'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I

This is the first in an interview-style series of articles I will be writing. I enjoy analyzing life, talking with people about their...

Seduce Me Last Story

Seduce Me #9 On a pulsating afternoon, I'd have killed for a cold drink, from Victor Nebraska no less but not this time. "I think I'm...

My thoughts on little Nas X's "Satan Shoes" and his song "Montero" (Call Me By Your Name).

I'm kind of late to the party, but I just wanted to get my thoughts on the gay rapper little Nas X out. By now, you probably already...

'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II

This is a continuation of: 'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I Since...

6 Male Mistakes That Cooled Women From Sex!

To be honest, there is no woman who does not want to have sex because she has a headache, feels weak, sleeps. There is a woman whom a...

Guide to Seducing the Guys: The Secrets of Being the 'Naughty Girl' in Bed!

I will share with you a few secrets that will make your partner happy in bed and get out of pleasure and nirvana together. With these...

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

Hello friends. Today I will share with you some tips about "sexting", which is called "sex texting" in English and "sexual texting" in...

Is it a good idea to get a friends with benefits for an eternally single woman?

Hi guys, unfortunately I have been single for well over 5 years, and I have been celibate during this time as well. The reason I have...

Have you ever hooked up with a co-worker?

Title says it all. Have you ever given into temptation and slept with your co-worker? If so, how'd it happen and how'd it go?

HELP! Boyfriend has a thing for impregnating me? However I am actually pregnant now but he's not ready?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. We've gotten to know each other well and we have talked about having a future...

Guys, what do you consider ‘goddess’ breasts?

Or your favorite preference of breasts that you would call them a goddess? Point case in example, to my surprise my breasts have...

Girls, if you woke up and your boyfriend/Husband was masturbating, would it turn you on, or turn you off?

Guys, have you ever had this happen to you (get caught by your S/O) and what happened?

Have you had sex in the car?

I gave a blowjob to a man in the car quite excited

What do you think about that fact that female arousal makes their sweat smell better? "The females were instructed not to wear perfume or deodorant. Also,...

Girls, Do you find it when a man asks you to give him a blowjob as a compliement towards you and your beauty or someone who's simply wants to use you?

After the blowjob do you feel hot sexy and beautiful once he cums for you whether or not you choose to swallow... personally i never...

What do you think about guys who use alcohol as a drug to get sex since women have way lower alcohol tolerance? Is it rape when you can't say No?

Is it rape when you can't say No? If not, what should mute people do then by that logic? Why are some guys so stupid to understand body...

Which do you think is the best food to pre-practice giving blowjobs with?

I know of many beyond this list. However, if some of you can remember the name of the last option, please let me know.

Will pedophilia be normal in the future?

Imagine a 14 year old girl with a 28 year old guy. Thats pedophilia. Could it become acceptable?

How would you respond if your big breasted girlfriend wanted to get a reduction procedure?

This is the flip side of another poll that I posted a few minutes ago. Sometimes, the mention of big boobs makes some girls...

How would you respond if your small breasted girlfriend wanted to get implants?

Sometimes, the mention of small boobs makes some girls cringe. They know what happens next: comments such as "You look like a little...

If a guy sent a girl an unsolicited dick pic and she posts it online to mock the guy and make fun of it, would that be acceptable or wrong?

A guy talks to a girl he just met less than 24 hours ago. He sends her a lewd dick pic, unannounced. His dick is not impressive at all;...

Is it right for a girl to share her sexual fantasy?

I have come across people expressing disapproval on a women's fantasizing about another men or women, being in a relationship is it...