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How many chances are you supposed to give someone?

so me and this guy have been dating on and off for 7 months. the first time I stopped talking to him because he was being really mean and saying he didn't care about us anymore. so he told me he was really sorry and dint...

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Chances of getting girl's interest after initial rejection?

I know most people say that you should give up on a girl after she initially rejects going out with you, but I've heard of a few stories of how the guy asks out the girl afterwards, probably after they became friends, and...

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How many second chances can you give them?

I have been with my now fiance for a year, I met her at my job where we both worked. About 3 weeks later I asked her out and we went on our first date. After being together for a month she broke up with me because she was...

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Abuse or frustration?

okay well when me and my boyfriend have those weekly arguments, he screams at me, and gets right in my face. might I add in, he would never lay his fingers on me, but he is still scary. if I get sarcastic with him, and...

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Should I go back? He's a good guy?

Well... I have been separated from my ex for a long time but we still talk. He also visited me because we live in different states now. I am wondering if I am meant to marry him. We get along really well with each other...

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Did I make a mistake by sending this text to my ex? I don't know what to do anymore😢 I love him so much, my heart is completely broken?

He had told me that I could be a part of his life in the future after months of me trying to fix it and beg him. I just got so frustrated and I sent him this, now I don't know what to do. I didn't want to sound mean or be...

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Is this girl messing with me or just busy?

I've been trying to meet up with this girl on several occasions. The first time was on Monday, I asked if she could meet me after my class and before hers she said yes and then later texted me saying her class was...


The Stress, Confusion, and Anxiety Of Dating Someone That Acts Hot and Cold

Dating should be fun and exciting for the most part, but when someone acts hot and cold CONSISTENTLY, it seems like you're better off without them to avoid the headache and anxiety. It can also mess you up mentally,...


I'm Here to Give You a Reality Check, Delusional People

I see waaaay too many pessimistic people on here who don't have a grip on reality , even all over the web and in real life. I'm not saying im perfect or always happy and positive or whatever . I'm just going to correct...

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On a 1-10 scale, how good are you with your cell phone (answering / calling / texting people back quickly, etc

When it comes to: 1) keeping your phone on your person (aka not losing it, leaving it at home, and minimizing chances of theft) 2) having the ringer off when it's "supposed to" (movies, meetings, during dates, etc) 3)...


My Story of Personal Harassment From An Online Attacker

I want to tell a story of a situation that happened to me personally some weeks ago. It details the reality of cyber bullying when it goes beyond just the usual social media insults and pettiness. Although there are some...


The Soulmate Experience with Mali and Joe: You DON'T Have to Fight, and How Jealousy Can be Healthy

Bitter about relationships? Don't like the idea of dating because it seems futile? Refuse to believe in the idea of a "soulmate?" Maybe it's just because we're all conditioned to be bitter and dismissive and...


Why the Topic of Religion Shouldn't Be Swept Under the Carpet

Yes, the taboo topic. The topic that is sure to generate more controversy then all of my posts about race and black lives matter combined. No doubt this will anger some. If this were any other site I would fully expect...


FAQ you GaG: Part 2! Your Frequently Asked Questions, your opinions, with a bit of humour and trolling!

Disclaimer: There are no stupid questions. The purpose of this myTake is to make people laugh, add a little smile on some people's face. It's not supposed to make fun of anyone or any kind of situation. If you're still...


Stop F***ing Up Your Good Relationship!

It seems like relationships these days barely last. Here's my input on the major problems and simple solutions to those same issues that plague good relationships. Bad communication Nobody has ESP. If you are not able to...


10 Most Common Misconceptions about Guys

Guys are not as complicated as you think. When you start over analyzing why he does what he does, then it could mean you don’t have mutual chemistry. You will end up hurting yourself creating all these imaginary...


Life Lesson: Beware You Don't Become What Entertains You

The transition can be sudden, or it can be a slow and subconscious thing. However, it is not unheard of that whatever you let entertain you most, you will become. Maybe not completely, mind you. But you will start to take...


WTF? 20 Types of People You See at the Gym

Disclaimer: I always say that and I will keep saying it. This myTake is NOT meant to insult or make someone feel bad. It's supposed to make people smile. However, if you feel insulted, I can't help you, but I may be able...


Hesitation and Fear of Intimacy. Not being assertive. Let’s talk about it.

On my quest to improve my social skills I have come to what I understand to be a ‘final road block’ of sorts. The one last hurdle to clear before I feel like I could change the direction of my life. A glass ceiling. That...


From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Hello everyone. I know I haven’t been writing and posting regularly, and when I do I always promise that I will with little fruitation coming to that promise. I’ve been having a few minor life issues over the past four...


Street Harassment, Approach Anxiety, And Trying To Genuinely Meet A Girl: A Guys Guide To Surviving This Confusing And Increasingly Hostile World

So this take is going to get flack, and I know no matter how impartial I try to be, I'm either going to be called a white knight or a misogynist depending on the person who gets pissed off reading this and I recognize...


After a Decade of Living Together: 6 Things I've Learned

Today I’m going to be talking about what I’ve learned from living and loving someone for almost ten years. Mine and my partners 10 year anniversary is coming up in a few months and it has got me thinking about how we made...


How to make WWE great again

WWE is the most popular professional wrestling promotion in the world, it reaches audiences all over the globe, the professional wrestlers in the company come from all over the world and it even has it’s own movie...


Stephan LaBossiere Speaks Out On Confidence, Chivalry, and Sex for the Wrong Reasons

How we relate to one another is a complex thing. It goes well beyond the standard "hey, how ya doin'" that we all trade every day. It even goes beyond our deepest thoughts because when communicating with someone else, we...


What I Would Do If I Was Responsible For The Making Of Pokemon GO

It’s true that Pokemon Go becomes better and better as time goes by…but not enough. I would do more if it depended on me. 1) Being able to sell your items Getting Potions and Revives isn’t hard, but how many of them we...


6 Texting Tips That Won’t Let Your Chats Die!

Hello and welcome everyone! It’s your boy Hal and it’s been a while since you’ve been stalking that hot guy/girl in your class and of course you don’t have enough balls to ask him/her out so you’ve decided to break the...


10 Tips For Girls Who Posts Pictures In "How Do I Look" Topic, Or Post Their Picture On The Internet Generally

Since Instagram, Tumblr and such related sites came out, photography became the hobby for people who have no idea about actual photography. Photography is actually a form of art, and not a game as it has became right now....


You Don't Owe The President Anything

A new era has begun. We officially have our 45th president, Donald J. Trump. Like it or not, as so many have said, he is here, and what comes next, we must deal with however that may be. However, the rolling over to a new...


5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

This is a small MyTake of things I have personally experienced that make women more attracted to you. Granted, this assumes the particular woman or women have a little crush on you in the first place, but whatevs. (1.)...


Top 5 Things Guys Can Do to Guarantee a Second Date

The date's over and you're driving home, agonizing over one question: "Will she really want a second date?" Sure, you parted on good terms; the obligatory "I'll call you" probably passed somebody's lips, there may have...