The Economically-Motivated Language of Seduction Employing Masculinity as Body Capital

So I'd like to share something with you. (I like dance. That's the main reason.) Now at first glance this may look, on the surface, like...

Differences between sensual and vulgar, risqué and pornography

This won't be long. This Take is inspired by some recent talks I've had with some users on here about this kind of photography and the...

The Cultural Consequences of Society's Failure to Reject Transgenderism

Introduction Transgenderism is the belief that someone can be the gender opposite their sex. The justification proffered for this...

Male Sexuality Part I: Disassociation Theory & the Lure of Transactional Sex

I think this is going to be the beginning of a series I will do on sexuality. It's an interesting subject to me, and I now feel I am...

"Gotta Keep Em Cummin"... Sex Jokes

Yep, I'm "at it again".... Kinda like the Energizer Bunny of sex joke takes 🤣 Ready to get your laugh on?.... ROSES ARE RED, LEMONS...

Why I gave up masturbating

When I gave up masturbating I didn't think I could handle the relentless urge of my sexual desires and some days they feel overwhelming....

The Cult That Is the Christian Evangelist Movement

As some of you know, I do call myself a Christian. I believe in God. I do pray. I do know the Bible and have read a lot of it throughout...

Why did he ignore me on Snapchat? should I try harder?

I am talking to this guy on an app for maybe 1-2 weeks. Looks like we both are looking for casual. I haven’t really been consistent on...

People in a relationship, ever thought of having sex with someone else?

as in just a thought, not any intentions to do so, just thinking of it lol

What are you thought on this?

I think men are much more irresponsible when it comes to sex and that they should be the ones taking the responsibility of birth control.

What’s better, male escorts or older men?

Guys my age are not serious for a relationship or respect women. I have also read guys in their 30s are divorced with kids, something I...

How can I successfully sneak and have sex with my boyfriend?

We are both virgins, he’s 18 and i am 16 and we’ve been thinking about sex a lot, but our parents are too strict so we’ve never had the...

Guys, Would you be willing to hook up with a girl again if you thought she was really hot if she gave really bad head?

I hooked up with this guy yesterday and I let him know it was my first time doing anything. I didn't realize at the moment but he went...

Guys, have you ever watched gay porn?

Come on. Would not watch it, if it is two hot sexy men? Sexy is Sexy, the gender does not matter much

Do you look at masturbating as more maintenance, or inspiration?

I know every person is probably doing a combination of the above, but if you had to choose one, which is the more common scenario?...

Married Man's female Cousin Sends Him Erotic Memes & Nude Pictures of Women - Strange or Not Strange?

When my friend told me his cousin does that, I didn't know what to think of that. Lol It's kinda funny though.

Is a fake pregnancy prank worse than a fake proposal?

So, my boyfriend is super paranoid about getting me pregnant, even after three years together, we use condoms and birth control. I have...

Girls, Do you like to give blowjob or you like to get your pussy eaten much more?

How many guys have you given blowjobs to? How many times? Do you get wet? Do you like it when his penis gets hard in your mouth? How...

Ladies, would you teach your man how to eat your pu$$y?

I'm a virgin, but I've always fantasized about eating a girl out for HOURS. Have her lay down, get comfortable, and let me do all the...