The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

Stop donating sperm

I think men should stop donating their sperm for a couple of reasons. 1. You should be getting paid for it. right now sperm banks would...

My personal experience with virtual sex (sexting, sex cam, 3D animation sex): 10 years experience.

Hello folks. I am sure most of you tried out virtual sex, at least once, and wile some of you find it entertaining, others don't...

Nipple Orgasm: Can It Really Be Done, Worth Trying?

Do you know that some women, or even some men, can have orgasms by nipple stimulation? Perhaps you have such a talent, but so far you...

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

The last Mytake got a decent amount of attention that inspired me to dive a little deeper into this topic. If you haven’t read it go...

Ladies: It's OUR Fault That Men Are Still Asking If Size Matters!

Well, partly to blame but in very LARGE part. This is one thing that gets me when I hear about people breaking up. Ladies lie about...

The issue with some transgender people

Warning you are probably gonna get offended. And Im just gonna dive to the point. The issue is that by saying that masculine little...

Just curios what is womens favorite category in porn?

What type of porn do women get off the most

Nudist event partner?

I Wana go to a nudist event but want someone to go with me. Are you interested?

Any snapchatters?

Does anyone else really enjoy getting off themselves and others on Snapchat? I like it too much! Wanna Snapchat?

Girls, does shaving makes your pubic area smooth?

If you shave your armpits legs and pubic area with ordinory disposable razors, do you feel smoothness or leaving a visible hair roots on...

Long post, read below? Help?

(This is gonna be a long post, bare with me) I was planning to drive down to my bfs and I made extra money on this paycheck so I...

Women, have you ever grape fruited a man? And men, have you been grape fruited?

Deffinetly an eyes closed activity... Unless you want your eyes to sting and burn 😅

Anybody been involved in sexual cannibalism?

Consuming ones flesh during sexual activity

Approximately how often do you experience nonsexual things that are equally as, or more enjoyable than, sexual relations?

Somebody asked this question: What nonsexual thing do you think is better than sex? And I was surprised by the answers. I'm a virgin...

Guys and Girls, did you know whiskey makes people horny?

I do drink wine and cider but I don’t really drink vodka or whiskey but I just found out and I didn’t know that whiskey it’s does make...

Out of 10 (10 being as pleasurable as sexual relations with a partner), how physically pleasurable is masturbating with your favorite sex toy?

Compare the physical pleasure of masturbating privately with your most pleasurable sex toy, versus the physical pleasure of your typical...

Ladies, how would you feel about receiving foot massages from your romantic partner? Guys, how would you feel about giving?

This guy really, REALLY wants to know. (Feel free to scroll straight to the poll if you don't want to read a somewhat long but...

What's your BMI? & What's the band size of your bra?

I'm 5'0 and weigh 85 pounds (yes, I've been gaining weight!) with a BMI of 16.6, which is underweight compared to the average minimum...

Does your sex drive have an impact on your productivity?

Sex drive can have a negative impact on productivity by being distracting, or a positive impact by motivating you to accomplish things,...

Do you hold back sexualy?

When dating do you ever want to have sex but don't because you don't want to seem easy?