"Man VS Dildo"! myTake Why A Man Will Win Hands Down!

This is to show that even tho I did a myTake yesterday Why Women Prefer A Dildo , I know and realize having sex and being in a...

Love is the best thing in life

I have had strong feelings in relationships that were not love. Love is different. I view love as an extreme form of attachment...

Sexuality "Seen Through My Eyes"

Sexuality and sex are two different things. Sex is the actual act of intercourse, whereas sexuality is the sexual feeling and sexual...

Spreading Love and Happiness makes me Happy!

Today at school, I spread lots of love and happy. We handed out Valentine's day chocolates and wished people a happy Valentine's. We...

What You Don't Know About Gender Disphoria

So many children these days seem to be confused about their gender. And their 'woke' parents, desiring to support them, exacerbate the...

Mytake On Why Men Prefer A Fleshlight

Disclaimer: This is meant in fun and Idea born from @Brainsbeforebeauty Mytake Mytake On Why Women Prefer A Dildo. A Sunday funday. Not...

Mytake On Why Women Prefer A Dildo.

Disclaimer: This is meant in fun and Idea born from @luarieluvsit Mytake MyTake on why guys prefer to room with dogs :) So please don't...

Why is intimacy such a big deal in relationships?

I'm trying to figure that out because I admit I really have difficulties grasping it. Maybe it's because I have had almost universally...

Girls, Do girls plan for sex?

If you’re going to the club or out on a date do you plan ahead if your going to have sex later, or do you not know till later? If you...

If you could, would you try to kill Harvey Weinsteinfor all of the sexual assaults he did to those women?

I'm curious about your thoughts on him and other male celebrities like him. Would you try to kill those people, too?

Girls how do you feel society views you and sex?

Okay girls so how do you feel society views you and how your sex life should be and why do you think like this? For example like if you...

Guys, does sex matter to you more than anything else?

Would you give up your virginity for fun and satisfaction? Why?

Giving Someone The Middle Finger?

When you flip someone off, give them the middle finger, give them the bird do you flip them off with your thumb in or thumb out?

Does vagina has more sexual value and respect than penis?

Does the vagina have far more sexual respect and sexual value than the penis in the society? Why is it so?

Do men expect women to have absolutely no hair around their genital area?

I understand sometimes the pelvic area can be hairy a bit but below that mainly, would I need to get a Brazilian? there's a guy who kept...

You are only allowed to go on a date with one of these girls, so which one will you choose?

I know it’s difficult to choose they are all beautiful. But you can only choose ONE😝

Girls, Which of these body parts are you most comfortable showing/sending a pic to a guy?

Answer with your vote How many times have you sent that to guys?

Do you have a "Daddy" or "Mommy" complex?

When I say "Complex" I mean as in calling your sexual partner by either of those titles, this can either be playfully or actually...