What Happens To Your Body While You Are Having Sex

I'm sure this is a MyTake a lot of people will be interested in! As the Hollywood cliche goes, post-coital, some of us sit back against...

My experience buying condoms for the first time!

So despite the concerning news with my relationship I woke up this morning still thinking about how I'm gonna moves things forward and...

Seven Reasons Why I Love Tall Girls

I decided to write this MyTake because I feel tall girls don't get the appreciation they deserve. I've heard of "Short Girl Appreciation...

Judaism’s Views on Sexuality

Judaism’s views sex to be a natural and holy thing, provided that it is done in a “kosher” way, so to speak. Traditionally , sex in...

The ritual of blaming and victims

Definition of Victim Shaming in Urban Dictionary: When the victim of an event is blamed, or partially blamed, for their own attack....

Girls, If he doesn't want sex, something is wrong!

Though this Take is about sex, this is not actually a sexual behavior topic; it is about how sex affects relationships, specifically...

Russefeiring In Norway

I've written several MyTakes about my country Norway; all from food to detonations, culture, stereotypes, jokes, history and my own...

Thickest or longest dick?

What would rather choose? Guys, what do you have? I have thickness of Fogg spray bottle and 5.9 inches long

How do people have one night stands without worrying about STDs?

My girlfriend and I recently broke up and I've decided to move on with my life. I'm single now and ready to mingle... EXCEPT these thots...

What kind of drunk are you?

Are you the person that suddenly becomes super social with everyone? The one that gets agressive? The one that just wants to be left...

Girls do feel bad, angry, sad or irritated when you horny for sex and your boyfriend or husband sleep ignoring your horny mood of sex?

Girls do feel bad, angry, sad or irritated when you horny for sex and your boyfriend or husband sleep ignoring your horny mood of sex

Why did you join GaG?

For me tbh is to flirt and have a little fun. How about you?

I wanna fuck my guy friend?

basically we have been friends for a while, not that long but we’ve known each other for at least a month now, since we had to transfer...

Do you engage in "genital-genital rubbing" and if so, how much do you enjoy it?

"Genital-genital rubbing is the sexual act of mutually rubbing genitals; it is sometimes grouped with frottage, but other terms, such as...

Is it normal to smell like the person you had sex with?

Is that normal? It doesn’t stink at all it’s just how they smell it’s all over me but it doesn’t stink

Guys, Is this normal?

I’ve been watching porn a bit recently and can’t get a 100% erection. Max about 90% at the start.

Girls do you prefer a thicker or longer penis?

I know this has probably been asked dozens of times before but I'm mainly asking out of curiosity for both me and a friend.

How many women can admit watching gay guy porn?

Just curious, I've watched it before it happens during a certain time of month when my hormones are wacky. I'm not ashamed. Men are hot.

Do most people feel the urge to be sexually active (actually have sex)?

Regardless if they’re single or taken. What does it mean if a woman in her twenties hasn’t had the urge?

Have you ever engaged in sexual activity when you weren't in the mood, just to satisfy your partner? If so, how did you usually feel afterwards?

There are studies that show that having sex improves your mood. I was wondering if that's true even if you're not in the mood for sex.

Americans 16-24, who would u bet on?

A guy from a culture that stresses mental discipline going up to a thick American college girl (cellulite on her legs) who's a cute...

Have you had good, or bad, shopping experiences at retail adult toy/novelty/clothing stores?

Many people are using the internet now to do their retail shopping, especially when it comes to more "private" type purchases, such as...

Stinky queef. Do your queefs stink?

OK OK OK OK in elementary school my classmates always saying they smell a queef but I have never experienced a pussy fart that stunk....