The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

The Oppression of Male Sex Drive and Male Depression

A picture says a million words. This one says only two: Why exactly is it, that men become a bit desperate and strange after being in a...

Women's Top 8 Points of Pleasure

Men's Top 10 Points of Pleasure You can also browse the post. A great sexual relationship has many benefits to your life. And to make...

Men's Top 10 Points of Pleasure

Great foreplay is a must for perfect sexual intercourse. So it is very useful to know the points of pleasure. Especially if you pay...

Stop donating sperm

I think men should stop donating their sperm for a couple of reasons. 1. You should be getting paid for it. right now sperm banks would...

My personal experience with virtual sex (sexting, sex cam, 3D animation sex): 10 years experience.

Hello folks. I am sure most of you tried out virtual sex, at least once, and wile some of you find it entertaining, others don't...

Nipple Orgasm: Can It Really Be Done, Worth Trying?

Do you know that some women, or even some men, can have orgasms by nipple stimulation? Perhaps you have such a talent, but so far you...

Which Celebrity?

Which celebrity turns you on and why? Which celebrity do uou think i look like if any?

How to get the first kiss right?

I will be meeting my ldr girlfriend in a few weeks and I have no experience in kissing... I want our first kiss to be the best. But I...

Circumcision and Blowjob?

I'm circumcised and have a reconstructed frenulum. Being circumcised back in 2000, my scars are pretty old. My problem is that I have...

Why my labia majora is wrinkly?

My labia majora is quite wrinkly and dark and bothers me a lot... And i am too ashamed to sleep with my boyfriend... Is it normal?

Do you enjoy sexting?

Do you enjoy sexting or it's just something you do to pass time?

Have you ever been so sexually frustrated that you felt like doing what some of these wackos talk about on here and just unmanning yourself?

My wife hasn’t wanted sex since our three year old was born and I’m gonna loose my frickin mind...

Do You’s Like Removing Clothes Off Of Your Partner?

I mean when making love or do you like to be completely naked? I like starting fully clothed and pealing cloths off of my partner like...

Generally speaking, have your sexual partners' bodies (including, but NOT limited to, genitals) overall tasted good, neutral, or bad?

Obiously (I HOPE) you have not cannibalized anyone, but I'm referring to when you've used your mouth/tongue to orally stimulate their...

Do you women really prefer to have sex with a man who has a 6inch penis?

I always hear about women turning down men because their dick is to "small." But what they call "small" is the average penis size, 5"1...

awkward sex stories?

What's the most awkward thing ever happened to you while having sex? My story- me and my girlfriend where super excited cuddling...

Would you prefer sucking taylor swift's pussy or selena gomez's pussy?

i prefer taylor's pussy for fucking and sucking but both would be great for me!! taylor selena

Assuming your in a consensual devoted relationship, how would you feel if your partner woke you up by touching you sexually?

Curious as technically consent has not been given, and i have heard from two people with differing views, one said its like being raped,...

Is it better to have sex real early in a relationship?

I am a virgin, no sex experience, or sexual experience. This is my first-time relationship. We have only been dating early for almost a...

Boyfriend cheated - advice please?

Sorry for the long post.. My boyfriend is 28yo & I am 23yo. We’ve been in a relationship for 2 months and was seeing/dating one another...