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Have you ever made a sex video?

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Why is my brother is acting weird around me?

When I was 8 playing doctor with my brother he acted weird around me. And till today he still does. We were playing doctor when he...

How to get rid of porn addiction?

Any tips? Asking for a friend.. 😬😅🙈

Do you think it's okay to have sex with a girl with a mental disability?

I know this girl that has a mental disability that wants to have sex with me but I am not sure if I should and not take advantage of...

How many people have you slept with?

Let’s play a game- honest answers only😀

Ladies, does anyone else experience pain when having sex?

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The thought of getting naked and sexually intimate with members of your own gender?

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Girls, Which type of man would you prefer to be sexually intimate with?

Choose ONLY one which seems more sexually attractive...

Do you think females should be able to be topless in public since men can be?

I don't understand why females are not allowed to be topless in public like men, breasts are naturally and should not be sexualized....

Porn in a relationship?

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Should you masturbate when you are sexually active with your partner?

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