The Economically-Motivated Language of Seduction Employing Masculinity as Body Capital

So I'd like to share something with you. (I like dance. That's the main reason.) Now at first glance this may look, on the surface, like...

Why conservative leaning men are considered sexier by women

Most of us prefer to date and marry people who tend to agree with us and that is understandable. However, when it comes to casual sex,...

What its like for a guy to be inexperienced with girls, dating, relationships, and sex at an adult age

There are many guys like me, but most of us are afraid to talk openly about it. We feel that we’ll be judged negatively, looked down...

What to expect when you’re dating a guy with a foot fetish

Imagine this, you just started dating a guy who you think is perfect so far, you two have a great connection and when it comes to sex,...

Cummin At You With More Sex... Jokes

I see you've cum back for more... Can't get enough huh 😂 Hope you enjoy, or you could at least "fake it like a female"😂😂 Anniversary...

31 Nights of Halloween

Here’s a sh*t load of thrills, chills, and horror-comedies. Let me know if you’ve seen or are interested in seeing any of these films....

Differences between sensual and vulgar, risqué and pornography

This won't be long. This Take is inspired by some recent talks I've had with some users on here about this kind of photography and the...

Is it wrong to sleep with someone with mental health problems?

Just a hypothetical question. Not like I would be in this situation. Is it wrong to sleep with someone with serious mental...

What should I say to him?

Me and my boyfriend are doing long distance at the moment. He asked me to "tell him how to masturbate" and i really dont know what to...

Strap-on lingerie and knee high socks! Need feedback?

So I bought these two things today. I’ve heard guys like them so I thought I’d spice things up! Guys-How do you want your girl wearing...

What’s the benefit of the big O?

I know the benefits of a mans big O But is there any benefit of my big O?

Have to pleasure myself because he won't?

I have no clue what's going on... maybe he's cheating. But he's a pretty trustworthy guy. Or he has a pornography addiction I don't...

I ended up having sex with the guy I’ve been posting on here?

We’re not dating yet it was in my car at a party best sex I ever had ngl but I still wanna experiment with a girl he said he’s down for...

Why does my girlfriend not turn me on anymore?

My girlfriend has a pretty face and really sex body but whenever I get an erection during the day, it’s because I’m thinking of other...

Is cum on face normal?

The man i am seeing is a bit elder. He treats me like a princess but things change when he is horny. He would sit on a sofa , spread his...

Girls, how do you feel about No Nut November?

No nut November is where you don't masturbate for the entire month of November, in case anyone didn't already know.

Do you think minors should be punished for engaging in sex with adults?

We know that teachers, coaches, etc. have been fired or locked up for sleeping with underaged kids, and rightfully so. But do you think...

Is "I have the pussy so I make the rules" a valid attitude by women?

What Is anyone else tired of this attitude?

Have you ever had somebody ask you to be their sugar mama/sugar daddy? Was it freaky?

Freaked me out so bad. Had a guy ask me that today 😂 So weird I felt like I was gonna throw up and faint at the same time I know some...

Do you sleep nude with your partner?

To me, nothing is quite as intimate as sleeping together nude after making love with my partner. It says that we are comfortable with...


You have absolutely nothing on.

What is the most interesting non-sexual female costume to you?

There seems to be some excitement over oversexualized costumes so I decided to post this

Guys, are you ready for No Nut November? Can you make it for 30 days with out nutting?

Girls, what will you do if your man participates in No Nut November? Should girls have Finger Free February?

Guys, do you prefer your woman in bikini panties, boy shorts, a thong, or something else?

When you are about to get "frisky" with a partner for the first time and she is undressing (or maybe you are undressing her,) what do...