My experience getting a mammogram and what you can do to get the most out of yours!

OK, so I recently got my first mammogram and understandably, I was a bit anxious about getting my tits clamped in one of those machines...

'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II

This is a continuation of: 'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I Since...

'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I

This is the first in an interview-style series of articles I will be writing. I enjoy analyzing life, talking with people about their...

6 Male Mistakes That Cooled Women From Sex!

To be honest, there is no woman who does not want to have sex because she has a headache, feels weak, sleeps. There is a woman whom a...

Guide to Seducing the Guys: The Secrets of Being the 'Naughty Girl' in Bed!

I will share with you a few secrets that will make your partner happy in bed and get out of pleasure and nirvana together. With these...

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

Hello friends. Today I will share with you some tips about "sexting", which is called "sex texting" in English and "sexual texting" in...

5 Tips For Women Who Can't Have An Orgasm!

Orgasm, in short, we can say that the highest point of pleasure. Many women who cannot orgasm may pretend to orgasm during sexual...

Please tell me how to do friends with benefits?

I know what friends with benefits is but I never do it. I wanna do it with this guy because he asked me so I agree with him, this is my...

Girls, is it a turn off that a 22 y/o guy is a virgin?

Yesterday, I was talking to a girl here when this topic crept up. She blocked me when I told her that I am a virgin. Is it bad for my...

Girls, Any of you all have abs like this? ?

Females, any you all like a workout type that have abs like her?

How often do you get horny? how often do you ejaculate?

I’m wondering if you ever go a day or so without feeling aroused at all?

What's the reason for that?

I have a boyfriend. He is my 7th. However we met last 3rd of March. Now we do sex also. But he doesn't like to when I come on his body...

Guys who are dominant in BDSM. How would you make a girl get “into to” ?

How would you convincer her, gain her trust and which ways? Buying her stuff like clothes, tech, etc. Or buying stuff is not useful?

Men: Do you like your nipples sucked?

I met a guy who likes his nipple sucked. Is this normal?

We sexted yesterday?

I have this friend and we would talk to each other none stop. Last night we started sexting each other and masturbating. It wasn’t bad...

Why do girls want so much commitment?

Sometimes I just want to have sex why girls have to have this whole lock em down and marry him first baloney what a hassle dont girls...

Are straight women usually disgusted by penises?

Asking for a friend... the woman finds guys attractive. She’s romantically attracted to them too but doesn’t necessarily have the urge...

How far apart are your sexcapades when it comes to having different sexual partners?

Mine would of course be years apart because I had no intention of sleeping with multiple people in life anyways. I have no intentions of...

Guys, does this disgust you?

Armpit hair on a woman

Straight men, be honest, which type of women do you prefer to watch in porn?

I heard about studies that found straight men respond to penises more than to vaginas and therefore prefer shemale porn because it...