"Sex"Game Night. Ways To Get Your Game On.

Relationships can be hard. Outside stresses can put a damper on our relationship if we let it. Sometimes we take things too serious....

Clitoral stimulation techniques for intense orgasms

There are many guides and techniques you can find online and through personal experienced, so I figured, why not share mine as well. I...

Why is porn legal?

The whole reason that porn is legal is because Sigmund Frued at the turn of the century proved that sexual suppression is bad. They did...

"Slogan Fails" The Best Of The Worst Part II

Yesterday, I did 4 takes covering product and business name fails. And one take on slogan fails. This is part 2, more slogan fails. Hope...

"Slogan Fails" The Best Of The Worst

So, I did 4 mytakes on epic fail product and business names, but this take covers the best of the not so best slogans. Either someone...

"Epic Advertising Fails" Part IIII More Business Name Blunders

Did you "really" think I'd stop at 3? Why have a threesome, if you can have a foursome 😁😂 This is part 4 in the series of advertising...

"Epic Advertising Fails"Part III Business Names Blunders

As promised, here is the third take of advertising blunders. I covered food products and household Items in Takes I and II This take...

Is it okay to ask a guy I don't know that well to hookup at his place?

Is it ok to ask a guy i don t know that well to hook up at his place? I m not concerned 4 my wellbeing. I just don t want to seem...

What do you think was going through people's mind when they thought spanking was okay?

Just thinking about this openly this involves taking a child's clothes off exposing them nude and hitting them? But punching an adult or...

What do you do if you have to work but your scared of Covid-19?

I’m extremely irritated at my employers. I work at a restaurant with 150 employees, most of whom got laid off due to Covid-19. My first...

Girls, got any dirty secret to share?

You can pm me too if you don’t wanna share in general. Just curious to know...😉😉😉

If there were a guy that you love, but he has a foot fetish so he likes you to go everywhere barefoot for the time you're with him, what'd you do?

That guy is a men of your dreams. He is tall, handsome, caring and smart. You love him and he likes you too. Hovewer, That guy has a...

What are your thoughts on prostitution?

I've always had a love hate relationship with the concept of prostitution. On one hand I support legalizing it since A it would keep...

Which celebrity would you like to have sex with? ?

which celebrity would you like to have sex with?

Tips making cum taste better?

Any tips on how to make your cum taste better/good?

Are love and relationships dead?

Seems like nowadays sex is top priority. Home & Family seems to be less important and sex, fun, no titles, spontaneity seem to be more...

Are lesbian porn and lesbian sex related?

Does watching lesbian porn make girls want to try girl-on-girl sex? I don't think so but I'm not a girl so how would I know?

When a girl squirts, is it pee or something else?

I've heard so many different answers and it's confusing which answer is right. I'm not bothered by squirting and personally it's a turn...

Guys, 🍆What’s your size?

I’m about 7-8 inches long and thick. 7 inches along the top non bone pressed. 7.5 inches bone pressed and 8 inches bone pressed along...

Have you ever watched a movie/show just because one of the actors/actresses was hot?

I might watch Teen Wolf just because Colton Haynes is hot. Have you ever done something similar?