Let's Talk About Sex!

A few days ago, I was asked, “Why talking about sex is still a taboo in the middle of the 21st century"? Talking about sex is so hard,...

"Cum In" For More Sex Jokes...(Content for 18+)

So I haven't done a sex joke take in awhile, but got the urge 😂 So, hope you're "ready" for it cuz here it cuuummmsss..... Have to warn...

GaG to offer shortcuts for regularly asked questions! Part 1

This is a semi-satirical piece. They really aren't doing this - that I know of! Let's just save lots of time- simply use code numbers...

INANNA (AKA: ISHTAR) - "QUEEN OF HEAVEN" - The Heavenly History you never knew existed! - Chapter 2

This is the second in a Trilogy on Heavenly Sex Goddesses. Watch for the 3rd, and last, in the series in a future myTake. If you missed...

Why women should be allowed to be topless in public , just like men.

It’s pretty simple really ... Women can’t be topless because breasts have been overly sexualised by society and it’s now ingrained in...


Disclaimer: ***SARCASM ALERT*** If this take is more sarcastic satire take, well blame the people who mistake niceness for weakness or...

My sexual revelation

First! I want to thank @laurieluvsit with her my takes, questions, survey and writing/sharing about her experiences in here. Am born...

Would you put on an act just to get in someones pants?

By act I mean pretend to have similar interests, be nice then you usually are things like that?

My brother has got his girlfriend in his room?

He told me that she is his friend they went to his room and opened the music. Im in the other room and i can litteraly hear them fucking...

I hate that my boobs sag a little?

Bothers me so much. Not interested in surgery. Any if you you girls have the same problem?

Should I leave my man?

He constantly looks up his exes and women he is generally still in love with on Facebook. He continually chooses porn or even just his...

How do I switch things up with sex?

I feel like we do the same position and don’t venture at all. Hormones are kicking my butt making me not horny. I’m kind of horny...

Girls, Penis size doesn't matter?

If that's the case what dildo size do you use? Let the truth come out 😌

Theory: A fatter woman (even though they're a LOT of fun) tend to have a bit more narrow throats. Making it harder for them to deepthroat?

I've come across this article about some people saying that when they lost weight, it became easier for them even to swallow bigger...

Should a man lie to his girlfriend in this case?

A friend of mine used to be very unpopular with women and was always rejected. When he was 20 he went to a prostitute and lost his...

Ladies, do you wash your lady parts or do you just rinse? Guys, would you give oral to a woman who didn’t wash her vulva?

I’m not talking about douching (though you shouldn’t do that), but outside, do you wash your vulva or do you just rinse it with water?...

What description would you give this lady in the image?

Also can anyone approximately guess her body fat percentage? Thanks 💜💜💜

Is it reasonable to be upset if someone you've been hooking up with for the last few weeks hooks up with someone else?

You never talked about being exclusive or anything, but you've gone on dates, shared intimate stories, hang out all the time, etc.

Poltergeist in my house?

I was sitting at the dinner table with my 3 other family members and while they were talking I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my...