"Man VS Dildo"! myTake Why A Man Will Win Hands Down!

This is to show that even tho I did a myTake yesterday Why Women Prefer A Dildo , I know and realize having sex and being in a...

"Sex"Game Night. Ways To Get Your Game On.

Relationships can be hard. Outside stresses can put a damper on our relationship if we let it. Sometimes we take things too serious....

Is Anal Sex Dangerous?

Just how dangerous is anal sex? What are the risks? Let's have a lighthearted look at the reality and put things into perspective. ARE...

How to Kiss like Casanova!

Let's face it, so many guys are terrible kissers and that is a real shame. Oh, by the way, these tips also apply to girl-on-girl kissing...

Love is the best thing in life

I have had strong feelings in relationships that were not love. Love is different. I view love as an extreme form of attachment...

Sexuality "Seen Through My Eyes"

Sexuality and sex are two different things. Sex is the actual act of intercourse, whereas sexuality is the sexual feeling and sexual...

Spreading Love and Happiness makes me Happy!

Today at school, I spread lots of love and happy. We handed out Valentine's day chocolates and wished people a happy Valentine's. We...

Can you be official without having slept together?

I am in the very early stages of dating but we do go really well together. So I am wondering can you declare that you are official and...

Pretty sure im straight why can I only get off to lesbian porn and keep dreaming about women?

lol the title says it all. I’m very much attracted to men but it’s the personality that matters the most me. Ever since I first started...

Girls, do any of you actually enjoy giving head?

Is it something you really look forward to doing? Or actually ask to do (without your partner asking for you to do it to them)

Why you shouldn’t wish to be a identical twin?

I’ve made a list, that’s how bad it is for me and some others I bet. 1. You’re referred to as the twins 2. The guessing names game...

Are fat labia unattractive?

I have fat labia and I do find them unattractive and embarrassing

Do you find insecurity or confidence to be more sexually arousing?

To clarify, "confident" doesn't refer to arrogance.

Would you like or dislike getting head while playing video games?

I’ve always wanted to do it and give my boyfriend head when he’s gaming, but I also don’t want to be annoying. I know some people have...

Would u care if someone screws ur corpse?

lol i asked a necrophilia question and some girl said its rape... LOL, thats all i can say... i jus think its ridiculous to call it rape...

Would you rather?

Have a man with a really small dick that lasts a long time or the perfect sized dick that nuts in under a minute? Size is in relation...

At what age did you see your first Erect Penis And made him ejaculate?

I am very curious as are girls probably even more so

Would anyone here participate in necrophilia?

im talking dead body intercourse... imagine its at some morgue and u have a 3 hour shift where no one comes in and there's no cameras,...

Girls: swim team shaving advice needed?

I just joined a mostly female swim team and they want to have a “shaving party.” Does this mean I will be expected to get naked? I told...