The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

Men can be hairy yet appealing to the women!

I was recently watching a blind dating show called " Undressed" where people meet for date and strip down to their underwear the first...

Signs that the girl at work or school secretly wants to fuck you

1. A girl who likes you will find a way to put herself in your orbit It's not an accident that she randomly ends up standing next to you...

I Fell In Love with A Guy in A 4 Year Relationship

After my freshman year of college, I stopped dating. I mean it makes sense with the year I had. I was tossed around by the upperclassmen...

Being a Unicorn

Cautionary tale of being the rare most wanted Unicorn. If you are not familiar with the word Unicorn, let me introuduce you... As stated...

A Nympho's Guide For Men Who Can't Get Laid

Here's guide for all you guys who just get get your leg over and can't quite work out why. BELIEVE IT OR NOT AVERAGE LOOKING GUYS REALLY...

Here's Why Slut Shaming Is Stupid!

Yes, I'm sure some of you who know who I am must think I am high right now @MzAsh @SydneySentinel @thegirlfromthething @RolandCuthbert...

How do you feel more comfortable in your sexuality?

I know I'm interested in guys-They're the only sex I can see myself being romantic with, having sex with and building a family with but...

How soon after you meet a guy you decide you going to fuck. him?

So I chase girls around sole purpose is to bed them I got it down pat but I interested in any girls honest answer.

Girls, Why does my balls ache when I throw stuff at it?

I threw my phone at my nutsack and it hurt really bad. I almost threw up moms breakfast and now my sack is all sore and in pain

Girls, What age did you first masturbate?

And how did you do it? I hear lots of girls hump pillows but dont understand why they just know it feels good 😂

Who would like to date a porn lover or PUBG lover?

PUBG is a online multiplayer video game Porn is explicit videos of people having sex

How to punish your far little princess?

I'm in a long distance ddlg relationship, and I need creative ways to punish my little when she does something wrong.

What should I do to my boyfriend this weekend?

I’m seeing my boyfriend this weekend and I want advice on what I should do to him and for him.

Girls, Friends with benefits?

I'm shy in the real life, but I think I'm good on the internet so I get many friends with benefits to do online sex, but the thing is...

For The Girls, Women, Lady's, only. ?

Girl's, women, Lady's. :) When you're feeling aroused doe's you're vagina or pussie ever get that twinged with pleasure feeling to wear...

Have you ever laughed so hard that it was as pleasurable as a (masturbation/dream) orgasm?

It happened to me once after I fell up the stairs. How about you? Compare only to SOLO orgasms (during masturbation/dreams/etc, not with...

Did birth control help with your periods?

I am not sure if this topic is in the right area. But, has some form of birth control helped lighten or even stop your period? Guys, I...

Bisexuals: in terms of age, how do your male and female crushes compare?

Personally my male crushes skew about 10-15 years younger than my female crushes. My youngest male crush was 24 (while I was 16) and my...

Do guys prefer long legs on women?

All else being equal (tone, thickness, etc) are long legs always preferable to short (er) legs?

Are you a gangster? If so, in which ways?

I'm a gangster. I inhale my vape right into my lungs and never cough. I have a Swiss Army knife with a corkscrew attachment. I drive a...

Physical appearance?

What physical feature do girls like the most on guys (excluding face)

Girls, Ladies, Do you like the feel of six packs abs?

If yes, does it make you more horny? Do touching or looking at them during sex time make you com faster and harder?