Sex Isn't A Sin Or Shameful

I felt it was important to do a take about the topic of sex. For reasons which I will get into later in this take. But the biggest...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: 3 Things that Will Make Her Fall in Love by 2 Months

I have always said that it takes a woman about 2 months to fall in love on average. I even wrote a myTake about it last year. The...

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were LGBTQIAP+

1. Lady Gaga 2. Katy Perry 3. Lili Reinhart 4. Halsey 5: Demi Lovato 6. Miley Cyrus

My Journey to Not Using Porn to Masturbate

It has now been about a month of not watching porn despite watching porn each day for the past 10 years or so. I have noticed some...

Why Racism Destroys Interracial Relationships between Black men and White Women: The Biological Imperative of Female Nesting

As a black man, my relationships interracial relationships with women have fizzled out. It comes to a point where I get bombarded with...

The Better Blowjob: A How-to Guide [Part 2]

This is a continuation of The Better Blowjob: A How-to Guide [Part 1] It's in the Eyes 👁👁 Looking up into his eyes is WAY more...

The Better Blowjob: A How-to Guide [Part 1]

I've been writing a series on dating, relationships, and sexuality. A Guy's Guide to Digital Communication: How to Talk to Girls Online...

Can a guy who is used to having sex right away wait for sex if the girl is special to him?

I am a virgin and he is not ! He is used to girls throwing themselves at him and wanting sex right away. I am more old fashioned and...

After a while, would you feel like you’re no longer “enough” to sexually satisfy someone whos slept with a lot of people in the past?

Call it insecurity if you will, but I just feel like people who need to sleep with a lot in life aren't sexually satisfied for long. I’d...

Girls, how old were you when you gave your first blow job?

Was it pleasurable for you? Did you let him cum in your mouth?

A guy who didn’t make me orgasm but I told him he gave me an intense orgasm through sexting?

So a guy was “feeling” but down there (not fingering). I still had my underwear on because, well, we grew up in church and we’re trying...

How to make my friends with benefits forgive me?

Met this guy 8 months back we got along so so so well we spend like the whole 2 days together and then we’d talk everyday up until a few...

Should I be concerned that he only ever wants rough sex?

I've had a sort of friends-with-benefits situation going on with this guy for the past few months. He's great outside of the sex, very...

Do u think it's weird or unattractive?

Genitals are darker than ur actual skin color. Now is that a turnoff or...

Guy said he had sex with girls without a condom and pulled out before finishing?

I was messing around with the guy I'm dating when he said "I should probably wear a condom before we have sex" to which I replied...

Women addicted to porn?

How common is porn addiction for females? I am a 42 year old woman who watches porn a lot! I mean A LOT! At times i will spend all of my...

What makes me want more?

Ok so this is a problem for me in ways. I guess i can say i am a sex addict... Why during and after sex do i feel "not full enough"?...

Butterface with big boobs or pretty face but small boobs?

The question is obviously about women. Guys, which option would you prefer? Girls, if you had to pick one thing, what would you pick?

Would you be fine with your brother having sex with your best friend?

My brother fucked my best friend. I am mad at both of them right now. This just happened yesterday.

How it be a turn off?

when sexting, after sending a pic of your dick to text "sry if the angle, lighting isn't perfect. I'm not used to sending pic of my D 😅"

Guys, How many women have you had sex with?

Just curious how many women the average man has been with sexually. Studies vary and I just wanted to see what the consensus was on...

Shaved or Unshaved?

For girls and guys, do you shave your pubic hair? Do you prefer your partner to be shaved? If you aren’t shaved, are there problems that...

Girls, Do you have sex just to please your man even when you can't be bothered or are too tired. ?

After chatting to my partner about her sex drive... She went on to say that most women please their partners even when they can't be...

Girls, for a (long term) relationship - do you prefer to be treated well/as someone special, like any other person, or with extreme drama/sex/passion?

All three are possible, and it may be a personality question, but if you try for special, a she usually just wants to be normal or make...