Battle of the Sexual Addictions

Sexual addiction can come in many forms. For me, it was like... a new year, a new addiction. And well, you know its bad when you set...

My View On Transgenderism

I support a transgender's right to tolerance. I do not support their right to approval. I am required to tolerate their choice, but I...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: 3 Things that Will Make Her Fall in Love by 2 Months

I have always said that it takes a woman about 2 months to fall in love on average. I even wrote a myTake about it last year. The...

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were LGBTQIAP+

1. Lady Gaga 2. Katy Perry 3. Lili Reinhart 4. Halsey 5: Demi Lovato 6. Miley Cyrus

Sex Isn't A Sin Or Shameful

I felt it was important to do a take about the topic of sex. For reasons which I will get into later in this take. But the biggest...

My Journey to Not Using Porn to Masturbate

It has now been about a month of not watching porn despite watching porn each day for the past 10 years or so. I have noticed some...

Why Racism Destroys Interracial Relationships between Black men and White Women: The Biological Imperative of Female Nesting

As a black man, my relationships interracial relationships with women have fizzled out. It comes to a point where I get bombarded with...

How do you go about finding a friend with benefits?

I personally never had one for various reasons but I'm currently looking for one. If you ever had one, would you mind sharing how that...

Why is my boyfriend watching porn?

I went through his phone earlier and saw his search history. I saw that he searched up porn the other day. We’ve been together for over...

Girls, Have you ever asked your partner for dry anal sex?

Just to see what its like and how painful it is? Are you into pain pleasure?

Should I just let some guy fuck me if im still a virgin by 25?

Im currently 22 and have never had a dick inside me. I've only given blowjobs and been naked around one guy. I wanna experience sex more...

My friend has a BIG penis, how do I get used to his girth?

I finally broke the silence towards my bestie of 4 years & we recently hooked up a few days agoProblem is he's BIG as in length &...

Why Don't So Men Moan?

This irritates me so much because you never really know if he's enjoying it or getting close to a climax

How big does a penis need to be to cause a uterine orgasm?

Iv heard that some women can orgasm when their cervix is stimulated and they get use to the feeling. Apparently this is suppose to lead...

Would you generally assume a 27 year old virgin has a low sex drive?

Despite never having PIV, do you think there's a possibility she would still have a high drive?

How long should I give him before moving on?

Been seeing this guy for almost 2 months now. Started sleeping with him 2 weeks ago. Things feel like we are slowly progressing towards...

Are Trans Women, Women?

Pls explain why I want to know

What do you wear to bed if anything?

Anything special you wear to bed? What is it?

Can dick size be a bigger issue than height?

Would a girl who can look past a guy being 5’7 dump him when she finds out his dick is only 4.5 inches

Is it okay to sexually assault females (not being sarcastic)?

This is Jacob Blake. I just found out his sexual assault charges have been dropped. However, why is that? He forcefully inserted his...