Why being in a female led relationship isn't a sign of weakness but strength

Most people think of men who are in a female led relationship or are obidient to their wife/GF as weak. Which is because female led...

The Average Erect Penis Size is Bigger Than Five Inches

Introduction Based on my experiences when surfing this website, answering several penis size questions, and browsing the World Wide Web...

My Tinder Hookup Experience

This is a girl who is tired of relationships. But I miss the intimacy. Tinder is a great place for people who doesn't want emotional...

The contradictions of the lgbt community

Prepare to get hella offended. Look I'm sorry but I honestly never feel dysphoric..Yes I am very masculine, yes I don't care if I hang...

Why I regret doing a Brazilian wax and why girls should stop doing it

It was all for a guy. He wants me shaved, I thought it would be better to wax. After all they say it is smoother. I just wanted him to...

Coming Home To A Good Shower

With a heavy thud the purse fell to the floor. Yanking her hair out of the long braid she dropped her coat on the rack. “I’m home.”...

Trying sex with guys made me better with women!

I recently discovered or I guess accepted that I am bisexual. I just came out of a long term relationship with my ex-gf and decided to...

Is it harder to be a guy or girl? why?

┬íKEEP A OPEN MIND! Do you think it’s harder to be a guy or girl? Let’s leave the politics out of it and focus on day to day life,...

Looking for a lady that's in Indiana or close to it?

I'm looking for an open minded, non judgmental and understanding lady to talk to about her and I's secret fantasies and sexual desires....

Always se* on my mind, how to get rid of this?

I'm Single, weekly once i mastrubate.

Are their any women that are ok with letting a man watch or help them change your tampon?

Is it ever ok for a man to see or even help you change your tampons if he wanted to?

Girls. Do you like being called bitch. Slut. During sex?

Whenever I do sex I use to say bitch I'm. gonna fuck you like hell. Slut suck my cock like it's ur last time. Girls do you like being...

Girls, how would you feel if your boyfriend was an ass-man?

Ass-man as in a man who is obsessed with your ass that he would love to constantly bury his face in it and eat it out.

Why do women hate the word cunt?

i mostly use that word when im describing a pussy, "i like this type of cunt" etc. i just like saying cunt over pussy/vagina.

Best way to impress a girl for sex?

I just want hook ups nothing serious. I am having hard time to figure out how to impress a girl for hook up

Is sexual pleasure the most important part of a relationship?

If you are having amazing connection with your better half, you communicate well, you have amazing time together, but he/she can't...

Would a girl saying, "i want your dick so badly!" or "i finger myself over you!" turn you on, OR creep you out?

Just wondering lol. Would any woman saying this to you, turn you on, or do you have to be attracted to the girl? And how easily would...

Girls, is anyone else straight, but prefers watching lesbian porn over straight porn?

I like both types, but probably slightly prefer lesbian porn. Don't want to have have lesbian sex in real life though, I like dudes

Have you ever used an app or website to meet someone for sex?

What was the name of it and was it free?

Girls, Would you get aroused if your gyno was hot and he spread your legs for an exam?

Leave the speculum on the desk you can spread me some other way