girl during class for many days, I think more than two weeks. I like her. During this time I was always happy to go to this class and see her, even when I never talked to her I was just really...


What happened to all the nice guys, girls? YOU DID

What happened to all the nice guys? The answer is simple: you did. See, if you think back, really hard, you might vaguely remember a Platonic guy pal who always seemed to want to spend time with you. He’d tag along with...


Why women have a hard time dating nerds

As a nerd, I'm no stranger to rejection. Not only have I been on the receiving end of it, but in recent years I've also dished plenty of it out. When I was young, there was such a negative stigma associated with being a...


Hannah's story: A girl with mental health & trauma issues and our relationship

I have mentioned Hannah in a fair few of my comment responses but Hannah's life has not been easy and with her permission I am going to try and tell her story the best I can. I orignally met Hannah in 2001 via her 23 year...


Guys Need to Re-Evaluate the Girls They Go After

It seems to be that many guys feel like they should have the girls who are tough to get. Or maybe they’re inadvertently being taught that they need to try hard to get the girl. Either way, it sends a lot of guys into a...


Yes I am a 'Too Good To Be True' kind of a guy and I don't like to show off nor I use and throw girls for my own good.

It hasn't been long since I grew all handsome. As a child, I always wondered what kind of a man I would become : the honest, the kind, the loyal, the perfect in every sense. To begin with, I would like to tell you that...


How NOT to keep a girlfriend

All right ladies, for those of you who are thoroughly involved with the task of what I call dating a “High Maintenance Male”, you will definitely feel me on this article. Over many different dates and situations I have...