The Economically-Motivated Language of Seduction Employing Masculinity as Body Capital

So I'd like to share something with you. (I like dance. That's the main reason.) Now at first glance this may look, on the surface, like...

Differences between sensual and vulgar, risqué and pornography

This won't be long. This Take is inspired by some recent talks I've had with some users on here about this kind of photography and the...

The Cultural Consequences of Society's Failure to Reject Transgenderism

Introduction Transgenderism is the belief that someone can be the gender opposite their sex. The justification proffered for this...

Male Sexuality Part I: Disassociation Theory & the Lure of Transactional Sex

I think this is going to be the beginning of a series I will do on sexuality. It's an interesting subject to me, and I now feel I am...

"Gotta Keep Em Cummin"... Sex Jokes

Yep, I'm "at it again".... Kinda like the Energizer Bunny of sex joke takes 🤣 Ready to get your laugh on?.... ROSES ARE RED, LEMONS...

Why I gave up masturbating

When I gave up masturbating I didn't think I could handle the relentless urge of my sexual desires and some days they feel overwhelming....

The Cult That Is the Christian Evangelist Movement

As some of you know, I do call myself a Christian. I believe in God. I do pray. I do know the Bible and have read a lot of it throughout...

I matched with a girl on tinder and she almost immediately started getting very sexual and it has turned me off? Should we still meet?

So I matched with this girl, and she very quickly wanted to switch to text, and almost immediately started sending me nudes after that....

Does this make you think twice about bragging/ lying bout the size of your penis?

Stop wasting your time bragging bout how big and impressive your junk is. The first thing that pops in our heads when a guy brags bout...

If a man ejaculates too soon in a female dominate sex position who's fault is it?

In female dominate positions such as cowgirl where she is in control of the pace of sex, able to ride him as fast and as hard as she...

How do guys expect you to be good at the sex without having sex before hand?

Or to quote the wizard looking guy behind McDonalds "sometimes you have to bust a few nuts to be a god in bed"

Why do I desire a raw dog cream pie yet dont want kids?

It’s like two entities live inside my brain

What are you wearing at home during this pandemic?

with my partner and I working from home, we do not go out all that often (only on weekends to grab takeouts) i felt like i wanted to be...

I don't get it! Transgenders um help?

So I'm very educated on the LGBT community or just gay people in general. I'm not against it. I support it. But I don't support children...

If a drunk man and a drunk woman have sex is it no ones fault or both's fault?

there are only two answers to this question. Its either no one's fault or its the fault of both. That's it. If two drunk people crash...

How would you react to discovering a family member was obsessed with incest porn?

This question is mostly for girls bit feel free to chip in guys. Like it or not pornsites like pornhub contain a lot of incest fantasy...

Is testosterone the sole reason men are much hornier than women and obsessed with sex/are thirsty and pathetic?

“In men, testosterone is mainly produced in the testes. In women'sbodies, testosterone is produced in the ovaries, adrenal glands, fat...

Does sex really feel better without a condom?

I’m curious about the ladies but guys can vote too.

What should I wear to bed at my boyfriend's for our first sleep over?

Me and my boyfriend are planning a sleepover soon, but I'm a little nervous we're not going to have sex and I'm not sure what to wear i...

If someone paid you, would you be their cuddle buddy with no sex?

I just want to pay someone to be my cuddle buddy with no sex.