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Here's Why You Definitely Want to Date Your Best Friend

Hey guys, it's Cadie and this is my take on dating my best friend! The story: We were best friends since day 1 one middle school. He offered me food and I immediately knew he was a keeper (ya know as a friend). Most...


Girls Don't Want to Date You Because You're Ugly

I've seen a spike of "bad boy" related takes on this website explaining why or why girls don't like bad boys. Us guys are left wondering why girls go for bad boys instead of us "good and nice" dudes. Here's the main...


Why Guys DO NOT Want To Date A Feminist

So, recently I read a myTake called ''Tips For Dating A Feminist''. And the overwhelming reaction from the male community was essentialy 'Why the heck would I want to do that?' Obviously, there was a pretty fierce...


Finally, Why Men Do Not Want To Date Single Moms, Explained!

Part three in my series of explaning things that women often do not understand about men. So. If you've been online, or in real life, or watched tv, or spoken to other human beings, you know that for a huge percen of...


Women, This Is Why Men Might Not Want to Date You

You Focus More On Who Should Pay For The First Date, Instead Of Focusing On The Actual Date! Maybe a man should pay on the first date or maybe he shouldn't, who knows? All I know is dates are about getting to know each...


Why Girls Don't Really Want To Date Ambitious Men

Girls Don't Want Successful Men Everybody wants an ambitious man. Until they see the hours that he works, that makes him successful. Shocking right? Hear me out. Most girls don't really want to date ambitious guys. Every...


Why Men Don't Want to Date (You)

There is a shortage of couples and it's more obvious on this site than anywhere else. But unlike most things on GAG the trend seems to stay true to real life. So I want to offer my perspective on why guys aren't really...


I have no respect for people who want to be "rated"!

Now that I have your attention, here's a serious question to ask yourself: How is validation from a stranger on the internet really going to help you? People who ask for ratings are either self absorbed, or have ZERO...


The story of a former drinker who wants to start again since he is unable to talk to a random girl being sober.

Although it includes a question since I’m seeking advice as well, I will make it a MyTake since it’s very long. Hope I’m not on the wrong track. Also BEFORE reading y whole post read my last sentence first, otherwise you...


Who wants love? who wants marriage? Men Or Women

Hello مرحبا This take is going to be about love and marriage , two things that I am completely far from , but I seek and want . Recommended reading tracks:


Who should you date; who should you marry?

How many of you actually have a concrete set of criteria for a marriage prospect? I’m talking about criteria that are so specific that you could write them on paper like bullet points. And, then . . . how many of you...


10 Ways to Ruin a First Date

A first date is an opportunity to get to know someone better. It’s an introduction of sorts - an interview in which the questions go both ways. Therefore, to make a good first impression, it is imperative that you are on...


Why I don't want to fall in love

This myTake is not going to bitch about either gender being horrible either way just certain individuals in my past. I'm not going to whine about why I can't find love because one I don't care for it anymore and two I...


3 Perfect Places For the Perfect Date

Campfire Dates Campfire dates are great, because what's more romantic than cuddling up around a bonfire? Get cozy alone with your partner, or bring along the crew for a more lively night! Bring a blanket to cuddle in and...


Date Fakers And Flakers! Don't Get Stood Up Again

“You’ve got mail,” says my cell phone. I closed down my twitter account, and immediately looked at my incoming. “Ah, a message from that one girl on POF!” I scurry to get to a quiet place, so that I could read her...


Recovering From Embarrassing Moments on a Date

You’ve met someone and have agreed to go out, but while on the date or when you were saying goodnight, something personally embarrassing happens.  Any of these examples and more: You might feel as though it would be best...


There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

A recent article broke out on vice of women complaining there aren't enough single men for them to date/marry in the US despite there being over more than 1 million men than women in the US. The reason there aren't...


Why I Don't Date, Anymore

People are generally pretty surprised to here me say this, but it's not like it's my first time saying this. I just don't want to date. I don't! Too much work for a measly return. For those who stuck around for years,...


7 Topics You Should Avoid Talking About on a First Date

Your chances of having a second date can be dependent on the success of the first one. How do you possibly increase the chances of making a second date happen anytime soon? You can do that by making your first date count....


Why Guys Should Pay For First Date

The oldest topic of debate! Who should pay on first date? This is mytake explainig why men should pay on first date. 1) It Makes Your Intentions Clear You pay for her = You’re interested in her. If those are not your...


