10 Sexual Practices That Are Older Than You Think

WARNING: This MyTake contains imagery depicting historic sex acts and sexual artifacts, as well as accounts of historic sex acts. Some...

Homosexuality and Psychology

I read a question on here and the opinions people posted and I was just baffled on the general mentality. What surprised me even more is...

Today's Sex Culture - Empowering or Mindless?

Sex has been a major priority in most people's lives since time unknown. And as of today, sex has been a constant topic of discussion,...

Casual Sex: Men vs Women

It's been discussed before and it stays a difficult subject. Casual sex is becoming more normal every day, yet peoples visions on this...

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

Introduction: I'm writing this myTake to give women a heads up on what types of men to avoid as Boyfriends and especially a husband. In...

The masculine sexuality, women behavior nowadays and the need for a soft but important revolution on sexual concepts

The masculine sexuality, women behavior nowadays and the need for a soft but important revolution on sexual concepts Hi all, and nice...

Girls Ask Guys is not rated PG

If you notice, some material may be inapporpiate for chidren under 13 and I would argue gag goes one step further, under 17 requires...

Have you ever had ambivalent feelings regarding sex in your relationship?

I do. Most of the time I have a very lukewarm attitude towards it and it's more something I do to make my girlfriend happy than...

If penis size doesn't matter, why is there such little variation in penis size?

First let me apologise for breaking the unwritten GAG rule of never asking a penis size question. Logic dictates that the less size is...

How can I find a teacher from 8th year (I was 13 years old)?

I mean, I loved that math teacher. If I had him here I think I'd f**k him. He was really hot to me but I think only to me (ok and a...

Do you listen to any LGBTQ+ artists?

I’m a straight guy but there have been a handful of LGBTQ+ musical artists that I’ve enjoyed in recent times, what about you? I can...

Does my girlfriend owe me sex if I am nice to her and do things with her and for her?

okay the other night I watched the notebook with my girlfriend and afterwards she didn’t have sex with me. I mean if a guy watches a...

What to do when you feel crazy aroused but you can't do nothing about it?

I mean, you might want to hit your head against the wall to stop thinking about having sex or just stop feeling so needy. I mean, you...

Why do men want to become gynecologists?

Some people think that male gynos just want to see and touch boobs and vaginas, but personally I think that if that's the intent, it...

What do you think about a girl who dresses really revealing?

Do you think she is asking for sexual attention or think nothing of it?

Are you, or were you ever, repulsed by your own (healthy) genitals?

For example, did you ever feel like your genitals (or the genitals of your gender in general, or the genitals of both genders) were gross?

Is it okay to ask a classmate if I can touch her tits?

I helped a girl in my class in a Project, now everyone is talking about that i should ask her to Touch her tits

Ejaculation without erection?

how many guys in here experienced that , please vote and be honest , thanks

Have you ever asked a guy to send a dick pic?

Doesn’t matter the relationship you had or why just if you did ask.

What you prefer more while watching porn ( a music _the actual sound )?

for me i love to hear the sound of flesh and moaning , i know most of it fake but i love it