Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to influence a Woman/Man into being your exclusive partner

It's early stages of dating and you want to inspire something more. What is the trick? Indirectly modeling married life. Creating...

My dudes you gotta stop worrying about your penis size...

First some facts : The average flaccid, pendulous penis is 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) in length; the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16...

The "Myths And Facts" About Sexual Violence

Please read the whole take and not just the title before you reply, if it's too long then just move along to the next post... Thank you...

Seduce Me Story #1

“Well duh, I do think of touching you. ” Sometime later that day, Auden confessed which brought a tiny smirk onto my lips. But boy, is...

A cuddling moment part 2

I decided with covid that everyone is struggling with being indoors and while some of us are single, including myself.. I know we have...

"Valentine's Day" ... Is Cupid Cummin? (Dirty Jokes)

Disclaimer:All jokes, poems, etc. Meant in fun and not to "offend" anyone..... All material found online Cum on, I just had to do a...

Why sexual addictions aren't bad (but actually good)

There are people with very low sex drives, they sometimes call themselves 'asexual'. Now, here is my take on those people... they are...

How to come bigger?

How can i get my boobs bigger , are they small?

What roleplays have you tried? What has been your favourite?

Additional questions. Does roleplay always involve like costumes? Or is acting enough? P. S. This was a Halloween costume it wasn't for...

What are the disadvantages of men being the physically stronger sex?

The only one I can think of is having to protect women and put their well being before your own. Like making girls walk on the side of...

Is it wrong if you want to have sex so you can also have some fun stories? Also, just tell people about your sex life when you are horny?

Don't have any stories to tell. Tired of reading erotica wanna experience some for myself. Feels weird how I never contribute to...

Why does this bitch think she’s above me if she is the one on top of my dick literally at the end of the day and sucking on it?

I work with her and she told me yesterday “I don’t have time for your mistakes today so I need you to be on your game today.” She isn’t...

Showing boob and penis?

If i told you to show you my penis and you show me your boobs would you accept?

Out of curiosity... I was told that circumcision affects the function of the penis... Is that true?

I am told that it reduces sensitivity, and a guy usually has less powerful orgasms... Is that true? I am circumcised, so I never really...

What to do with a bitch who owes me sex?

We had a deal. I help her study, she sleeps with me. We had a controct both of us signed. I have done my part but she refuses to do her.

Ladies, when you masturbate do you like to watch porn or use your imagination?

Do you have a favorite kind of porn? Do you use finger or toys? And how many fingers do you use?

"Women make rules for Beta Males and Break them for Alphas" True or False?

If the guy is a Beta male provider type of guy she will make him wait to have sex. He is the nice guy who will buy her dinner and drinks...

Would you still be with your partner if they decided to have a sex change but still live as the gender they were born?

They would only change a penis into vagina and still live as a male or change a vagina into dick but still live as a female

Out of these choices, what in your opinion is the worst possible thing a child of yours could end up as?

I tried to make this appeal to ALL different groups of respondents; not just "what I would say." Severe criminals like murderers and...

Girls, At what time are you the most horny?

Around what time are the most horny?

Do women actually like giving oral sex or do they put up with it for their man's pleasure?

I'm a virgin and I've always had this question. Do women really like giving oral sex to their man or do they not like it but do it anyway.