Let's Talk About Sex!

A few days ago, I was asked, “Why talking about sex is still a taboo in the middle of the 21st century"? Talking about sex is so hard,...

INANNA (AKA: ISHTAR) - "QUEEN OF HEAVEN" - The Heavenly History you never knew existed! - Chapter 2

This is the second in a Trilogy on Heavenly Sex Goddesses. Watch for the 3rd, and last, in the series in a future myTake. If you missed...

Why women should be allowed to be topless in public , just like men.

It’s pretty simple really ... Women can’t be topless because breasts have been overly sexualised by society and it’s now ingrained in...


Disclaimer: ***SARCASM ALERT*** If this take is more sarcastic satire take, well blame the people who mistake niceness for weakness or...

My sexual revelation

First! I want to thank @laurieluvsit with her my takes, questions, survey and writing/sharing about her experiences in here. Am born...

Worlds most unforgettable and Naughtiest Adult Slogans!

These are real slogans that somehow slipped through censorship. Some of them you will find hard to believe I...

Come one... cum all? - Poly/Open relationships & why I support the lifestyle.

"To live is an awfully big adventure..." An open relationship is defined as being an intimate relationship between two or more people...

Should I worry that I initiate sex with my boyfriend more than him?

So basically my boyfriend and I been together for a year. He lives kinda far like an hour and he works the rest of the week so we see...

Do you think cute is sexy?

Also guess my ethnicity not race ahah 💞 please explain your answer

So guys tell me how do y'all like to have sex? Like what's y'all's fav foreplay?

I wanna know what y'all want after the kissing, like how to start the thing?

We are sexually incompatible?

We’ve been together almost 5 years. I’ve accepted that we are sexually incompatible. I’m never ever satisfied and it leaves me feeling...

Guys only want sex not a relationship?

I keep on having the same problem all over again. I find the guy on Tinder, we go on a date, he wants to sleep with me straight away, I...

I am a virgin but I really want to have sex?

OK, so here's the problem. I am still a virgin (i guess) and i have kissed 4 guys, and i had intimate moments with one of them. We got...

Could you date someone who identifies as Asexual?

I would call myself asexual... I have little to no sexual desire and have always been like this my whole life. However, I do have a...

Do you have any embarrassing sex toy delivery stories?

It doesn't matter how many times I buy one, the anxiety over an embarrassing delivery always gets me. After seeing some horrific reviews...

Would you date a pornstar?

My my boyfriend asked me if I would ever date a pornstar and I said no. Then I asked him if he would and he said if the chemistry was...

Lowering the legal age?

What should the legal age for consensual sex be?

Friends With Benefits what's your view?

Do you agree or disagree about having Friends With Benifits

Have you ever been so sexual deprived that the littlest things get you turned on?

I got wet from an audio of a washing machine because the text said something about someone having sex (tik tok instagram)

How hard is it to bring a girl to the big O?

BE HONEST. God is watching 👀