Fifty Shades of Grey Was Mostly About One Thing - Women's Sexual Repression

The Fifty Shades phenomenon has baffled many people since the book first starting selling like a wildfire in 2011. Many men especially,...

Ten Reasons Why It's Great To Masturbate

Ah, masturbation. Perhaps the single greatest driver of Internet demand. I'm kidding. Anyway, it's 2019 and the world, it seems, is at...

Let’s talk about INCELs!

I might be making a reputation for starting controversial discussions on this site. That’s okay, I guess. I want to to talk about...

The Gender Game: Part 5

Disclaimer This is a fictional story which involves body transformations and sexual interactions Reader Discretion is Advised This is...

Women should pursue men just as much as men pursue women — and maybe they already do

I was reading this: And I was generally displeased with what I...

Girl-- your guy is going to watch porn... Get over it.

This shouldn't take too long. So something I've noticed with mind-numbing frequency while here on GaG is how often there are posts from...

Some effective ways to make women orgasm!!!

This could easily be the biggest mystery of your life. Making women reach climax is umm...REALLY difficult. Reason? Women are...

Is sexuality a phase?

So let me get this straight without sound sexist. I am a guy and I've always been in love with girls. I liked them both sexually and...

First time receiving oral?

I am extremely nervous about my first time. What should I expect?

I have uncontrollable orgasm every time I fart. Why is this happening to me?

Please help I just had a large bowl of five bean chili.

Girls, Do girls like a slight curve in a guys penis?

Do girls care about shape of a penis. The same as thickness and size. What would be considered a small or large penis

When was the first time you saw a penis?

When was the first time you saw a penis? What did you think? What was the situation?

Don't you think humans look like animals when they have sex?

Don't you think humans look like animals when they have sex? Especially certain positions such as doggystyle.

Guys, Are there any guys that like dicks of other guys?

I thought , there might be some straight guys who do like to see other guys dicks.

If your boyfriend wanted to wear your lingerie would you be ok with it?

My friends with benefits likes being submissive in bed sometimes and wearing my lingerie and also just wearing my panties around under...

How come in today's culture SLUT SHAMING is wrong but PRUDE SHAMING is okay?

I don't get how some (not all) women can sleep with a bunch of different guys and say "It's my body and I can do whatever I want with it...

Do you imagine people naked, and if so, do you get aroused by it?

I was wondering if this was true & if so, whether men get turned on by it

Has your sexual drive increased, stayed the same, or decreased as you have gotten older?

The caption in this picture does NOT apply to me! As I have gotten older, my testosterone level has decreased but it is still within...

Which feels physically more thrilling?

I'd say a cold touch as you get the initial shock of the cold

Girls which is more visually sexy to you?

Which condition of men is sexier to you? why?

Am I too thick? I sometimes scare my dates 🙁?

Been dating to settle down but I keep intimidating my dates and don’t know if it’s something to bring up during sex or as we are still...

Honestly, how much similarity?

In your real life sex and the sex shows in porn, how much similarity? if more why? if less why?