Sexy Time Reduces Cancer!

Did you know that there are bonding chemicals that promote monogamy and assist with keeping parents together in the raising of a child?...

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder AND it matters how a package is wrapped... sometimes

I have noticed here on GAG that a lot of controversy goes on over full figured women being called ugly, fat, overweight, gorgeous,...

The Triple N that men aren't fond of (No Nut November) This video got me off guard, I thought it wouldn't be that good but then I had to hide tears...

No Fap November Guide: How To Quit Porn Forever

Hello reader. If you are reading this mytake you are maybe curious. Or maybe you are a person that needs to quit porn because it has...

Consent For Sex – What Is It And How Do You Know That You Have It?

I have never stopped in the midst of passion and asked my partner, “Do I have your permission to place my penis in your vagina?” If I...

The peculiar women who have “male navel fetishes”: a very rare fetish for women to have (for mature readers only)

I’m taking a break from politics to talk about a very interesting group I stumbled upon on the Internet. It was a pleasant surprise for...

Strip club shaming for men is the equivalent of slut shaming for women.

I try to limit my time on this site, but like where else can I write this stuff? So like before, think if this like a blog post. Today...

Sexually, who's the dominant one in your relationship?

Usually my girlfriend is the dominant one, and that's a good thing for me. What about you?

How do you increase your sex drive?

I’ve found that since being on antidepressants my libido has decreased and I find it hard to finish. I never used to have these issues...

Never received real nudes? Or at least I think?

So everyone is talking about sending or receiving nudes. I never really got one 😑 I mean, real authentic nude selfie taken for me. I...

Looking for a peg?

Can someone just peg me?

Would you date the sluttiest girl you ever met or even know of?

my girl wel we are not dating just having sex every day and alll weekends I've seen her gangbanged more than once she was 13 and every...

Rank by collective levels of pleasure that each has brought you throughout your life: spirituality/meditation, socialization, & sexuality?

Pleasure from "sexuality" includes pleasure from masturbation, dreams, and sexual arousal, so you can answer even if you're a virgin....

What's your opinion regarding this debate between sexologists?

(Quote from an article, scroll down for a "Too Long; Didn't Read" below) "[There is an] orgasm-related decrease of bloodflow in certain...

Delicious feet what ladies would enjoy this?

So is this hot or not , ladies is this somthing you would enjoy

Some place has mix-toilet?

Boys and girls all can go same room. Sometimes it just more boys and me. I don't feel scary but more enjoy. Is that

What is your definition of "no sex before marriage"?

I realized a little while ago that not everybody had the same definition of it so I'm curious. I saw on a question that a user...

Do I Have Feminine Feet/Ankles?

I’ve been told that I have feminine feet and ankles by many people. As girls, do you think that’s true? And why would anyone say that to...

Would you marry a virgin?

the two main arguments I hear is : I can't marry someone if I dont know if we have sexual chemistry AND sex is a sacred thing that...

Have you ever had an orgasm just from dirty talk (with no genital stimulation)?

Someone mentioned this on one of my other polls. I'm curious about how common it is. UrbanDictionary defines "dirty talk" as follows:...

Who likes pegging?

Vote Yes or no if you being pegged by your girl or pegging your guy