Fetish Mining - What it is and Why it's disgusting

If you're a girl on the internet (or someone who has been mistaken for a girl) it's very likely that you, at some point, have been a...

The homophobe in its natural habitat

Whats up people of this site? You have some trash that needs to put on the blast furnace. So im here to deliver.😊 The first thing...

How my girlfriend helped me improve our sex life

My girlfriend and I have been together for 5yrs. We life together and we are generally a very happy couple. However, our sex life was...

Sexual connection is different than emotional connection

Specially for women there are two types of connection. Sexual and emotional. Sexual connection just based on looks and attitude. If a...

A Teenager's Thoughts When Seeing A Penis For The First Time

So, hi. I really don't know how to start this first MyTake, neither I know why I decided to share this experience with you, dear G@G...

My Trouble with Doing The Right Thing.

At the age of 23 with two other small relationships under my belt I began dating a 30 yo women. After four weeks she was pregnant, after...

My Decision to Stay Single and a Virgin for the Rest of my Life.

When most people experience attraction towards each other, they go with the flow, get to know each other and have a relationship along...

Obsessed with it?

Okay last two weeks I'm feeling super horny. Like everything turns me on. We are having sex about 4 days a week with my boyfriend but...

How do I tell someone im interested after rejecting them?

Last week a friend from work invited me over to have dinner and hangout. It was all pretty chill and we were just sitting on the couch...

Why do girls love their phone so much?

why dont they turn it on vibrate and shove it up their vaginas

Cigarettes and coffee oh, do you love em?

nicotine, the active chemical in tobacco cigarettes a strong activation of the areas in your brain that are triggered during sexual...

Paid Online Services?

I am going through some financial hardships and need to make money online. I want to be an online friend and also an online girlfriend...

Why am I single and virgin?

I am single even if i tried to make a girlfriend but most of the girls have a boyfriend and it s sucks a lot. I haven t even get a date....

What is considered good pussy/ dick?

If there is such thing what is consider bad pussy/ dick?

How would you feel if you found out that your partner used to sleep with one of their close friends?

They were never in a relationship with this person, they just used to sleep with them before they met you.

Women or Men who are more in control of there lust?

I think its women. I had this weird relationship with a female colleague a while back, we liked each other and started to make out, we...

Girls, are you a pillow princess?

A pillow princess is essentially a girl that likes to only receive head in the bedroom. Like specifically oral sex done to them, and...

Guys like boobs or ass?

So previously i thought guys prefer ass more but then i was watching a poll vdo where many guys went for boobs... What do you actually like?

Can the Holy Ghost successfully teach people who struggle with sexual immorality how to overcome it and reach entrance into sexual morality?

Do you think that the Holy Ghost can help people enter into sexual morality by maintaining a remnant sexual morality and overcome...

Would you play with a small dick?

Have you ever been with a guy having a small cock? Was that a deal-breaker?

Dominant or submissive?

which one would you prefer your partner to be?