Women: How Do You Feel When A Man Is Being An Asshole To Another Man?

My answer to a recent question about "toxic masculinity" inspired this, which my answer was in turn inspired by real life events and...

Intentionally Having Fatherless Children is A Selfish Act

My sister recently had a baby with a gang banger. Why have a baby with a druggie? She said that she didn't really need a father to be...

Why Women in the Dating Pool are Going Their Own Way (WGTOW)

We have all heard about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Not many people discuss the rise of WGTOW (Women Going Their Own Way). In...

What The F*ck 101: "I Believe Tara Reade, but I Will Still Vote for Joe Biden."

I am a registered Democrat, since age 18, but have actually never voted in my life. Even when I've supported many democratic politicians...

Storytime about my first time. Self reflection and opinion gathering.

I've lost my virginity over one year ago. This story has been bugging me ever since, so I decided to write about it to make my thoughts...

Trying to make sense of modesty

Recently I've seen there is an interesting debate on if modesty is even important or relevant anymore. To get view points more guided to...

The One Board Game That Could Improve Your Relationship

So I want to tell you about this board game. It used to be called 'A Hot Affair', and I think it's been slightly rebranded now to be...

Guy's, if you believe girls are such horrible and evil creatures then why do you want to have sex with them?

I see guys on here complaining about not having sex or dating, but in the same paragraph they will say girls are b+tchs, hoes, evil,...

What is one consensual sexual experience you regret having?

Do you ever look back and regret one or more of your sexual experiences? If so, which is the single biggest regret?

Do You Ever Take Sexy Selfies?

I know how much everyone HATES selfies but I figured this would be an interesting debate... You don't have to agree BUT respect all...

What should I do?

I have never had sex before and my friend says she is gonna "get me dick" tomorrow, now the other night she pretty much made my other...

Is it normal for guys to not want to do much beyond orgasm to pleasure their girl?

So my fiance loves sex. Okay. Most people in a relationship do, myself included. But when I want something simple like a light leg or...

My Husband mentioned had a “serious talk with me last night “ trying to explain how I gained some weight and that if it’s possible I should lose it?

Is my husband being rude? Shouldn’t he love me the way I am, he told me I still love you the way you are don’t take it the wrong way but...

A 15 year old girl wanna fck me?

what to do if a 15 year girl is so interested in u nd wanna fck u?

Do you agree with Liberals that White men invented rape?

Just another Liberal galaxy brain right there: Expectation: Liberals will create a better world with tolerance, fairness and...

Guys, do you like the sensation of soft hands and gentle fingers on your shaft? Girls, Do you like the feeling of your hands wrapped around a dick?

Me personally I have an oral fixation, so I am constantly trying to do oral stuff over everything else I am well acquainted with the...

Big butt and big thighs: Turn on or turn off?

So guys what do you think?

Received this as a gift (they browsed my amazon browsing history 🤓) Where in the world can I wear this other than to a brothel , or is that it😕?

Of course I ♥️ it stylistically.. That is why I was dying it months ago. The _reason_ I never bought it is bc it’s 💯 not practical....

Why would a guy want me to keep count on how many times I cum for him?

Guys the guy I'm having sex with we exploring having fun. In attracted to him and his attracted to me. He always tell me :'Do me a...