Intentionally Having Fatherless Children is A Selfish Act

My sister recently had a baby with a gang banger. Why have a baby with a druggie? She said that she didn't really need a father to be...

Why Women in the Dating Pool are Going Their Own Way (WGTOW)

We have all heard about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Not many people discuss the rise of WGTOW (Women Going Their Own Way). In...

What The F*ck 101: "I Believe Tara Reade, but I Will Still Vote for Joe Biden."

I am a registered Democrat, since age 18, but have actually never voted in my life. Even when I've supported many democratic politicians...

Storytime about my first time. Self reflection and opinion gathering.

I've lost my virginity over one year ago. This story has been bugging me ever since, so I decided to write about it to make my thoughts...

Trying to make sense of modesty

Recently I've seen there is an interesting debate on if modesty is even important or relevant anymore. To get view points more guided to...

The One Board Game That Could Improve Your Relationship

So I want to tell you about this board game. It used to be called 'A Hot Affair', and I think it's been slightly rebranded now to be...

Spiritual institutions of marriages and why the one you're in tells who your master is when having sexual relations and sexual struggles

I will discuss the marriages potential of sex within marriage and sex outside of marriage and tell the spiritual ties to each of them...

Guy's, if you believe girls are such horrible and evil creatures then why do you want to have sex with them?

I see guys on here complaining about not having sex or dating, but in the same paragraph they will say girls are b+tchs, hoes, evil,...

Ladies, What Is Your Worst BJ Story?

Sorry guys... This one is for the ladies... If you choose to be nosy... Then make sure you give a thumbs up to your favorite post... If...

Of the three options below, Which color scheme do you like best for this Victorian style gothic dress? ?

As some of you know from yesterday’s post, I was recently gifted option C. The information was extracted -and purchase made- based on...

I caught my uncle peeping on me? What should I do?

I caught him peeping in the bathroom while I was changing clothes. I think he saw my butt and boobs. :/

Is anal sex a big deal?

Why people feel shocked or surprise when I say that I have done it and I like it.

Do You Warn Your Partner When You're Going To Cum During Oral?

I wanted to do a little story time for this question but I'll save it for another post for all girls... Wink wink...

What's The Deal With DeepThroating?

Why does deepthroating feel so good from your perspective? Details are appreciated

Have you ever used anal beads on your partner?

How was the experience positve or not so much?

What is the most sexual thing you have seen take place in a public place?

Where? and What? Have you ever done anything sexual in public?

Do you have problems with this?

Sleeping with a 16yr old. Let’s say a guy is 19-20. Living in Europe where this is perfectly legal. I don’t get how people see this as...

Do you support transgender people?

I'm transgender and I'm curious about how many people these days support transgender people

Which of these situations is better for a man in your opinion?

Which of these options is better for a man to be according to you :? 1.) A man having naturally very very less body and facial hair......

Should you wear a condom every time you have sex?

When is not wearing a condom ok? I plan on having sex with regularly with the same girl not a relationship, just sex Should I wear...


Is it possible to be a virgin nymph? Yes I am a virgin. But i can not tell if I have a super high sex drive or actually addicted to all...

Do innocent girls exist at all?

I‘ve never in my life met one of these girls who don’t have sexual fantasies, don’t masturbate and don’t have dirty minds. Girls, are...

Am I a psychic?

For example.. There is that guy that used to be obsessed with me, but i haven't seen in MONTHS. But for some reasons, while going for a...