The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

I Fell In Love with A Guy in A 4 Year Relationship

After my freshman year of college, I stopped dating. I mean it makes sense with the year I had. I was tossed around by the upperclassmen...

Being a Unicorn

Cautionary tale of being the rare most wanted Unicorn. If you are not familiar with the word Unicorn, let me introuduce you... As stated...

A Nympho's Guide For Men Who Can't Get Laid

Here's guide for all you guys who just get get your leg over and can't quite work out why. BELIEVE IT OR NOT AVERAGE LOOKING GUYS REALLY...

Here's Why Slut Shaming Is Stupid!

Yes, I'm sure some of you who know who I am must think I am high right now @MzAsh @SydneySentinel @thegirlfromthething @RolandCuthbert...

Trying to understand why most girls would rather be seen topless than bottomless!

Thoughts about this from THIS GUYS perspective (NOTE: I'm a guy AND only represents me) Generally speaking guys would love to see have...

Breaking It Down: Bias < Fact - Part One

Hello everyone! One kind friend of mine, messaged me with a MyTake which is a blatant unoriginal response to my previous MyTake about...

Clenching toward the end of anal?

I'm just curious if the ladies like to clamp down on their man as he gets close to cumming during anal. The sphincter can squeeze the...

Girls, How do I come to terms with my sexuality?

So im only asking girls to hopefully avoid the silly immature responses i get from some guys. But I am genuinely confused at the...

Is this a cute photo? My boyfriend put it on his insta. What do we think of my bikini, I loved it but is it too revealing? Opinions?

So we took this super cute photo on holiday but I was reluctant to put it online because my bikini is more revealing than a typical...

How many dates before giving a handjob/blowjob?

How many dates should there be before you give him a blowjob/handjob, in your opinion?


I have a fetish of having sex with married mature women I have had the best passionate intense climaxes with married women 35-62 I am 45...

What were you thinking when you masturbate?

your friend benefits, crush, lover?

How to tease a delivery man?

thinking of ordering pizza, id like to tease the guy. Ideas please? maybe a little peep show

Girls, First time sex would you prefer the guy to be dominant in bed or to give you oral?

Cuz giving oral is kinda submissive. So you can only be one at a time

Girls, Which man would you prefer?

Read the options carefully please

How Many Gagers Are Virgins?

Feel free to go anonymous for this post...

How and when did you learn about girls having two openings?

How and when did you learn that girls have two openings almost close together, one pee hole and one vaginal opening? Has it even...

Is being super attracted to legs in shorts considered a kink and/or fetish?

I know being attracted to legs in general is not a kink/fetish. It's not as popular as boobs, butt, or genitalia, but it's still pretty...

Is having a female significant other who holds a job the ultimate beta male symptom?

You think about it. You want a female date, partner, or spouse who doesn't cheat on you for another guy. It's quite funny considering...

Is this a fun condom?

Are ribbed condoms more fun than regular ones?