'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I

This is the first in an interview-style series of articles I will be writing. I enjoy analyzing life, talking with people about their...

Why Women Shouldn't Be Self Conscious About How Tight Their Vagina Is

First of all, every vagina is different. There is no such thing as a vagina that feels the same. Every sexual experience is unique and...

The 'Open Fly' Paradigm-- An Exploration of Public Indecency

I'm a women in her early 20's and recently I've taken an interest in the 'open fly' paradigm. That is, I find it fascinating to observe...

Exploring your sexuality! Why is this only acceptable when talking about the LGBT+ group?

I read an article yesterday which discussed a lesbian and a woman who were best friends get married. They moved from Canada to Berlin...

Seduce Me Last Story

Seduce Me #9 On a pulsating afternoon, I'd have killed for a cold drink, from Victor Nebraska no less but not this time. "I think I'm...

My thoughts on little Nas X's "Satan Shoes" and his song "Montero" (Call Me By Your Name).

I'm kind of late to the party, but I just wanted to get my thoughts on the gay rapper little Nas X out. By now, you probably already...

'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II

This is a continuation of: 'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I Since...

How does marriage benefit a man?

Yes they will get a few tax breaks but other than that... seriously how does it benefit a man?

I am 23. Do you think it is normal I have the desire to have sex with a 37 year old man?

By the way I have met this man in real life face to face. He is not somebody online

What stimulation or in what in ways can we make a guy cum faster?

If a guy can control when he will ejaculate, what could you recommend to stimulate him and make cum faster to the point he can't control...

Sex toys in bed, yay or nay?

In my humble opinion, very yay.

How should I tell my girlfriend that I enjoy giving her oral?

Ok, so my girlfriend has told me that she doesn’t like doing deep throat onto me because it is too big but she doesn’t mind giving other...

What was your first time having sex like?

Just curious to find out whether it's a good or bad memory for you.

Guys, is it okay if your girlfriend wants sex 1-2 times a week?

I’ve seen men say this is too little, but I don’t know why it’s considered that way. I’ve seen some men can do it daily and I don’t...

I don t enjoy sex with my husband. I really need a good sex with someone?

Am i a bad person? I really need some good sex. It s been 10 years i was faking it all the time. One day i told him he was nervous but...

Do women who express their ravishment fantasy hurt the Me Too movement?

A ravishment fantasy is a sexual fantasy involving imagining or pretending being coerced or coercing another into sexual activity. In...

Is it possible to think about sex so much that now you’re desensitized to it?

I literally feel like I’m an asexual now. I rather have friends than be romantically/sexually involved.

How long do you last in bed?

Not including breaks or time to recover. Pure pumping until you orgasm, how long do you typically last without a condom, penis-in-vagina?

She squirted non stop for 2 hours last night. Do you agree that squirting is not pee?

She was squirting 3 feet in the air when i fingered her. She was squirting for 2 hours. This isn't pee. You don't pee for 2 hours right?

Do you enjoy when you fuck with a new person?

What do you like when doing it with a new person?

Should sexual advances be initiated on the first date if the chemistry and attraction level is highif ?

If yes what qualities of guy/girl warrants sexual advances on the first date. If no why is abstaining so important to your image?