Women: How Do You Feel When A Man Is Being An Asshole To Another Man?

My answer to a recent question about "toxic masculinity" inspired this, which my answer was in turn inspired by real life events and...

Storytime about my first time. Self reflection and opinion gathering.

I've lost my virginity over one year ago. This story has been bugging me ever since, so I decided to write about it to make my thoughts...

Trying to make sense of modesty

Recently I've seen there is an interesting debate on if modesty is even important or relevant anymore. To get view points more guided to...

The One Board Game That Could Improve Your Relationship

So I want to tell you about this board game. It used to be called 'A Hot Affair', and I think it's been slightly rebranded now to be...

Spiritual institutions of marriages and why the one you're in tells who your master is when having sexual relations and sexual struggles

I will discuss the marriages potential of sex within marriage and sex outside of marriage and tell the spiritual ties to each of them...

War of the minds, and why love and sex is another kind of warfare. The ramblings of another love sick man.

Love is warfare. This little tit bit is just a recommendation to all on why you should always date in your own pride, or why birds of a...

How virgin shaming almost ruined my life

I will start by saying I never had any problems with getting dates. Boys were asking me out pretty often. Since I was 16 I was taking...

My friends with benefits doesn't want me sleeping with other people... is this normal?

Hi everyone! So my friends with benefits and I met last year after getting our hearts broken and we have built a strong friendship since...

During sex, what is the most painful part?

Obviously, For a virgin. what part of insertion is most painful? Is it the penis head? Like half way down? Any tips?

What do you wish you learned in sex education?

Or something stupid your were told about sex?

How can you keep up with a guy that likes going rounds during sex?

I haven’t been with that many guys and this is the second guy I’ve been with in my dating experience and though it was fun and different...

I'm a girl that's having sex and mastrubating but has never cummed?

I'm 18 years old and I've been sexually active for around 6 months. I have never cummed in my life, not by mastrubating nor intercourse....

Guys is this a turn off?

I have a f**k buddy and sometime when we are apart irl send him nudes. Or irl send him like a text saying I can’t wait to have him cum...

Guys, for those of you who like giving or receiving facials, what's the specific reason you like it?

Do you find it humiliating to the other person, you visually enjoy watching it, something else?

How do you feel about asexuals?

Would you date asexuals? Stuff like that, what do you think about asexuals?

I've been in South Korea since I was 13 now I'm 20, I have 7.5 inches and every girl i've been had problems with taking it, is it normal?

Can a girl in the US take it or am I too big? Or do koreans just have small vaginas?

#WorstCaseScenario your/her period comes on during the honeymoon/special night you planned?

Lmao hell nawl. Dudes gone have to wait 🤣 but i pray this doesn't ever happen on my wedding/night honeymoon. #FeelFreeToList...

What is his sexuality?

A guy said when he was 15 he sucked his friends dick, the thought of anal or anything else made him feel sick. Then realised none of it...

Have you ever fantasised about this?

I’m not bisexual. But very rarely I fantasise about this. Sucking a guy’s penis that’s like huge 9 inches. Sucking it hard until he...

Girls, How jealous are you?

I’m a guy with it all. I’m attractive with a nice penis. 7-8 inch thick penis. It’s beautiful/perfect. I’ve got sick a beautiful penis....

With sex it seems girls can take it or leave it?

Men need sex but seems women can take it or leave it

What do you think?

Guys and girl do like golden shower? Do like to try?

Would you ever be with a person who was bisexual?

*This is when there is no chance of a threesome* So, you find a nice partner but you catch them looking at the same gender. They're...