Battle of the Sexual Addictions

Sexual addiction can come in many forms. For me, it was like... a new year, a new addiction. And well, you know its bad when you set...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to influence a Woman/Man into being your exclusive partner

It's early stages of dating and you want to inspire something more. What is the trick? Indirectly modeling married life. Creating...

My View On Transgenderism

I support a transgender's right to tolerance. I do not support their right to approval. I am required to tolerate their choice, but I...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: 3 Things that Will Make Her Fall in Love by 2 Months

I have always said that it takes a woman about 2 months to fall in love on average. I even wrote a myTake about it last year. The...

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were LGBTQIAP+

1. Lady Gaga 2. Katy Perry 3. Lili Reinhart 4. Halsey 5: Demi Lovato 6. Miley Cyrus

Sex Isn't A Sin Or Shameful

I felt it was important to do a take about the topic of sex. For reasons which I will get into later in this take. But the biggest...

My Journey to Not Using Porn to Masturbate

It has now been about a month of not watching porn despite watching porn each day for the past 10 years or so. I have noticed some...

What is the one thing a man needs from a woman to allow her to orgasm for the very first time?

She has never had an orgasm. What does a man need from her for it to happen?

Why does he disrespect me like this?

Give been married for over 20 years and my husband has had to start dealing with ED. Now I have told him repeatedly its no big deal...

Girls, Do you think I should taste my own cum?

Always curious to know what it tastes like

Do you guys jerk off to pics of girls you like?

My coworker told me he saved some pics from my social media and uses them to jerk off. It kind of turns me on, I actually asked him for...

I work in an office and the security guard there is fine af! Should I fuck him? Is it wrong to have sex with your co-workers?

So the security guard I work with is in shape and has an awesome personality, and I'm pretty sure he's got a huge cock! It's just my...

How do you deal your hornyness at home in time of Pandemic?

I always as soon as I get home, take a nice shower and stay completely naked, my hubby does the same, but now in this time of pandemic...

Guys, did you ever have a habit of pulling out to c*m on the ground?

Girls, did your guys do that? Lol I don't know if i just dated a weirdo or what... but my first ex and I always used the pullout method....

Should I be having more sex?

I’m a 23 year old male, I’ve always known that I’m not the best looking, and I’ve learned to accept and to live with it. I have only...

Can you take your own virginity?

I've used a dildo and menstrual cups so I don't think I have a hymen.

Girls, Which is preferred in bed?

Women are ungrateful so In order to have sex I have to feel big to have the confidence in me to be naked. I’m 7-7.4 inches and thick. I...

Hey is 7 inches big?

I know my penis is 7-7.4 inches. Is that big? I’m also quite thick too. Also what do females prefer

Guys, have you ever use a vibrator to get off?

Asking this cause I never hear of any guys using a vibrator. I hear all the time about how girls use them but never guys. So have you...