Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere First Off This article is meant to be informative. I want to say before I even begin that, I Do Not agree...

FETISH vs KINK - you know who you are... and so do I :)

Let's explore what you need, desire, want and for some of us, crave ...yes, I said crave! :) KINK DEFINITION: In human sexuality,...

Women Love a Sexual Challenge

There is a very distinct conclusion that I have come to. It is really something that has blown my mind as of late. Women view a man's...

"HOE HOE HOE YOUR WAY" TO Dirty Christmas Jokes Cuz Christmas Is A CUMMIN...

Hey, if the radios can be playing Christmas music already then I figure it's never too early (that's not what she said) for dirty...

My unpopular opinions about Sex

These are my personal opinions you can disagree with if you want but again my opinion. 1. Having a high body count, doesn't mean you're...

What I consider to be the ideal woman for a long term relationship and marriage

In this take I’ll be listing both physical and personality traits that I consider to be traits of the ideal woman Short: I like short...

The Art of Text Seduction !

The ongoing pandemic and the in many countries tightened lockdowns can cause issues with the romantic and sexual life for many couples...

Guys, Are You Comfortable Talking To Girls With Visible Cleavage?

Could you focus on the conversation while her tits are on display? Real Users ONLY. No anonymous opinions. Honest answers please ✨

I allowed him to use me for sex because I was in love? Is this my fault?

I was seeing that guy for a month. He was mostly interested in sex but I was in love and I though it could change. He told me "you are...

My boyfriend of 2 years always refers to me as his slut and fucktoy in private?

We're both super horny people and fuck a lot but i also love him and hope to marry him... is he just using me for my fuckholes or is...

Is it cheating when you are married and sexting and flirting with men on GAG?

My boyfriend is flirting to a married Indian woman here on Gag what should I do to him? The married Indian woman is flirting him back...

Why why why do I keep getting lead on or rejected by girls?

I’m generally a nice guy! Maybe to nicĂ«. I compliment girls, I give them support and help whichever way I can, I talk to them, I pay for...

What are some things you wish you knew about sex before you did it?

For me. Dicks are huge It's really messy Cum really shoots out without a warning Once he finishes it's all done Condoms smell bad Its...

Boyfriend makes fat jokes, so I make small penis jokes?

Long story short. Im 5'4 112lbs but last year I weighed about 145lbs. When I was that weight he never made jokes about me but now that I...

Would it hurt you if I turned around with you inside?

Say I want to go from chest to chest to back to chest, I know all I have to do is close my legs turn around twice and I'll get to...

What is wrong with this guy? One week he implies sexual interest/vague proposal? The next week when see one another (I'm in skirt) he acts like this?

He implied sexual interest/vague proposal. The week later when see one another I'm in a nice modest skirt & blouse outfit (ankle...

Girls, If you were a male what would you dislike/hate the most?

If you were a male what things about the male body would you dislike/hate the most to have on your own self especially when you have had...

Guys, What body type are you most SEXUALLY attracted to in a woman?

Based on sexual attraction alone (what you first notice about a girl who you dont know whithout having spoken to her yet), ignore other...

Are girls annoyed when semen goes everywhere?

I jizzed on my ex’s belly and she complained that it was gross.

Do you love big butts of Latin women?

I worship them. Please suggest me some good latinos.

Have You Ever Been Tied Up?

I have never been tied up. But I know some people have. In fact, I know somebody who has been tied up at home and abroad. How about you?...

Guys, Would you date a girl wasn’t into anal sex?

Say they liked everything else accept anal.

Are you a doggy or missionary type of person?

I kind of like the face to face type of deal with the lights on. Eye contact during it also. It's kind of hot.

Should I tell her boyfriend that she was willing to cheat on him with me?

So, I befriended a girl online and we chatted for two months, daily. Sometimes we flirted, she'd send me pictures of her in underwear,...