Why being in a female led relationship isn't a sign of weakness but strength

Most people think of men who are in a female led relationship or are obidient to their wife/GF as weak. Which is because female led...

Florida Serial Killer Set to be Executed

Gary Ray Bowles is a serial killer from Florida set to be executed August 22, 2019. He was sentenced for killing 6 men. He was raised in...

My Tinder Hookup Experience

This is a girl who is tired of relationships. But I miss the intimacy. Tinder is a great place for people who doesn't want emotional...

The contradictions of the lgbt community

Prepare to get hella offended. Look I'm sorry but I honestly never feel dysphoric..Yes I am very masculine, yes I don't care if I hang...

Why I regret doing a Brazilian wax and why girls should stop doing it

It was all for a guy. He wants me shaved, I thought it would be better to wax. After all they say it is smoother. I just wanted him to...

Coming Home To A Good Shower

With a heavy thud the purse fell to the floor. Yanking her hair out of the long braid she dropped her coat on the rack. “I’m home.”...

Trying sex with guys made me better with women!

I recently discovered or I guess accepted that I am bisexual. I just came out of a long term relationship with my ex-gf and decided to...

I have a sexual health question no judgement?

my current boyfriend and i met in January we didn't start having sex right away but when we did , we used condoms. Eventually we stopped...

On average do girls like bisexual guys?

Just curious to know if a lot of women out there like bisexual men so I would know whether to be more open or not

Do you love sex?

Which one are you Do you love sex or are you addicted to sex?

I'm an amateur porn model and love women dominating?

My wife likes to hold other women s butts open and force be in them. I have met women that simply have their assholescspread through a...

What do you do?

If you're masturbating or about to start masturbating and someone starts texting you and asks what you're doing, what do you tell them?

Is Juliette Lewis the sexist woman who ever lived?

She isn't the most beautiful and actually i dont know anything about her but omfg she turns me on like no one else. She has what you...

Can sex be considered an art?

Since it is a physical expression of emotion and is usually better with passion and spontaneity 🤔

Did you stop having as much vaginal discharge as you transitioned from adolescence to your early 20s?

Ok so, before some guys come here talking about how it's a disease, most women experience vaginal discharge (either white or clear)...

Does the taste of cum vary?

Does the taste of cum vary? Do some men's cum taste/ feel better than others? If so, how much do you think this is linked to diet,...

If you get a chance to do one night stand , which girl would you choose?

Competition is between me and my sis. So be honest and don't be biased. Pic 1 and 2 is me and pic 3 and 4 is my sis. First choose the...

Good pussy OR good sex?

What constitutes as good pussy/sex?

When wouldn’t a guy feel comfortable to get physical with you?

Note that it counts for single or available taken men.

Is it true you always remember the people you had sex with?

Say even if it was a bad experience. You can reverse image by the way that's a rare ameture model. I know somebody is gonna say why did...