The Economically-Motivated Language of Seduction Employing Masculinity as Body Capital

So I'd like to share something with you. (I like dance. That's the main reason.) Now at first glance this may look, on the surface, like...

Cummin At You With More Sex... Jokes

I see you've cum back for more... Can't get enough huh 😂 Hope you enjoy, or you could at least "fake it like a female"😂😂 Anniversary...

31 Nights of Halloween

Here’s a sh*t load of thrills, chills, and horror-comedies. Let me know if you’ve seen or are interested in seeing any of these films....

Differences between sensual and vulgar, risqué and pornography

This won't be long. This Take is inspired by some recent talks I've had with some users on here about this kind of photography and the...

The Cultural Consequences of Society's Failure to Reject Transgenderism

Introduction Transgenderism is the belief that someone can be the gender opposite their sex. The justification proffered for this...

Male Sexuality Part I: Disassociation Theory & the Lure of Transactional Sex

I think this is going to be the beginning of a series I will do on sexuality. It's an interesting subject to me, and I now feel I am...

"Gotta Keep Em Cummin"... Sex Jokes

Yep, I'm "at it again".... Kinda like the Energizer Bunny of sex joke takes 🤣 Ready to get your laugh on?.... ROSES ARE RED, LEMONS...

Is it normal for a 37 year old man to want to have sex with a 23 year old woman?

I know it is legal but that woman is not in the same age bracket as him. More than 10 years age difference,

What is the best rating site to post nude or topless pics?

Guys: what is the best rating site for a girl to post her pics on? Girls: have you ever posted nude or topless pics on a rating site?

How can I find my kinks out?

I don't know if I truly have a link or not but I really want a few.. any advice?

Guys, do your dicks get tender after having intercourse more often than usual?

Like 2-3 times in a day if you're not used to it? If so, what factors play into it? Just the amount of sex or if the woman is very...

I got a sex dream which had me having sex with my bestfriend. Is this normal?

I got dream recently in which I was very intimate with my best friend. We were cuddling and kissing it seems and then we had sex. In...

When you were young, did you ever watch cable TV porn?

I remember my sisters and I would watch HBO porn in the middle of the night. While our parents were asleep 🤣. The stories were...

Does this mean he’s more sexually attracted to the other woman?

If you’re having a threesome and the guy never penetrates you but instead chooses to use you as the girl who gets oral from the other...

Which situation would you rather be in?

Situation #1: Your partner sees you as a 10, the sexiest person they've ever seen, but you see your partner as a 5 - average looking,...

SEX SURVEY - How far are you willing to go to get what you want and need?

Pick the survey choice below or discuss your answer in your comments or both.

Are fishnet stocking slutty?

Preferably with boots instead of heels, still the same amount of slutty? Does hole size matter or make it less or more slutty? Don't...

Girls, Do black guys make you more horny than white guys or other?

I don't know but I have heard most girls are more attracted to black men sexually even white girls too. Please tell me the truth.

I’m 16 and had sex with a guy from school but didn’t know he had girlfriend. will people think I didn’t know him well enough before sleeping with him?

Why do people think I didn’t know him well enough? I didn’t know he had a girlfriend but not every one knows that before sleeping with...

Would you wear a micro bikini?

I recently talked to my boyfriend about new clothes and swimwear. He told me he wanted to surprise me and get one for me to wear around...

How do you prefer you ladies kitty?

Clean shaven, hair or just dont car e?

Fun Poll: What would you rather do?

My answer: Change my gender

Can open marriage work after affair?

My wife cheated and I don't want make her look bad so I figured if just be cool about the whole thing and turn negative into positive by...