Getting a Bilateral Salpingectomy at the age of 23

I have thinking about not having kids for a long, long time. I started researching sterilization when I was 18. Unfortunately my parents...

The reasons why I think most of women don't want to get too sexually comfortable with long term boyfriend or husband.

Reason 1: Because it's forever. Let's face it. If I down down on my husband and he enjoys it which he of course will, what you think is...

A moment's pleasure. A lifetime's stress?

Currently, an astonishing 45 percent of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States each year are unintended. Every year, millions of...

"WETDAY" Wednesday Sex Jokes

Yep, it's that time again... Time for more sex... Jokes.... And according to my calendar, it's WETDAY... If you don't have someone to...

10 Things That Aren't So Prideful If You Think About It (Part 1)

10 Things That Aren't So Prideful If U Think Hard: Feminism alert. No hate speech would be tolerated. Because you've been warned, duh....

Lesbianism: Answering your potential questions about it

By now, everyone knows that the LGBT+ community exists. You see it all around you in these times, from media to your local city. As a...
At Home

For guys who are concerned about lasting longer in bed!

So, for the guys who want to fuck a lady like for hours. Calm down buddies. She is also a human. And she doesn't want you to pound her...

How do men become cuckold?

like seriously if you break all my 206 bones and tear every muscle apart and cut my every blood vessel and vaporize the last drop of my...

Why is the world overrun by whiney beta males?

So many men now demand to be treated like women and complain about displaying masculinity. My male friends from boomer and gen ex eras...

I want to fuck my man all the time?

Why do men lose interest or don’t have an interest at all in fucking their partner?

What are things that turn you on?

I mean, what are some of the things that let’s say, if you were reading a book or just minding your own business that your s/o can do to...

Would you describe this situation as rape?

A boyfriend always wants to have sex so he insists that his girlfriend should have sex with him. The only option is car. He forces the...

Dominant or submissive?

I’m submissive I used to take turns but I love being thrown around

Have you NEVER given a woman an orgasm?

It's often quoted that many women struggle to orgasm and some have never had the pleasure. It's therefore reasonable to conclude that...

Am I bisexual if I enjoy sucking cock and anal but not the man himself?

I only enjoy the object of a cock such as sucking and taking it up my bum , but I would not enjoy kissing a man or ever date one. Would...

Which of these types of girls attracts u the most?

This question is for everyone who's into girls romantically or sexually

Do you think it is strange I think penises look ugly?

I looked online at many penises pictures and I did not see any I found appealing.

Are women who deny men fruitful sex but seek to tame his semen with condom usage to blame for sexual disunity?

Do you think many women who opt for fruitless sex over fruitful sex realize that they are emasculating men by having them use condoms?...

GaG boob survey?

Just for research purposes 😂😂😂😂 Let's see how ladies fair up.

Is it normal I imagine my love interest moving his penis back and forth to the beat?

When I listen to a certain song, I imagine the guy I’m in love with holding his penis and moving it back and forth to the beat.