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Understand and Beat the Break Up Blues

You two were going to be together forever;  now you are sitting alone on the loveseat, eating ice cream with a shovel and wondering what happened, what you did, and how you can fix it. Breakups dont have to involve long...


Tips and Advice for Shy Guys on How to Approach - and Get! - Women

I've noticed a lot of guys on here are talking about how men always have to be the one to approach woman and how it's almost damn near impossible to get a woman to approach you. That if you are a shy guy, then you...


Breaking up: you may want to die. . . but you won't, so do yourself a favor and deal with it!

This is the sixth rewrite of a myTake from a few years ago. I have a fresh perspective on this particular subject because I have been contemplating breaking up with my current girlfriend. I know it is the right thing to...


The Gentlemans Solution To 'Nice' Guys. White Knight Fails.

First let's address the issue between 'Nice' Guys and women. Many men understand and appreciate that seduction first makes women feel uncomfortable. What these men do instead is focus on comfort first. What these men...


Guys, I'm Starting to See Your Pattern...👀

And no, it's not meant to be some creepy comment, it's suppose to mean that I just figured something out about guys. And yes, I am stupid so I just figured this out. But hey, I'm only 16 so if you ask me, I'm ahead of the...


So You Were Blocked After the Break Up.. What to Do Now <3

So you were blocked by your ex after the breakup. Here's the reasons why from my own experience. DEGREE OF BEING BLOCKED. 1. Phone/ text. 2. Facebook/ Instagram. 3.Email. 4.Whatsapp. I've seen a lot of "degree of...


A Real Guy Should be Able to Take 'No' for an Answer...

A real guy or a gentleman would respect your decision if you don't want to be with them. It's better for them to know, then both of you to be emotionally invested in the relationship. A guy who I met last year, through a...


How to Get a Girlfriend (as Requested by the Guys!)

This myTake was recommened the most in one of my recent questions, so I'm going to cover it for all the guys who might appreciate it. Note I took about 20 websites of info, personal experiences, and peer advice and threw...


Shy Guy 101 - Day One

I intend for this to be the first in a series of myTakes that discusses why guys become shy, what can be done to overcome that shyness, and how to do that by setting some goals that are reasonable and attainable. Why...


Some Practical Advice For How To Break Up

Some breakups occur suddenly.  You make a surprise visit to his apartment and find him in bed with the girl who you thought was your best friend.  You scream and tell him, "Return to Hell, demon!"  You use every...


All you need to know about texting a guy you like and where you are going wrong

So I have just recently started getting back out into the dating world after a year break from my sort-of relationship ended. Now I've never been one to be good at dating, I was always sh y at school and held myself back...


How a Guy Feels When He Comes in Contact with Love

Yo, everyone, girls and guys welcome you both. So, guys you'll get memories when you read this and girls, this will help you to understand a bit about the guys. As a guy I have had many crushes, and each time I saw my...


Stop Crying and Get Over It - Breaking Up

Breaking up has got to be one of the suckiest times in our lives. I wish someone had warned me about how painful they really can be. But apparently I missed that memo. Getting back on your feet again and learning to trust...


Hard To Get: What Does It Actually Mean Through The Eyes of a Guy?

Before we begin, here's a supplementary piece from a female perspective on why women play 'hard to get'. It seems that one of the many recurring questions on here revolves around this elusive and annoying concept of 'hard...


Why Gamer Guys Struggle To Find Gamer Girls

So, I am very much aware that this list is not comprehensive, in fact far from it, BUT I do honestly believe that this may shed some light on the subject. 1: Not all gamer girls play games 24/7 The thing is girls are...


Shy Guys And The Shy Complex

Okay shy guys, we get it. You're shy. But don't be. I realize that is easier said than done, but if you make a real effort to come out of your shell, girls will notice and you will find yourself with options you never...


Confronting My Guy Friend Who Touched Me Inappropriately

All I can say is I didn't quite expect it. I've had a guy friend for a few years now. I'll be using the term "friend" quite loosely because it's not like we hang out or even talk all the time, and I'm not sure if he would...


How to Be the Guy Nearly Every Girl Wants

Okay so this is my first time writing myTake. I hope you'll like it. It's for fun and totally based on my personal experience. Be funny, loving and caring Everyone likes a funny guy cause everyone loves to laugh after...


Bad guys make moves and fake niceness! Good guys have patience!

Each nice, sweet decent guy I've dated, I had to make all the first moves. Both my long term boyfriends, I approached. They were very receptive and it went really well. Then somewhere down the line after breaking up with...


HOW to Ask Your Crush for Their Number or WHEN to Contact Your Crush 🙌

Most of us start off shy and tend to braven up as the years go by. Im going to share some tips on when I feel its best to MAKE A MOVE. A. HOW TO ASK: The initial meeting could happen ANYWHERE If its at school/work/church...


