"Man VS Dildo"! myTake Why A Man Will Win Hands Down!

This is to show that even tho I did a myTake yesterday Why Women Prefer A Dildo , I know and realize having sex and being in a...

"Sex"Game Night. Ways To Get Your Game On.

Relationships can be hard. Outside stresses can put a damper on our relationship if we let it. Sometimes we take things too serious....

Things you shouldn't tolerate in a relationship, male or female, PERIOD

Hello G@G, it's me again, Jane. I'm not on here that often, having a life and all. However, recently I've been back for about a 2-day...

Is Anal Sex Dangerous?

Just how dangerous is anal sex? What are the risks? Let's have a lighthearted look at the reality and put things into perspective. ARE...

How to Kiss like Casanova!

Let's face it, so many guys are terrible kissers and that is a real shame. Oh, by the way, these tips also apply to girl-on-girl kissing...

Love is the best thing in life

I have had strong feelings in relationships that were not love. Love is different. I view love as an extreme form of attachment...

Sexuality "Seen Through My Eyes"

Sexuality and sex are two different things. Sex is the actual act of intercourse, whereas sexuality is the sexual feeling and sexual...

Can you be official without having slept together?

I am in the very early stages of dating but we do go really well together. So I am wondering can you declare that you are official and...

Would you pay someone to fulfill a sexual fantasy?

Like if it was your fantasy to have someone watch you have sex or participate in a sexual fetish (like golden showers or rope play) that...

Should I stay as a friend w benefits with him, confront him again or just leave him?

I met a 23 y. o guy online 5 or 6 months ago we've been calling since we met, he lives in another country & we haven't seen each other...

How to get nudes?

What's the best way to ask and how and when is it ok

Would you be willing to be a nude model?

What is your perspective on nude modeling? Would you ever be willing to do so? Would there be any restrictions?

Do you find insecurity or confidence to be more sexually arousing?

To clarify, "confident" doesn't refer to arrogance.

Are women to blame for shit music and reality TV?

I'm not a fan of these gender wars, but women are clearly the major consumers of both. Let's face it, no self respecting guy was buying...

Do men like nipple piercings?

Thought it might look cute on my small B cups


imagine that ur partner gonna die from corona virus, and then the scientists somehow find out that the only cure to it is that ur...

Have you ever used a pussy/penis pump?

Have you ever used one? Did you liked it? I have used one and I liked it, it made my penis a lot fatter, I have a 5.5" girth and it...

Should I let my mom know what my younger sister was doing?

So my mom was deported so I'm raising / taking care of my younger sisters. last night when i got home form work i caught one of them...

Are there women who VALUE a man's VIRGINITY?

Before you say "male virginity doesn't exist" then refer it as the social standard of lack of sexual experience. I'm a 21 year old...