Intentionally Having Fatherless Children is A Selfish Act

My sister recently had a baby with a gang banger. Why have a baby with a druggie? She said that she didn't really need a father to be...

Thoughts on Ladies Under Stating Their Dozens of Sexual Partners

First, I am not slut shaming. As long as you are safe I see nothing wrong with having fun. I do however, think that men are objectified...
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Is Feminism destroying women's bed pleasures?

Its been at least eighty years that everyone starting promoting equality and a higher status for women, which is great. But when it...

5 Things You Should Do to Live the Most Enjoyable Orgasm of Your Life!

Orgasm is like a journey between the universes, the transition to the dark side, and then the moment of return. Your body is starting to...

What do women want in sexuality?

Is there anything as great as sexuality? No, if you ask me. <3 <3 Although they love sexuality on both sides, their expectations from...

Why Women in the Dating Pool are Going Their Own Way (WGTOW)

We have all heard about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Not many people discuss the rise of WGTOW (Women Going Their Own Way). In...

What The F*ck 101: "I Believe Tara Reade, but I Will Still Vote for Joe Biden."

I am a registered Democrat, since age 18, but have actually never voted in my life. Even when I've supported many democratic politicians...

Guy's, if you believe girls are such horrible and evil creatures then why do you want to have sex with them?

I see guys on here complaining about not having sex or dating, but in the same paragraph they will say girls are b+tchs, hoes, evil,...

Is it weird that I dont care he had a happy ending massage?

I found out from a friend of mine that a couple of months ago my boyfriend went for a massage and had a happy ending at the end of the...

In your sexual fantasies, are you more often the giver or receiver of pleasure?

And what do you think this says about your approach to sex? Of course both partners can take pleasure in a sex act where one is a...

Do you always ask a new SO or potential SO how many people they’ve slept with?

And when is it appropriate to do so? I’m fine with telling a boyfriend or potential boyfriend if he asks but I think that’s something to...

Is anyone else the sister with the less desirable genetics?

So ! That’s me on the right and my sister Kayla on the left. Well She got the small waist, cute face, and big tits. I got the small...

Guys, How big your testicles?

Tomoto Potato Pear🍐 Orange Apple

Woman knows I been having sex with her boyfriend?

She knows we been having sex and sexting, yet she won’t leave him? What is wrong with her? If I knew what she knew I would be gone in a...

Do You Like It On Top or Bottom?

I like both but prefer on bottom.

Is this a turn off?

Is it a turn off to want to wait to have sex and making it clear?

Do you care about the opposite sex?

Yes, they drive you crazy sometimes. Some of them can go... you know where. But in general, do you care about their well-being? (As...

Sleep naked or wear pants?

what about your Nighttime and why?

*TRIGGER ALERT* For women who have been sexually assaulted, have you fallen pregnant as a result?

If so, would you mind sharing how you dealt with that situation. Anon comments are allowed here and please do the poll. Thank you all...

How much of a deal do boobs and butt have for you?

Are you looking for someone with a good body, with a good size chest and an ass? Or is it all about the personality and in the end does...

8 work associates react to a guy about to masturbate on Zoom. Ever done or seen this?

Guess he's the moderator and didn't know he can't turn off his camera. Poor guy. But this is hilarious. And... during a business...

Why only sex here?

Is this platform only for sex discussion? Is this is kind of porn factory?

Name some places where you’ve always wanted to do something sexual but haven't?

List your own but also choose one of my dream settings on the poll. I’ve always wanted to do it on a pool table (totally buying one for...