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Signs She is Losing Interest in You

You meet this amazing woman. You hit it off. She’s the girl of your dreams. Someone you can take home to mom. But you notice she’s been off the radar lately and you are not sure if she’s just busy or she’s slowly losing...


Guys: The "Friendzone" is not even half as bad as you make it, if even real

Welcome :) Ahhhh, the dreaded friendzone. The bad place. Nobody any guy wants to go when with someone he likes, and it's frequently with girls. A notorious place is the mind of men. But, to be blunt, it isn't real. And...


10 Signs Your Man Is No Good

I wrote an article of past experiences of my own and observing past experiences of my friends. Don't put up with any of this behavior, for you’re only wasting your time. This is 10 signs your "man" is no good.


4 Ways To Avoid The Friendzone

Come out with a flirty vibe right away Never try to sneak in under the radar. I don't know where guys got this fantasy from but i think it was created out of a need to stay safe while also meeting girls. there is no...


Things Women Do and Say When They Are Not That Into You

Women aren't that complicated as many people say and think. Here are the most common things that women say and do that signal they are not that into you. Let me count the ways: 1. "I am single but not available." She...


To Men: Please Don't do These Things if You Want to Attract a Woman

So after my last experience with dating a man, I have now been able to compile a basic list of things to help you out. Yes, all these dating crimes were committed by a single man (shockingly) but I can now pass this...


5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

This is a small MyTake of things I have personally experienced that make women more attracted to you. Granted, this assumes the particular woman or women have a little crush on you in the first place, but whatevs. (1.)...


7 Examples of Why I Believe Children Should Stay Away From YouTube

I'm going to sound like an old man so bare with me while I explain what influencers online will do to your children. Intentions I am not talking about any parent that has a kid above the age of 16, and I am mostly aiming...


For Singles, How to Cope Now That the Wondrous Valentines Day is Coming...

As well known as it may be that V.D. is an overrated commercialized holiday, there comes a wondering of what the fuck singles can do on this shitty day where couples already obsessive about their lovey-dovey BS have even...


A Message To All The Boys, From a Teenage Girl

Over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that no teenage boy in the history of adolescence has ever had the slightest clue as to what in the f*ck he is doing. Now most of you can never seem to tell the...


6 Reasons I'm on G@G!!

Hello and welcome everyone to my sixth take. If we're smart enough to question our existence on this world, then why not on this site? I've been thinking on writing since a girl suggested me to write it as my first take...


Every Batman vs. Superman Fight Ever in Comics

So I hear fans argue about this all the time. I've heard many of them say stuff like "Batman always beats Superman" or "Batman can never beat Superman". So I decided to write a take on every fight that they've had while...


My Reasons For Being Vegan

People seem to be very defensive when it comes to diet, so I just wanted to write a little disclaimer saying that I'm not here telling you how to eat, I'm not telling you you're an unethical person, I'm merely providing...


Gaming Icon David Jaffe On Open-World Boredom, Gamer Personas, And "Fu***** Loving VR"

If you know video games, you know David Jaffe. The man who helped bring us now-legendary names like Twisted Metal and God of War has seen the industry change and evolve over the years, and he has changed a little, too....


The Dance of Hearts, A Valentine's Special

Love Love is a beautiful thing. When it works, it is amazing and the energy flows. But all too often, it doesn't go as desired. No matter how painful relationships are, we keep going back to find love! We heal up our...


A Lesson in Makeup … FOR MEN! Part II

In a world, where things aren’t always what they seem … where plain looking women with flaws can look like a “10/10 would bang and call back” … One woman DARES to reveal the secret that women have kept from men for...


Why "Fitness Shaming" Others is Just Pathetic

**Why Fitness Shaming Is Pathetic** There has been an overabundance of questions and mytakes on this on this website pertaining to this topic. It's getting to a point where I almost catch myself laughing at some of these...


Mythbusters; relationship edition

Most of us have heard them repeated over and over again, those countless rules or guidelines about how to find a relationship, how to stay in it, and how to make sure it's good. 1) If he wants you, he'll make it happen!...