If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Love may indeed be blind, but in order to create that love in the first place, you’ve got to start somewhere and wearing lingerie makes...

Sexy Time Reduces Cancer!

Did you know that there are bonding chemicals that promote monogamy and assist with keeping parents together in the raising of a child?...

Consent For Sex – What Is It And How Do You Know That You Have It?

I have never stopped in the midst of passion and asked my partner, “Do I have your permission to place my penis in your vagina?” If I...

The peculiar women who have “male navel fetishes”: a very rare fetish for women to have (for mature readers only)

I’m taking a break from politics to talk about a very interesting group I stumbled upon on the Internet. It was a pleasant surprise for...

Strip club shaming for men is the equivalent of slut shaming for women.

I try to limit my time on this site, but like where else can I write this stuff? So like before, think if this like a blog post. Today...

Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers

I will cover the hairs of women and why they need to feel glorious and proud of their head hair, armpit hair, leg hair and private area...

Dick Data Part 1: A Deep Dive Declassifying The Diminutive Differences In Dudes' Dick Lengths

There seems to be a fair amount of discussion here about penis lengths and sizes. Some guys wonder if they're "average" or not. Some...

If you have physical needs that are mostly non-sexual, and your partner is more sexual than you - do they respect it?

Most physical needs I have are non sexual and that's probably me being built wrong, but she accepts and respects it. In turn, I do my...

How do I know if I'm turned on?

I don't know how to tell if I'm wet because I'm turned on or if it's just normal discharge. How do you tell the difference?

How can you tell the difference between vaginal discharge and arousal fluid, aka the fluid you generate when you're wet?

I honestly don't know if I've ever been sexually aroused because I don't know what the difference is.

Wanting to try Pegging?

I want to find females who are into pegging and have tried different websites but none of them seem legit. Help anyone?

Am I weird for loving Pegging?

Am I weird for really enjoying this? Are there women who have the same interests? How can I connect? Ugh

When you masturbate do you fantasize?

Do you just enjoy the physical sensations? Or do you imagine undressing and controlling someone or being controlled? Just having sex...

Have you ever had a "skin orgasm" while listening to music?

"The sensation, known as a skin orgasms, produces a feeling of pleasure so intense it can be felt all over their body, can produce...

I was black out drunk the whole time we had sex, should I tell him?

So the other night I had sex with my hookup buddy when I was really drunk. I don’t think he realized how drunk I was but I feel weird...

Girls, Would you make your boyfriend wait until you were in the mood in this situation?

If your boyfriend was really stressed sexually because he has never experienced a blowjob before, would you give him one after he...

(18+) Is 7.5 inches in length and 5.3 inches in circumference a comfortable penis size?

... For women in general? I am still virgin and I have no clue.

Women, would you be okay with this?

Let's say that you sometimes peg your boyfriend (screw him with a strap on ) and he moans loudly and says harder please, (says your name...

Does it mean the sex was bad if she doesn't want to cuddle afterward?

I've always heard women obsess over cuddling after sex and seems like their reaction is always sexually positive when they do so.

Does a tongue ring make a girl slutty/hoe?

apparently it means she sucks dick a lot is that true?

Is the sexual chart about accurate.. curious?

This chart shows our zodiac signs and the connection to the different sex positions we either prefer or are better at. I'm not sure how...

Girls... If you really with it. Bust a tit? 👀🤫👌?

Will y'all pop a titty in a pic. And send it to us. if we ask u this?