The Economically-Motivated Language of Seduction Employing Masculinity as Body Capital

So I'd like to share something with you. (I like dance. That's the main reason.) Now at first glance this may look, on the surface, like...

Differences between sensual and vulgar, risqué and pornography

This won't be long. This Take is inspired by some recent talks I've had with some users on here about this kind of photography and the...

The Cultural Consequences of Society's Failure to Reject Transgenderism

Introduction Transgenderism is the belief that someone can be the gender opposite their sex. The justification proffered for this...

Male Sexuality Part I: Disassociation Theory & the Lure of Transactional Sex

I think this is going to be the beginning of a series I will do on sexuality. It's an interesting subject to me, and I now feel I am...

"Gotta Keep Em Cummin"... Sex Jokes

Yep, I'm "at it again".... Kinda like the Energizer Bunny of sex joke takes 🤣 Ready to get your laugh on?.... ROSES ARE RED, LEMONS...

Why I gave up masturbating

When I gave up masturbating I didn't think I could handle the relentless urge of my sexual desires and some days they feel overwhelming....

The Cult That Is the Christian Evangelist Movement

As some of you know, I do call myself a Christian. I believe in God. I do pray. I do know the Bible and have read a lot of it throughout...

What would you do if you hired a prostitute and she started crying?

Let's say you hired a 19 year old prostitute to have sex with but when you put your dick inside her she whimpers and then she starts...

Girl, if you were raped, would you refuse to go to trial if the rapist offered $30 million for you to not tell?

A very rich person who I am mutual friends with was able to do this apparently. (I am not his friend though)

This is Lilly she just turned 19?

This is Lilly she just turned 19 can she please get a happy birthday from everyone

What makes men submissive?

Is it because they've tiny dicks

How do I tell him that I wasn't wet enough during sex?

So I'm 17 turning 18 in 3 months me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time and I bled but just a little and then we had sex again...

Can guys feel it when a girl sits on their legs?

Do guys feel heat and moisture of my vagina when i sit on their legs?

Do you think the majority of non-black girls protesting for Black lives matter. are mainly doing it because they think black cocks matter more?

because they either have or want a black boyfriend / hookup due to the stereotype. from porn and media that black guys have bigger dicks...

Would you like this to be done to you as well and if you've done this before or had this done to you how did it feel?

I would love to give a guy a bj while he's driving and ofc finger a girl while she's driving as well (not at the same time duh🙄). Would...

What is sex to you?

What does Sex mean to you?

Are you 100% honest with your doctors about your sexual life?

Sometimes I still get a little bit embarrassed when talking to my gynaecologist about my sexual life. Especially when he asks me about...

Have you sent a dick pic to a stranger? or have you received one?

Have you sent a dick pic to someone you’re not seeing? Also, what do you get out of it if you have?

Where should the cum go?

Its always a question during climax😜😜.. Where should cum go.. Mouth.. Throat.. Face.. Boobs.. Booty.. In Ass.. Vagina.. Or you can...

If they were free, would you get breast implants or support your partner getting them?

If they were free, ladies would you get breast implants? Any size you want, fully covered costs. Guys, would you support your lady...

Guys, is it annoying when a girl hooks her legs around your back during missionary?

Is it too restrictive to your movement or does it feel good?

Guys, have you ever watched gay porn?

Come on. Would not watch it, if it is two hot sexy men? Sexy is Sexy, the gender does not matter much

Do you look at masturbating as more maintenance, or inspiration?

I know every person is probably doing a combination of the above, but if you had to choose one, which is the more common scenario?...