The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

The Oppression of Male Sex Drive and Male Depression

A picture says a million words. This one says only two: Why exactly is it, that men become a bit desperate and strange after being in a...

Women's Top 8 Points of Pleasure

Men's Top 10 Points of Pleasure You can also browse the post. A great sexual relationship has many benefits to your life. And to make...

Men's Top 10 Points of Pleasure

Great foreplay is a must for perfect sexual intercourse. So it is very useful to know the points of pleasure. Especially if you pay...

Stop donating sperm

I think men should stop donating their sperm for a couple of reasons. 1. You should be getting paid for it. right now sperm banks would...

My personal experience with virtual sex (sexting, sex cam, 3D animation sex): 10 years experience.

Hello folks. I am sure most of you tried out virtual sex, at least once, and wile some of you find it entertaining, others don't...

Nipple Orgasm: Can It Really Be Done, Worth Trying?

Do you know that some women, or even some men, can have orgasms by nipple stimulation? Perhaps you have such a talent, but so far you...

Waiting to get to know you?

Lets see if y'all can keep up with my pace😜💯

Guys, what makes you turn on?

Can be anything, just let me know

Would you love to have a girlfriend who’s a massage therapist?😉?

I’m studying to be a massage therapist. Do you think guys would be more excited about that? Knowing that I’d be giving my massages, and...

Hey I am 24 years old and I have only been with 3 woman?

I suffer from low self esteem my last partner left me because my penis was to small i feel like i will forever be single

Ideal Physical Specimen - What Does Your Perfect Physical Mate Look Like?

This is for guys and girls, but with slightly different options. Simply answer each of the following questions and describe whatever...

Do you know if clitoral hood piercings help make it easier to orgasm if it’s hard to orgasm due to a mostly covered clitoris?

I want to get one does anyone have one and has it helped you to orgasm easier if your clit is mostly covered by the hood?

Can You Tell After First Meeting Someone If You're Sexually Attracted To Them?

Can you tell after you've met someone for the first time if you're sexually attracted to them? Or does it take time? What are the...

Do you think there are sexy and unsexy names?

What are some sexy names you know and some unsexy one too?

If you somehow ended up bottomless in public, would you find it more embarrassing if you were shaven or unshaven (or equally)?

On one hand, being shaven would expose more of your genitals, which could be embarrassing. On the other hand, it's socially unacceptable...

Is it wrong to watch porn when you’re dating someone?

So basically, do you find it ok for your significant other watching porn (to cum/to get turned on by porn stars) or do you think their...

During the past month, have you lost any sleep due to your sexual libido, or no?

Maybe you masturbated or had sex instead of sleeping, or couldn't sleep due to sexual fantasies/tension/frustration. Or maybe there were...

Is my friends with benefits just f-ing me or making love to me?

When we hooked up the other day, he kept calling me beautiful, sexy, hot. Then he’d tell me how much he likes my body. He wanted me to...

Have You Ever Found a Friend or Relative on Pornhub?

Pornhub (where anyone can be a porn star) has thousands of users uploading photos and videos of themselves on a daily basis. If you...

If a guy who has a girlfriend wants to have sex with another girl does he think she’s prettier than his gf?

If he has a girlfriend why would he want to sleep with another girl?

Girls: How much money could you stand to make?

I’ve asked this before, but different faces. You are clit teased and brought to the edge of orgasm and held there at the brink,...