"Man VS Dildo"! myTake Why A Man Will Win Hands Down!

This is to show that even tho I did a myTake yesterday Why Women Prefer A Dildo , I know and realize having sex and being in a...

Love is the best thing in life

I have had strong feelings in relationships that were not love. Love is different. I view love as an extreme form of attachment...

Sexuality "Seen Through My Eyes"

Sexuality and sex are two different things. Sex is the actual act of intercourse, whereas sexuality is the sexual feeling and sexual...

Spreading Love and Happiness makes me Happy!

Today at school, I spread lots of love and happy. We handed out Valentine's day chocolates and wished people a happy Valentine's. We...

What You Don't Know About Gender Disphoria

So many children these days seem to be confused about their gender. And their 'woke' parents, desiring to support them, exacerbate the...

Mytake On Why Men Prefer A Fleshlight

Disclaimer: This is meant in fun and Idea born from @Brainsbeforebeauty Mytake Mytake On Why Women Prefer A Dildo. A Sunday funday. Not...

Mytake On Why Women Prefer A Dildo.

Disclaimer: This is meant in fun and Idea born from @luarieluvsit Mytake MyTake on why guys prefer to room with dogs :) So please don't...

My girlfriend told me that overall I'm not the best partner she ever had and I can't seem to deal with it and can't even make love anymore. What should I do?

So.. my bad.. I actually made my girlfriend confess that overall I'm her second best partner in her entire life (she's 28). I thought...

What is one of the things a girl does that turns guys on the most?

An act or body part or the way she does something? What turns u guys on about your girlfriend, or women in general

Do you guys believe in friends with benefits?

Tbh i never got that type of friends so

How do I feel comfortable with my body before having sex?

Let me explain, the boy I’m with is really into me and we haven’t had sex yet. I’d really like to, but I’m nervous. I’m not perfect. I’m...

Can men and women be just friends?

I'm watching when Harry met Sally, do you guys agree with the fact that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets...

First time seeing a partner naked?

Whether you are on your first or 10th or even further there is one thing you will probably never forget. The first time you saw your...

What does it mean if a guy wants to fuck you instead of marry or kill you in MFK?

You know the game MARRY FUCK KILL? What does it mean if out of the 3 girls he chooses to fuck you instead of marry you or kill you?

Does the night makes you horny?

When are you more horny? At night or in the morning?

ADULT SURVEY: Should GAG have a limited access "Adult's Only" category based on question, myTake and image content?

I know this question has been asked before, but it bares repeating as it is much needed, maybe even for some current allowable content....

What it is better a big cock or a regular cock?

Do you prefer big or average cock?

Would you wear what your partner wanted you to wear in bed if it's comfortable?

Only talking about sleepwear in this question If your partner wanted you to wear something to bed that was comfortable and won't...

What body type are you most attracted to?

This is purely out of my own curiosity to see what body type is the most popular. However, I'm not for body shaming. I think everyone...

Is it an accomplishment to take someones virginity?

I don't know why I asked this lol, I just did for the lolz. So what do YOU think? Hmm?

Do you like to spank, be spanked, neither or both?

Feel free to comment any details if your heart desires.

Will it cause pregnancy?

Had sex on 4th day of my periods.. we were using condom but it slipped, we noticed it after a minute or two.. he didn't came inside me.....