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Why does gag let you see comments from people you've blocked? im sick of it😣?

Its under other questions not my own but still I don't want to see it!

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Is anyone else tired of GAG's unnecessary updates 😕 (Part 2)?

... And now here we are with the latest update. The only thing that I can see positive coming out of it is allowing us to select and unselect what we would like to be notified on so good job. 👍 The privacy comment...


FAQ you GaG: Part 2! Your Frequently Asked Questions, your opinions, with a bit of humour and trolling!

Disclaimer: There are no stupid questions. The purpose of this myTake is to make people laugh, add a little smile on some people's face. It's not supposed to make fun of anyone or any kind of situation. If you're still...


Life according to GAG

So I discovered GaG on March 2014 or so. Because I had a sex question and the site came up lol. I have had an account on GaG for about a year and have only recently started commenting. But there is something I have...


GaG Orgy 101: The People You'll Find at Every GaG Orgy

So for all the new users who joined this month, you probably don't know this but GaG has an orgy every month. And for the users who have been around for a while and still haven't been to one, what have you been doing with...


GaG Admins: Please STOP Making Unnecessary Changes to the Site

It takes a lot to get me riled up, but I have got to say these people have really done it now. I have never been on a forum that has been so frustrating with it’s frequent technical “updates” and changes to design,...


Butthurt People And Their Excuses For Silencing Others

See, I have this theory, that butthurt people with big egos will do anything to protect themselves, like label other people as part of a hate group, use dismissive attitudes that make your opinion look pointless, or flat...


The Changes That GaG REALLY Needs to Make

The admins or programmers or whoever want to be cute and do everything to make the site look a certain way, but won't make the changes they really need to make. So here are the things I think need fixing, and I think a...


I feel for my own. Guys, I get why you get frustrated

I made a take some time ago. It talked about guys bad behaviour towards women and it was kind of a slap in the face for some. Embarrassed by my own. Guys, time to wake up! I got a lot hate from guys who strongly disagreed...


What I Dislike About Some GAG Men

1. They don't want to pay for dates In an ideal world every one will see women as a mans equal. However, don't let that be the excuse to let all levels of common courtesy fly out of the window. We learned how to treat...


Things You SHOULDN'T Ask On GaG

Well hello everyone, it's me again. GirlsAskGuys is on FIRE lately. There are so many good and interesting questions going around, yet still there are also these cliche stupid ones. After being on here for a while, in the...


Recovering From A Bad Relationship

I don’t know how many people on GAG have experienced bad relationships, but I think even one is too many. Relationships bring deeper meaning to our lives. Sadly, that meaning becomes damaged when one is physically abused,...


5 Reasons Why Your Fear of Being Alone Is A Curse

1. Your fear comes from a place of lack and scarcity. Everyone has read those annoying blog posts whining about “where the good men have gone.” Everyone has seen those disgruntled YouTube comments about women who aren’t...


Why You Should Man Up and Pay For the First Date

Paying for dates has been a hot topic here on GAG and there's been a lot of animosity towards the opposite gender over it. My view is based on a man asking a woman out. If the woman asks a man out, then she is responsible...


Why I Almost Quit G@G For $20

For those that know me on this site, you know that I'm fairly straight forward. Most of my questions (all 10 of them) and answers and opinions are pretty much meant to make fun of others, as well as myself... For fuck's...


To Those Who Feel Like People Are Ignoring You, That You Are Losing Them, or That They Don't Care - Me Too

If you struggle with this, you're not alone. These are symptoms of fear of abandonment. I am aware of where my fear of abandonment stems from, but I won't get into that now. For now I just wanted to share what it's like...


5 Myths and the 5 Truths Behind "Islamic Terrorism"

So today I was casually searching through my twitter feed and I see something about ISIS and all the comments say "All Muslims are terrorists! Send them back!" or the occasional "Fucking towel heads need to die!" (not...


How to G@G - 11 Tips, Tricks and Advice

1. G@G News Did you know we announce updates, changes, and news all the time? You can check the G@G News box (top right corner of most G@G pages) to see what's going on in the G@G world! Using the arrows (top right of...


How to Improve Your Social Media Experience

In these times it's almost impossible for most of us not to be on social media. Few people succeed at it, but the majority of us are involved in some kind of social networking site. The down side to it is that many of us...


Natasha Tracy Tackles the Tough Questions: Bipolar, Suicide, Medication, Oh My

In the past few months, we've seen a lot of questions about suicide and mental illness/wellness on GirlsAskGuys. These are important yet tricky topics to address and because of that, we thought we'd turn to a well-known...