They Will Not Date Their Own Race Because Of Self Hate

The blending of different racial backgrounds together is a beautiful thing. I love seeing people find happiness in a "person" rather than finding it in a phenotype, they deliberately chose to seek out. I always say, "...


Why I only date attractive women

DISCLAIMER: This isn't to say that unattractive women are horrible or that I can't speak to them on a friendly/professional level. And before the rush of comments saying "Oh, what do you look like then? I bet you're ugly...


Looking for a date? Try something NEW!

I want to use this take to share a recent experience with you all and hopfully someone will benefit from it.  I know how tough it is to find someone you want to date.  You have to find someone who's attractive to you,...


I Don't Date Outside My Race

Have you ever heard someone say, "I don't or haven't dated outside my race." It makes some people's hairs rise on the back of their necks and others simply shrug in agreement. What does this mean however, when someone...


"But I'm perfect for them! Why won't they date me?"

So it happened. You met that guy or girl, and you're head over heels in love. You think you two are perfect for each other: common interests, compatability, chemistry, and besides, you look nice and have a great...


The Most Important Thing to Remember to Do On a First Date

Be honest with yourself and your date. Breathe. Have fun. Sounds super generic right and like the most obvious things, and I'm sure plenty of Takes about this already, but here's MINE. Most people on first dates are...


10 Tips for a Successful Date

Here are some tips to having a successful date... 1. Appearance So obviously when you go on a date you need to make sure you look your best and well groomed because looks are important when looking for a potential...


Ladies, Avoid These First Date Questions Faux Pas To Prevent Turning Him Off!

When you are out on a date with a guy, these are sure fire ways to turn him off to ever wanting to be with you again Turn Off Question 1.) "Are you seeing or talking to any other girl from (OkCupid, Tinder, POF, Match,...


Why I dated 'bad guys'

Disclaimer: By bad guy, I mean any guy that isn't an entitled, nice guy/incel and may or may not have bad behavioural tendencies. We've all heard it; "I'm such a nice guy, I don't know why women only date bad guys!" You...


What I Would Value if I'm Ready To Date a Woman

Here's my updated traits I would Value if I Decided To Date a Woman 1. Emotional Stability Over Intelligence I value emotional stability over intelligence because I don't want to date a smart woman with emotional...


If We Become Close Friends I Won’t Date You!

I’ve been with a lot of women in my six years of dating and not a single one of them had any close connection to me before meeting them. I meet girls at school, at work or pretty much anywhere you can imagine people...


About a Boy: Phone Number, Dates and the Dreaded Maybe

To put myself into some context; I'm 100% for long lasting, loving and monogamous relationships. I don't practice that really cringeworthy word society calls "game" (so called players make me want to smash my head with a...


First Date Expectations: The Liberated Woman's PoV

With so much contempt for feminism these days, and what is expected on dates with women, it’s important to know that the first few dates are especially important to make your first impression a good one, regardless of...


How to Get a Date: Complete Guide with 3 Big Misconceptions

People see dating as "mysterious". I dislike that. So I'm going to settle some misconceptions here which will help guide you through the BS that socially awkward people tell you over the internet. 99% of this advice...


What I Think About Guys Paying for Dates

This is a pretty heavily discussed topic on GaG, and while I generally don’t like wasting my time on these kinds of arguments and just try to tune them out - or any of the over-discussed topics here - I’m gonna spend some...


You Got Her Number! Now What? -Some Great Ideas For A First Date-

I used to have no confidence with girls, until someone told me to just approach one and ask her for her number. Well one day I did it. My knees were shaking under my jeans and I was sweating like crazy kinda like this: I...


Why I Prefer to Date Outside My Race

Disclaimer: I'm not bashing my race or men from my race in any type of way I just want to tell you about my experience when it comes to dating within my race, and why I rather date outside my race. As an educated African...


To tall girls who think they have a claim on all the tall guys, you don't

I know not all tall girls think like this, but I've met quite a few who do and for some of the crazy reasons ever. I'm 6'4 pretty tall or so I've been hearing. Anyway saying because I'm tall I should only date tall women...


Why You Should Man Up and Pay For the First Date

Paying for dates has been a hot topic here on GAG and there's been a lot of animosity towards the opposite gender over it. My view is based on a man asking a woman out. If the woman asks a man out, then she is responsible...


The Psychology of Men Who Are Racially Black Having to Proclaim Their Refusal to Date "Black" Women

If you meet a black male, who refuses to date "Black" women, it is time to run like the Road Runner. I just want to reiterate. Interracial relations are cool. I have dated non-"Black" women myself. And if a black guy...