10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think

WARNING: This MyTake contains imagery depicting historic sex acts and sexual artifacts, as well as accounts of historic sex acts. Some...

Casual Sex: Men vs Women

It's been discussed before and it stays a difficult subject. Casual sex is becoming more normal every day, yet peoples visions on this...

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

Introduction: I'm writing this myTake to give women a heads up on what types of men to avoid as Boyfriends and especially a husband. In...

The masculine sexuality, women behavior nowadays and the need for a soft but important revolution on sexual concepts

The masculine sexuality, women behavior nowadays and the need for a soft but important revolution on sexual concepts Hi all, and nice...

Girls Ask Guys is not rated PG

If you notice, some material may be inapporpiate for chidren under 13 and I would argue gag goes one step further, under 17 requires...

Why is casual sex and high partner count more damaging to women as opposed to men? Also, what is the link between casual sex and marriage?

For a long time, there has been speculations over the effects of casual sex and partner count on both the sexes. Speculations included a...

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder AND it matters how a package is wrapped... sometimes

I have noticed here on GAG that a lot of controversy goes on over full figured women being called ugly, fat, overweight, gorgeous,...

Why it is much easier to have sex with someone you don't love than someone you love?

Maybe I have a twisted view, but with someone I don't love there's no anxiety, no fear of their judgment, no second guessing. What...

What does it mean when he asked me whose dick is this during sex?

My boyfriend and I were having sex and he asked me "whose dick is this?" during sex. Was he reassuring me he's not cheating? And usually...

How should I ask my friend, his wife and my wife for a swapping activity?

How can I ask them so four of us are in the same bed?

Girls, Do you edge when masturbating to make the feeling of the building up to orgasm last longer?

I have discovered edging lately when I masturbate and I absolutely love it. It delays my orgasm and I can last for ages. I'm also...

Have you ever put a candle inside a girls pussy?

A friend of mine did it yesterday to me and it was amazing. He even lit it. I was on my back, with ankles near my head:))

Girls, How intense is the pleasure that you get when you masturbate?

How satisfying do you find masturbation? How often do you do it?