Ten signs you may have internalized misandry without knowing it

Alright I feel like this isn't mentioned enough, even among us feminists 1. You believe the idea that real men don't cry and/or have...
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Penis Size in Bed: What Do Women REALLY Think?

Why this matters: The male penis as depicted in paintings over the past seven centuries has steadily increased in size , especially...
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Circumcised Penises and Your Chances of Getting Laid

Yesterday, someone asked me whether I thought men with circumcised penises had a better chance of getting women than those who were...
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Types of Trolls

1. THE POLITICAL ONE This is a very common type of troll is someone whose constantly trying to stir up drama and stir the pot over...
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Girls, Why penis girth matters unlike breasts.

Why is it important: I’m a guy who has a Thin Girth and I can confidently say that men my size feel hopeless because girth is really...

Fake Alpha Males vs "Real" Alpha Males Cheat Sheet

Editorial note: this post isn't meant to be a definitive statement on whether or not humans can be sorted into "alpha" versus "not...
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Physical Intimacy Is Not About Body Parts

There tends to be so much focus on body parts. What do you believe might be the reason for that? Let’s say you buy a huge mansion to...
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Why do people get addicted to porn?

I seriously would like someone to try to explain it to me. I just don't understand. I have watched porn here and there, but the vast...
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Girls, At what age did you start wearing a training bra?

My 8 (almost 9) yr old has been dying to wear a training bra. Mostly because her friends do. They're all flat chested girls about the...

What is low budget satisfaction 😜 for guys 😉?

Doll 😂 Hand 👏 Male friend Self-control

Do you like hot tubs?

I’m definitely a fan. Especially on a cold day
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Why it feels so good to have sex with a married woman?

I don't feel that way with other women

How come women can't give a description on "What is a woman"?

Seems like if you talk with school officials and health providers or any progressive leftist and ask them to describe "What is a woman"...

Why do guys hear that a girl say she's on pill they want to go bare and cum inside?

I've gone out with some good guys but when we wanted to have sex and they heard I was on pill they all wanted to go bare and finish in...

Guys, which is the LEAST sexiest out of these bras?

I am trying to give up two to three. Which are the least sexiest?

How long is too long to go without having sex (when in a relationship)?

Hey everyone, so my boyfriend and I are having some issues with our relationship and sex. We live an hour and a half drive away from...

Agree or Disagree: Italian women oftentimes make one of the most sexually attractive MILFs and Cougars?

I've seen a lot of Italian and Italian-American women in their 50s and even early 60s still looking sexually attractive for their age.

Is it okay to be sleeping with another girl meanwhile on a break from my girlfriend?

My girlfriend said she needed a break from our relationship so I started sleeping with my neighbor as I live in an apartment so we...
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I have to reject a girl I had sex with, which way is better to reject her gently?

She is a girl I know, a friend, not someone I ever dated. We had sex and after it she became clingy. I told her I didn't like her that...
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Guys, would you share your fears / what terrifies you with just any woman or a woman you're potentially interested in? YOU HAVE JUST MET?

We've JUST MET. Personally, I wouldn't tell anyone just met what I'm terrified of unless I've got verbal diarrhea & don't know how to...

How young is too young for a very young adult woman to have a sexual relationship with a 27 year old man?

While by law (in the US at least), the minimum legal consenting age is 18, society looks at age gaps as big as even 7 years as awkward...
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Is it okay to date a friend of your ex (let me explain first before you judge me)?

I was drinking at a bar and was only there because I have the rest of the week off due to Thanksgiving. I was there alone and just...
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Does pregnant pussy feel different?

For guys that have had sex with a pregnant woman. Does her pusssy feel different compared to when she's not pregnant?
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