The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

Men can be hairy yet appealing to the women!

I was recently watching a blind dating show called " Undressed" where people meet for date and strip down to their underwear the first...

Signs that the girl at work or school secretly wants to fuck you

1. A girl who likes you will find a way to put herself in your orbit It's not an accident that she randomly ends up standing next to you...

I Fell In Love with A Guy in A 4 Year Relationship

After my freshman year of college, I stopped dating. I mean it makes sense with the year I had. I was tossed around by the upperclassmen...

Being a Unicorn

Cautionary tale of being the rare most wanted Unicorn. If you are not familiar with the word Unicorn, let me introuduce you... As stated...

A Nympho's Guide For Men Who Can't Get Laid

Here's guide for all you guys who just get get your leg over and can't quite work out why. BELIEVE IT OR NOT AVERAGE LOOKING GUYS REALLY...

Here's Why Slut Shaming Is Stupid!

Yes, I'm sure some of you who know who I am must think I am high right now @MzAsh @SydneySentinel @thegirlfromthething @RolandCuthbert...

How do you feel more comfortable in your sexuality?

I know I'm interested in guys-They're the only sex I can see myself being romantic with, having sex with and building a family with but...

Caught boyfriend masturbating?

I caught my boyfriend masturbating in the shower to a picture a girl had posted on IG of her in a bikini, a girl he knew in real life...

I’m curious... question?

What are somethings that you think make a woman “good” in bed?

Is it wrong to have an over active sexual imagination?

Is it wrong to have an overactive sexual imagination? You can go all day without thinking about it, but there comes a time where you...

Girls, do any of you actually find guy on guy hot? do girls like that exist?

It seems like most find it gross (and many find lesbian sex hot though?) its interesting to me because most guys find girl on girl hot...

People always say I have blowjob lips?

Good or bad? What’s this supposed to mean?

Have you ever needed medical attention because of an orgasm?

While I was searching for a display picture for one of my other polls, I came across this article:...

Guys, Would most 16 y/o boys sleep with girl 1 or 2?

Which girl would most guys want to sleep with out of these 2 girls?

Girls, vote for my circumcision?

Hi, I am going to create this poll as to whether or not I should get circumcised. If the circumcision poll wins I will get circumcised...

Is she a "HOE" for making homemade sextapes with her husband for a financial living?

So I recent posted a pic of a Instagram model/pornstar Instagram brittanya. Based on her picture a user here called her a hoe. I told...

Do you prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penis?

Hey ladies, do you prefer a circumcised penis or an uncircumcised one? Aesthetically and sexually which one do you want your man to have?

Would you ever try making porn with your SO or fwb?

You can hide your face if you want. Would you be willing to try it?

Should I have taken a shower after this?

Earlier today I was walking down a narrow path and I realised a prostitute was there. Disgusting! I had to walk within 2 meters of her...

Girls, what’s the point in me living?

I feel like I’m ‘bossing’ it in every part of my life as a man except one thing. This issue has injured my sexual confidence because...