Why being in a female led relationship isn't a sign of weakness but strength

Most people think of men who are in a female led relationship or are obidient to their wife/GF as weak. Which is because female led...

The Average Erect Penis Size is Bigger Than Five Inches

Introduction Based on my experiences when surfing this website, answering several penis size questions, and browsing the World Wide Web...

My Tinder Hookup Experience

This is a girl who is tired of relationships. But I miss the intimacy. Tinder is a great place for people who doesn't want emotional...

The contradictions of the lgbt community

Prepare to get hella offended. Look I'm sorry but I honestly never feel dysphoric..Yes I am very masculine, yes I don't care if I hang...

Why I regret doing a Brazilian wax and why girls should stop doing it

It was all for a guy. He wants me shaved, I thought it would be better to wax. After all they say it is smoother. I just wanted him to...

Coming Home To A Good Shower

With a heavy thud the purse fell to the floor. Yanking her hair out of the long braid she dropped her coat on the rack. “I’m home.”...

Trying sex with guys made me better with women!

I recently discovered or I guess accepted that I am bisexual. I just came out of a long term relationship with my ex-gf and decided to...

Is it harder to be a guy or girl? why?

┬íKEEP A OPEN MIND! Do you think it’s harder to be a guy or girl? Let’s leave the politics out of it and focus on day to day life,...

Sexual feeling for my Aunt?

Hey , Recently, I have developed sexual feeling for my Aunt. We are very closed and shared a good bond but not physically but...

Help... is it cheating? I didn't chat only downloaded an app and said only hi?

My boyfriend didn't text me whole day. i felt some horny and i jist downloaded sex chat app. but i only said "hi" to one person and as...

I dont like porn?

I am so curious about sex I am a virgin and I dont want to watch porn but can't help myself, what ti do

Dick size and pleasure?

My dick is 5.4 inches and the girth is 4.6 inches... is it enough, ya I can see lots of veins down there haha

Does anyone on here post on Reddit NSFW? What's the reason you do? How many times have you? How often do you post?

Guys and girls, how many of you have posted risky pictures on Reddit? What's the reason you do? How many times have you? How often do...

How do you handle being insecure in your relationship?

I hate it so much when I feel like I am not attractive enough for my boyfriend. I have been dealing with weight issues and am working on...

Sending Nudes randomly?

How do you feel like if you got nudes from a random stranger?

My boyfriend doesn't want to have sex with me anymore?

I dont know why. I mention that he has been smoking spice drug for 6 months. Sometimes a few times a day. He became distant, doesn't...