Expert Interview: Sometimes Love Just Isn't Enough

This week GAG had the honor of interviewing Caren Field an individual/couples counselor from Traverse City, Michigan who shares her wealth of relationship knowledge with GAG users in her free time. Caren has more than 15...


Who is more privileged in western society? Men or Women?

For the TL:DR crowd, my take boils down to this: Women often live together in their opaque bubbles, and guys often live alone at sea, swimming in misconceptions and self delusions. It has been said many times over that...


Odds Are, You'll Be Shocked

How often have you came across times in your life where you thought to yourself: "What are the odds of this happening"? There have been times this thought has came to my mind. When I was 14 years old, I was in the...


The struggles of being a single mom

I have two children aged 4 and 2. My 4 years old father has blocked me off of everything since I found out I was pregnant because he "wasnt ready to be a father" and I later terminated his rights. My 2 years old father...


Timely Advice - How To Actually Meet Men’s Desires

I was asked to this MyTake as a follow up to a previous one I had done about giving women what they want. That take was more of what men can do for the women in their life. This is what women can do for their man. A few...


The Slut/Stud Double Standard

Introduction: In this myTake I will give my perspective on the slut/stud double standard, what the word slut really means, whether guys are judged negatively for their sex count, female on female shaming, and if/why guys...


Skinny vs. Buff Men: Who Gets More Women?

This has been a long debated question. Who gets more women? Skinny guys or buff guys? This is the question that has forum sites, like this one, at war because they skinny guys are complaining about how girls always go...


Girls-- If He Doesn't Want Sex, Something is Wrong.

Though this Take is about sex, this is not actually a sexual behavior topic; it is about how sex affects relationships, specifically from a male desire standpoint. Female desire standpoint is also very important, but it's...


Shyness and Confidence: Knowing the Difference

Though I am more outgoing than I give myself credit for, I am still more on the reserved side. A GAG friend and I agree that this site is “shy central” and a lot of questions on this site boil down to if something is...


Sneaky Things Women Do Online (and on their Phones)

I've had this lying around on my tablet as a draft for some weeks and finally said to myself, "What the hell. Stop tweeking and just post." These are things I've experienced or noticed about females on the Internet, and...


The Art Of Not Giving A F**K (The Healthy Way)

Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. -Anne Frank (WARNING: Profanity, Vulgar Sometimes( Not too much), Maybe Dark Humor, Theories of life, And Me Rambling. Enjoy It Or Not. Both Are...


The Importance of Initial Attraction ;)

This is the situation: Let's make it specific to GaG, shall we? Usually this problem arises in the "How Do I Look and Sexual Behaviour pages on this site. Already, I hope you know what I'm referring to. Not always, but...


8 Things That Happen To You After You Turn 30

I probably don't have to tell you twice, but if you're under thirty, enjoy those years. It's not to say great things won't or can't happen to you after thirty, because they do, but under 30 you have youth on your side....


The War of Offensiveness

"I'm offended by that!" "These are butt hurt comments!" "That message is offensive to us!" "We need to stop being so politically correct!" "You don't get to decide what's offensive!" "People are too sensitive!" These...


Expert Opinions: Never Regret A Relationship

This week GaG got lucky because we were able snag an interview with the popular and insightful, Erin Tillman, California's famous The Dating Advice Girl! Erin believes that dating can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be!...


Guys Need to Re-Evaluate the Girls They Go After

It seems to be that many guys feel like they should have the girls who are tough to get. Or maybe they’re inadvertently being taught that they need to try hard to get the girl. Either way, it sends a lot of guys into a...


8 Ways to Verbally Fight BETTER

Hello GAG reader! We all have fights now and then with those who are closest to us. We fight with family, friends and spouses! Sometimes we even fight with ourselves. Here are a few tips to help you with the art of...


The Best TV Characters

**Spoiler Alerts!** Unforgettable characters are one of the best parts of television. I haven't watched every show, but I've watched enough to pick out several characters I feel deserve some credit. Feel free to add your...


FORD 4.6 PANTHER PLATFORM! It's History and It's Demise.

Hello GAG users. For my first MyTake, I will be in my own words giving an overview of the history and demise of a fantastic motor built by Ford Motor Company, as well as sharing some of my own thoughts and opinions in...


Cyber Love: What You Need To Know About Online Dating

Cyber Girls and Guys What you need to know about online dating By Wisengruber So you want to online date? So did I, and for a year and a half, I have put many websites to the test. I have been on many dates in the past...