Getting a Bilateral Salpingectomy at the age of 23

I have thinking about not having kids for a long, long time. I started researching sterilization when I was 18. Unfortunately my parents...

A moment's pleasure. A lifetime's stress?

Currently, an astonishing 45 percent of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States each year are unintended. Every year, millions of...

"WETDAY" Wednesday Sex Jokes

Yep, it's that time again... Time for more sex... Jokes.... And according to my calendar, it's WETDAY... If you don't have someone to...

10 Things That Aren't So Prideful If You Think About It (Part 1)

10 Things That Aren't So Prideful If U Think Hard: Feminism alert. No hate speech would be tolerated. Because you've been warned, duh....

Lesbianism: Answering your potential questions about it

By now, everyone knows that the LGBT+ community exists. You see it all around you in these times, from media to your local city. As a...
At Home

For guys who are concerned about lasting longer in bed!

So, for the guys who want to fuck a lady like for hours. Calm down buddies. She is also a human. And she doesn't want you to pound her...

"SUCKDAY" Sunday Sex Jokes (18+content)

Checking my calendar, it's " that time" again.... So going by the day it is thought we'd keep it more oral.... So without further ado,...

Relationships and masturbation?

Would it bother you if your parter preferred to masturbate from time to time, instead of having sex?

Can a girl in her 20s have great sex with a guy in his 40s?

So I'm in my 40s. I've been hooking up with a girl thats 24. She said it the best sex she's ever had. she's always dated young athletes...

Will Guys Wait for Marriage to Have Sex If That's What She Wants?

just curious haha note: im not really 33, so yes this question is relevant

How should men make their move?

It's hard to initiate sex with women nowadays as men dont wanna come a cross as a creep or perv and cause an awkward moment specially as...

If you sleep with someone and the first time isn’t good would you tell them?

If you have sex with someone for the first time and they aren’t good, would you tell them that they’re not good and how to improve or...

How do you heal after your partner has severely broken your trust?

My boyfriend hid a porn addiction from me for a year, and it's completely broken our trust. I can't do anything sexual with him without...

Would you ever have sex with a girl while on her period?

Do guys not care about period sex or is that something men only do when they love a woman?

How do I deal with this?

So basically I'm horny outta my mind and quarantine isn't helping at all. When I was out at like college and shit I didn't really have...

Have you heard of the new dating trend "WOKEFISH" where shady men are pretending to be progressive on apps?

Yes, horny guys are using progressivism as a virtual pickup line. Read the full article below.

Do men who refuse to wear masks do so because they see it as emasculating and is it akin to them wearing condoms? If you think about it, men often...

Guys are you cut or uncut? Answer Anonymous if your prefer and Girls do you have a preference? Pls say what country you're from?

It's a very personal question so please answer Anonymously if you prefer. I have always been curious about the percentage. I always...

Do you like to be barefoot?

I can only stand being barefoot for maybe 5-10 minutes before my feet start to feel gross.

Would it be a deal breaker if you do not agree with your partner on how many kids to have?

My husband wants more kids. He won't sleep with me or have sex anymore.

Anyone else enjoy pulling the tampon out?

There goes my reputation for quality content ✌🏼 #OddlySatisfying

Women, what would you do if your boyfriend asked you to finger him?

Let's say that your boyfriend asked you could you finger his butt hole and even asking could you use toys with it because he doesn't...

Can Polyamorous relationship take off?

Monogamous has been there always. Poligym has been there newly formed is Polymourous