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A Great King And Man Of God Falls Prey To A Gorgeous Woman And A Dark Irresistible Temptation.

Introduction: Kind David was known for his great courage, integrity, fairness, humility, military general, warrior and a man that loved and feared God so much. The majority of all the Pslams were writtin by him under the...


Guaranteed Tricks To Score Points With Women: After 60 Years, Here Is Everything I've Learned!

I have made a study of women for the past 60 years.  It's not my job but it has occupied much of my otherwise available time.  After 60 years, I have learned only two things that I think are infallible, and today I will...


Do Women Truly Despise Unsolicited Pictures?

Introduction I performed an experiment regarding unsolicited pictures. I met a bunch of women over social media apps and asked them their take on unsolicited pictures. 100% of them told me they despised unsolicited...


A Quick Note To The Ladies Who Send A Contradicting Message To Others

Don't stare at my breasts! If you do, I will label you a pervert! Why must you turn your head all the way around, to get a good look at my ass? Do I look like I am for sale? Why is it that these men seem to have a one...


What annoys me about some women on Tinder!

This is really just an honest take from the bottom of my heart. Turns out, I'm probably incompatible with many different women just because of the way I think and my world views and tendencies. So this take is all about...


All the Wrong Women: My Online Dating Experience

Like most of my Takes, this is not a short one, and if you can’t handle it, that’s okay. Some others won’t mind spending the time. But I definitely want to invite guys to read this who may have tried online dating and...


Sneaky Things Women Do Online (and on their Phones)

I've had this lying around on my tablet as a draft for some weeks and finally said to myself, "What the hell. Stop tweeking and just post." These are things I've experienced or noticed about females on the Internet, and...


To Men: Please Don't do These Things if You Want to Attract a Woman

So after my last experience with dating a man, I have now been able to compile a basic list of things to help you out. Yes, all these dating crimes were committed by a single man (shockingly) but I can now pass this...


The Full Guide For Women (And Men) On How To Detect A Disloyal Partner

OK! So lets start first with the proper definition for "cheating", since most people think its just "physical". When it comes to romantic relationships, or any other edge of intimacy. The term "cheating" relates mostly to...


A letter (that I will never send) to my guy friend (who was never my friend).

We had become good friends, so I’ll never understand why you wanted to risk ruining our friendship by sleeping with me, if you were only after my body. I’d come to know you through a shared hobby. I wasn’t attracted to...


What Women Want

Today women have achieved more than our great grandmothers could have ever imagined. Women are in politics; women have careers and families; women are excelling in every career imaginable. Women today are strong,...


Why I think women hate men, and why I won't let it bother me

Women hate the part of us that makes us men. They are repulsed by how it looks. I have never and will never send a dick pick in my life, but I had no idea women found them so hideous. Whenever I ask about this, women will...


When a woman gives too much too fast, she is perceived as desperate or a doormat, starving for approval and love?

In my experience, many women believe or partake in a certain trend that I believe is a fallacy. They think that the more they give a man early on, the more the man will love in return. I am NOT saying that women should...


Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

I've always been the kind of person that doesn't enjoy the company of a girl as much as that of a guy. The truth about girls is that they are very competitive with each other, they enjoy gossiping about each other, they...


If you follow 300 women, no, smart women will Not follow you

It's hilarious to me when someone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any sort of social media follows so many girls/women that it's ridiculous, and they've just joined a few days ago. It sounds a cautionary...


Things Women Do and Say When They Are Not That Into You

Women aren't that complicated as many people say and think. Here are the most common things that women say and do that signal they are not that into you. Let me count the ways: 1. "I am single but not available." She...


What Women Want for Valentines Day

Most will tell you that Christmas is their favorite holiday, maybe even New Years or the Fourth of July. My favorite, however, is Valentines Day. A day smack in the middle of a long, cold winter that celebrates everything...


How to Avoid a Stupid Man: Women Must Know Who They Are: Part 2

If you go back to the last paragraph in the previous article you will notice that I did not say: the stupid woman must come to the knowledge of herself. I said, "The stupid woman must come to the knowledge of the self."...


Women Want What They Can't Understand & Can't Have - Are You Either One?

In the beginning it was said that God made man, and then made women from man hence woman. However, drama started in the garden, because Adam was a whuss, and she got curious. Confused? Don’t be I’ll explain later, keep...


Are you a real/good woman? Learn how you can become more approachable!

*Disclaimer: Not everything you read on the internet is actually true or legit. But this totally is. I've seen many takes trying to help unsuccessful nice guys™ and bad guys™ to become good/real men™ instead. So I've...