Guys: Do's and Don'ts for any date

So basically I've asked friends, family everyone what they think a man should and should not do on a date. So lets get stuck into it!! Dont be late! When it comes to women waiting for a guy to show up for a date, we're...


MyTake on Picking Up a Date

“give us your take on picking up women” - @your_ego And this plays into a MyTake I did recently 10 Things I Believe About Relationships Some conversations are worth repeating and noting. “Perfect relationships are...


What to do about her anxious daughter who is cheating and lying!

This is all true, wrote it for my xGF and sharing for benefit of others! People just want me to write simply..."give me the answer!" No, I have fun writing the answer, it's more fun that way:) PRIOR RELATIONSHIP CRASH...


Setting Them Up and Knocking Them Down: How to Stay Out of the Friend Zone

I have a friend who just makes girls like him. He's goofy, quirkily attractive, and makes you feel comfortable and deliciously awkward at the same time. He'll grab your hand and race through a mall with you, leaving...


The Dilemma with Dating (Guys- does she like you?)

There are a lot of questions here about how to get girls, why girls don't like good guys, if a girl likes a boy and how to ask a girl out, should you ask a girl out, when to ask a girl out. Well men, your prayers have...


To marry or break up: A decision I can't decide!

This eternal conflict of mine has been in my mind for the past 4 years, puzzling back and forth to wondering if it would be more beneficial to marry my girlfriend or if I should break up with her to give her a chance of a...


7 Ways Guys Can Make Themselves More Attractive

1. Get a haircut that works well for your face Most people care about the face so let's start with how best to maximize it. You can get a haircut that works well with your face and help make you more attractive....


The "Nice Guy' vs. The "Bad Boy"

Before I begin my Take, I would like to to give you some insight on who I am, just so you understand where I am coming from and what my issue is. First off, I am 25 years of age. I am a little more on the quiet side and I...


My 14 Impulsive Behavior That Ruined A Relationship and A Guy's Interest Before Anything Even Started

Why am I writing this? I am writing this myTake as I am trying to find someone online and through friends to have a healthy relationship, to settle down with, and to have kids at the age of 27 as all my peers and close...


How a Dating App Stood Up for One of It's Users

So a couple days a ago my friend shared with me an article about a guy (Connor) who verbally attacked this girl (Ashley) for asking "What do you do?". This is a pretty standard question to ask when doing a cold...


When Music Brings up A Vivid Bullying Experience

Yesterday, I was going through my music archives from back when I was in high school. I came across a song, that brought back a very particular and painful period from high school where I had an experience with a girl...


8 Reasons Why People "Slut" Shame Girls Who Wear "Revealing" Clothing On The Internet

8 Reasons Why It Needs To Stop Hi guys and girls. Hope all is well!!!!! I was inspired by a post that labeled girls who "dress provocative, show cleavage, and do sexy poses as sluts and/or attention whores". Slut, Whore,...


Growing Up In a Multicultural Society

Multicultural societies can never work Said the guy or girl who most likely does not live in a multicultural society. Multicultural society, quick let's define it! relating to or containing several cultural or ethnic...


How to get your ex girlfriend back

Hi everyone, Welcome to my new "blog"! This is my first myTake post out of hundreds to come on this website. I'm quite experienced with relationships so I thought why not help people out there who need some advice. I plan...


Ladies, Don't Allow Men To Use You!

Men will only treat you the way that you allow them to. As much as we want to believe every guy out there has good intentions, that wouldn't be realistic thinking. Some guys only have their own interest at heart. Some men...


The Question Almost Every Girl Wants to Know, but Doesn't Dare to Ask! [PART 1]

How often does it happen to us that we find someone instantly desirable? Someone we don´t know personally, a random stranger, but let´s say you get to see this handsome stranger pretty often. He could be your new...


The Spice of Life: Never Take Someone For Granted

I was immature enough to know how unfair people could be but I had my share on it. Yes, that is what I thought of. I knew a man that was very kind on me. Always there for me. Always being my number one supporter to...


How To Approach A Woman

How to properly approach a girl is is probably one of the biggest problems for single guys. Either a guy is too shy and doesn't know how to approach a beautiful woman, or the guy thinks he's "the man" and tries to put his...


A Man Followed Me Home In The Middle Of The Night

I rarely go out to party late at night, and it’s even more rare for me to get home way past midnight. Usually when I party, I prefer to go out in the evening around 6 or 7, and get home by 11. It’s partially because I...


How to Be a BAD Boyfriend

So this may seem like a weird take, but seeing as there are a lot of articles out there on how to be a good boyfriend, I wanted to do something a little different. This should of course be used more as a guideline of what...