Let's Talk About Sex!

A few days ago, I was asked, “Why talking about sex is still a taboo in the middle of the 21st century"? Talking about sex is so hard,...


Disclaimer: ***SARCASM ALERT*** If this take is more sarcastic satire take, well blame the people who mistake niceness for weakness or...

My sexual revelation

First! I want to thank @laurieluvsit with her my takes, questions, survey and writing/sharing about her experiences in here. Am born...

Worlds most unforgettable and Naughtiest Adult Slogans!

These are real slogans that somehow slipped through censorship. Some of them you will find hard to believe I...

Come one... cum all? - Poly/Open relationships & why I support the lifestyle.

"To live is an awfully big adventure..." An open relationship is defined as being an intimate relationship between two or more people...

I'm into Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is commonly listed among the top-ten fantasies for men, women, and couples. It is certainly one of mine. My cursory...

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

So I came a cross the following questions: Why do so many people seem to believe prostitition is necessary? Wow now that question is...

What was your most regretted porn search?

Porn bloopers will always be the best and worst search for me. The stupid stuff that happens behind the scenes is hilarious, but I've...

Anyone up for something horny?

Wanna comment? What do. you feel 😈

Eating pussy or not?

Do men like to eat or lick pussy or not? If not then why? If yes.. how does it feels to eat pussy how does it taste?

What sex toys should I get?

I’ve never had a toy before. I want to get a dildo and a vibrator. What else? I love having my clit sucked on, is there any type of...

I really wanna try eating my friends with benefits's ass, how did it taste for you guys?

Lol, i'm sure it obivously just tastes like you would assume an asshole would taste like, but i'm really curious haha. I have a HUGE...

Please be honest. What do you think? What are my most attractive features and least attractive features? Any improvements? An rating would be nice?

None of these photos are edited, and I am not wearing makeup. I want an honest opinion! Measurements : I am 5 feet 2 inches. My waist...

How thick is your c*ck?

Thickness is a little more important than length to me.

When you finally have that first kiss. . . just how much of a kiss do you want?

I'm on a streak with first date/kissing questions today, so here's the next installment. Whether it's the first date, third date, tenth...

Does this make me bisexual?

My friend said I'm bisexual because me and my friends experimented with each other from ages 7-10, it's not 100% normal however girls...

If you had to choose between this , what would you choose?

didn't know should i say ' you can have sex? or... have sex with anyone , but remain broke? lmao for the 2nd option

Could I end up in jail or registering as a sex offender?

My own cousin is claiming I’ve sexually assaulted her for months. Im 20, She’s about 33. These are her words, not mine. this is her...

Average size men, how often do woman refuse sex because you're too small?

Everyday on GAG we get a string of penis size questions mostly from guys well within the normal range. Now I know porn has distorted...

18+ ADULTS ONLY: Which birth control method/methods do you & your Significant Other (SO) use?

Note: if you want to, you can also comment and say which birth control method/methods you use as a couple, and whether you feel...