Physically Attractive Women Are Not Stuck With Bad Boys & Players. They Can Get Good Men Too.

I am referring to women who are universally attractive. It is common for an attractive woman to be committed to a bad boy, alpha dog, or player. Fortunately, there are attractive women who are sick of these types of guys...


Physically, woman ; Mentally, wo! man.

My take on why women's own mentality is the real challenge for their empowerment. [Disclaimer: Well actually, there's no disclaimer. The content is going to hurt so-called orthodox people. Carry on reading] A week ago, I...


Common misunderstandings amongst men and women

1. Women don't like sex! This is not true! Women love sex just as much as men. You just have to know how to get them in the mood. They love foreplay; a random picture of your dick does not do it for most women. Men don't...


No. Women Don't Like Assholes, BUT...

I read a lot of questions and comments here and elsewhere from self-identified nice guys that presume that women like assholes. They see women dating guys that they consider assholes and instead of asking what it is about...


Breast Cancer: What every Woman (And Man) Should Know

For as long as I can remember, Breast canvcer awarenss has been a big part of my life. This is because it runs very strong in my family and I can recall all to vividly my mother getting treated for it when I was only a...


Women Behave Just Like The Nice Guys They Demonize When It Comes To The Men They Desire

When a nice guy meets a girl, they want to show her that they don't see her as a piece of ass. They start off being friendly, and move things slowly wanting to get to know the girl, hang out with her and eventually...


Where I Think Women Screw Up In Relationships

So ladies this Take is especially dedicated to y'all. I've read other Takes about this and I felt that people couldn't genuinely list out what makes men unhappy and discontent in their relationships. So let me begin with...


Is This Movie Ad Promoting Violence Against Women?

Actress Rose McGowan took to Facebook to complain about the above poster recently, saying: There is a major problem when the men and women at 20th Century Fox think casual violence against women is the way to market a...


How the Government Used Western Women to Eradicate the Family Unit

"The greatest fortress of human liberty, proof against all earthly powers, is the family. In its small private space, it can defy the will of authority and the might of wealth. It is without doubt the most effective means...


15 Reasons Why You Should Never Date An American Woman, From A Foreigner’s Point Of View

I believe, after being 3 years on GAG, a forum with American people mostly, I can form an opinion about the mindset of American women. This is an informative MyTake mostly. Informative for the guys who would like to move...


The Easiest, Most Common Way Women Murder Their Looks!

Another completely random take from the Resident Spitfire, guaranteed to provoke applause from some of you, and butthurt "omg I can't even" from the less intelligent. Of the things that women do, on purpose or accident...


My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men Now, a lot of you know that I am not a crowd follower or like to jump on the bandwagon like the rest here, but I admit this time I gotta go with this one. I read...


In Response to the "36 Questions Women Have For Men" Feminist Video I feel like everyone's responding to this so now I wanna do it too! I'm going to answer it from a very subjective, personal perspective; as if they're asking me directly, although...


Why Female Feminists and Women Should Man Up

In The Mask You Live In (2015), Jennifer Siebel Newsom explores what she perceives to be harmful notions about masculinity in American culture. In American culture, men cannot release emotions. If they are depressed,...


Drafting Women Not Only Harms and Endangers Women, But Also Men and Society

According to polls on here, most men are very eager to include women in any potential draft. What most men don't realize is that it is men who will largely be harmed by any inclusion of women in a draft. Doing this will...


The Best Way to Attract Women Isn't What You Think...

As most men already know, being a nice caring gentleman doesn't get you very far with women these days. Maybe fifty or sixty years ago, being a nice guy who could provide financial security and commitment was the best way...


7 Tips for Keeping a Woman's Love in Any Relationship

1. Always keep improving The female innate nature, even while in a relationship, is to constantly look for the best possible mate. A woman will keep a lookout for an upgrade even while she is with you. The thing about...


Survivor Experiment: Women vs. Men

Whether patriarchy has ever managed society or not, we can safely say there is always a feminist queefing out books about the end of patriarchy. There is, surprisingly, very little data available about what life would be...


The Reason Why Men and Women Will Never See Eye to Eye

Introduction This will be from a mans prospective so if you aren't interested in hearing that i'd suggest you leave. This does not go for every man and woman, but in today's society you will see how men and women don't...


How to Spot a Bold and Strong Woman

Why this take and topic? I am 28 year old woman who got back to the dating scene after a long time about 3 years. I have dated people whom I met through friends and social circle, as well I used online dating apps to meet...