"Sex"Game Night. Ways To Get Your Game On.

Relationships can be hard. Outside stresses can put a damper on our relationship if we let it. Sometimes we take things too serious....

How to reach an orgasm and what I have found helpful

I couldn’t figure out how to reach an orgasm and I often asked myself silly questions. Is there a specific location you rub? How long...

"Book Titles" The Best Of The Worst Part II

As promised this is part 2 to my mytake "Book Titles" The Best Of The Worst. Again, just meant in fun, not a book selection you want to...

"Book Titles" The Best Of The Worst

So, my previous 6 mytakes covered bad product fails, business name fails, and slogan fails. I had such fun with them and people seemed...

Clitoral stimulation techniques for intense orgasms

There are many guides and techniques you can find online and through personal experienced, so I figured, why not share mine as well. I...

Why is porn legal?

The whole reason that porn is legal is because Sigmund Frued at the turn of the century proved that sexual suppression is bad. They did...

"Slogan Fails" The Best Of The Worst Part II

Yesterday, I did 4 takes covering product and business name fails. And one take on slogan fails. This is part 2, more slogan fails. Hope...

Is it okay to ask a guy I don't know that well to hookup at his place?

Is it ok to ask a guy i don t know that well to hook up at his place? I m not concerned 4 my wellbeing. I just don t want to seem...

Has anyone used Horny Goat Weed? What did you use it for specifically? And did you have any success?

So... I have a sexual dysfunction and its difficult for me to pursue the big "O" and I have tried multiple sexual enhancement pills but...

Yeast infection or STI? Scared, please help?

I am sooo scared but for about 6 days now I have been dealing with discomfort in my private (vaginal) area. I’m experiencing light...

What's the most naked you've ever been in public?

What's the most naked you've ever been in public? Where was it, and how did others around you act?

Kinda a weird one but my sister and I were wrestling and I kinda got turned on?

So my sister 12 almost 13 and I 16 were wrestling she got on top of me and kinda ground on me a little... it kinda felt good... I got a...

Do you tell your boyfriend where to cum?

Girls do you like to tell your guy where to cum? Guys do you let you girl tell you where to cum? I been going out with this girl and she...

Do you ever have sex dreams?

I had one last night about the guy I'm dating. We had a threesome in my dream.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Me and another girl, I was pissed I was...

Seems like nowadays sex is top priority and home and family are less important. Are love and relationships dead?

Seems like nowadays sex is top priority. Home & Family seems to be less important and sex, fun, no titles, spontaneity seem to be more...

Do guys like woman to play with their golden nuggets?

Does every man like their testicles played with during sexual intercourse?

Butt Stuff Guys?

Guys, sexually speaking, is your butt off limits?

Isn’t this so annoying as a man?

Listen I know this is an annoying question but I need to vent. When I measure my penis I can get it to 7-8 inches long and thick...

Does this guy have her as hostage?

How the fuck is this even possible? There's a lot of incel dudes that aren't anywhere near as ugly as him but he somehow managed to get her.

Girls, Is this perfect or not?

Is what you see in porn perfect? Like the ‘average’ of porn penises. Like would you also like this as a bonus in a partner. My penis...

Am I the only one who has noticed that racist people and homophobic people are always so ugly?

Even on GaG. I'll click on someone's profile to see what person is tossing around racial slurs and it's always the ugliest person. Im...

Guys, what's your ideal number of blowjobs in a day or week if your partner was happy to do it for you?

Everyone I've been with is all over the place. Super curious where the average is :)