Sexy Time Reduces Cancer!

Did you know that there are bonding chemicals that promote monogamy and assist with keeping parents together in the raising of a child?...

Why is casual sex and high partner count more damaging to women as opposed to men? Also, what is the link between casual sex and marriage?

For a long time, there has been speculations over the effects of casual sex and partner count on both the sexes. Speculations included a...

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder AND it matters how a package is wrapped... sometimes

I have noticed here on GAG that a lot of controversy goes on over full figured women being called ugly, fat, overweight, gorgeous,...

The Triple N that men aren't fond of (No Nut November) This video got me off guard, I thought it wouldn't be that good but then I had to hide tears...

No Fap November Guide: How To Quit Porn Forever

Hello reader. If you are reading this mytake you are maybe curious. Or maybe you are a person that needs to quit porn because it has...

Consent For Sex – What Is It And How Do You Know That You Have It?

I have never stopped in the midst of passion and asked my partner, “Do I have your permission to place my penis in your vagina?” If I...

The peculiar women who have “male navel fetishes”: a very rare fetish for women to have (for mature readers only)

I’m taking a break from politics to talk about a very interesting group I stumbled upon on the Internet. It was a pleasant surprise for...

Does the G-spot feel like it's part of the internal clitoris?

Most of the clitoris is internal. Some people say that the G-spot is just part of the internal clitoris. What do you think?

Ladies, what kind of inner labia have you?

ladies, what kind of inner labia have you?

Do you find orgasms to be more pleasurable when more of your body parts are being stimulated?

I'm going to be using the female anatomy for the sake of example, but the same concept applies for men, just with different body parts....

What's your opinion on guys who shave legs and arms?

What's your views and opinions on men who choose to shave their legs and arms either because they're more than average hairy or because...

How do men with small dicks feel?

I know a lot of you have been offended by my small dick comments and questions and I'm really not trying to offend you. I simply prefer...

Women, how do you like the penis (curve) to look like?

Women, how do you like the penis (curve) to look like?