Intentionally Having Fatherless Children is A Selfish Act

My sister recently had a baby with a gang banger. Why have a baby with a druggie? She said that she didn't really need a father to be...

Thoughts on Ladies Under Stating Their Dozens of Sexual Partners

First, I am not slut shaming. As long as you are safe I see nothing wrong with having fun. I do however, think that men are objectified...
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Is Feminism destroying women's bed pleasures?

Its been at least eighty years that everyone starting promoting equality and a higher status for women, which is great. But when it...

5 Things You Should Do to Live the Most Enjoyable Orgasm of Your Life!

Orgasm is like a journey between the universes, the transition to the dark side, and then the moment of return. Your body is starting to...

What do women want in sexuality?

Is there anything as great as sexuality? No, if you ask me. <3 <3 Although they love sexuality on both sides, their expectations from...

Why Women in the Dating Pool are Going Their Own Way (WGTOW)

We have all heard about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Not many people discuss the rise of WGTOW (Women Going Their Own Way). In...

What The F*ck 101: "I Believe Tara Reade, but I Will Still Vote for Joe Biden."

I am a registered Democrat, since age 18, but have actually never voted in my life. Even when I've supported many democratic politicians...

Guy's, if you believe girls are such horrible and evil creatures then why do you want to have sex with them?

I see guys on here complaining about not having sex or dating, but in the same paragraph they will say girls are b+tchs, hoes, evil,...

Does this mean he likes butt? s*x?

So me and my boyfriend we have been intimate for 5 months now and the other day we were talking about intercourse and we was talking...

Is it normal for young male adults to talk about sex with their fathers?

My boyfriend and his dad have a weird relationship that has raised a flag for me. His dad sends him pornographic videos that have...

Why do women sometimes get shy while romancing but men don't?

And men often initiate romance and/or sex.

Girls, when your guy doesn't give you much foreplay during sex, what do you think?

I don't mean like one time, I mean a consistent pattern of not much foreplay, or zero foreplay. What are you thinking about in general...

Girls, does size really matter? Would you sleep with a guy who's dick isn't big?

This has been so controversial & I really wanna know honestly what do you, girls, prefer. Does size reallymatter to you? Or it's more...

Do guys typically say anything/what they don’t mean when they’re horny?

My boyfriend, while he was turned on I suppose, has literally told me that my hands were “so pretty” and he started to kiss all over...

Why does society give men a free pass to sleep around but bash women if they do the same thing?

I know two wrongs dont make a right but if a guy lose interest in a girl most of the time she liked the guy but she is still slut shame.

Do you care about the opposite sex?

Yes, they drive you crazy sometimes. Some of them can go... you know where. But in general, do you care about their well-being? (As...

How many times a day can you have sex?

I am 40+ woman and my partner is 24. He is always in the mood and maximum he has done me is 5 times in a 24 hour period. I wonder if...

Everyone please answer?

Would you rather

Girls, Do you ever miss or crave sex from your Ex?

Just wondering what you ladies think bc maybe it is an insecurity thing but think from the perspective of being in a relationship or...

Thighs vs Stomach vs Neck, which one feels better to caress?

im legit so bored here rn i didn't know what to ask , so here it is which part feels better to caress? the stomach? or the thighs? or...

Call me whatever but this kind of talk upsets me. Do you get upset too when someone out of nowhere butts in dirty talks?

Gosh, I know it's not that bad but I often had conversations with perverts and I'm getting triggered easily these days.

Girls, How would you feel if a guy gets erection?

How would you feel if you came to know that a guy whom you met online gets erection and even pre cum while talking to you online or on...

Girls, How often do you expect a guy to talk something related to sex?

Suppose If you both have met online and have been chatting online and even on phone ( around 3.5 months or so) , then do you expect a...