The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

The Oppression of Male Sex Drive and Male Depression

A picture says a million words. This one says only two: Why exactly is it, that men become a bit desperate and strange after being in a...

Women's Top 8 Points of Pleasure

Men's Top 10 Points of Pleasure You can also browse the post. A great sexual relationship has many benefits to your life. And to make...

Men's Top 10 Points of Pleasure

Great foreplay is a must for perfect sexual intercourse. So it is very useful to know the points of pleasure. Especially if you pay...

Stop donating sperm

I think men should stop donating their sperm for a couple of reasons. 1. You should be getting paid for it. right now sperm banks would...

My personal experience with virtual sex (sexting, sex cam, 3D animation sex): 10 years experience.

Hello folks. I am sure most of you tried out virtual sex, at least once, and wile some of you find it entertaining, others don't...

Nipple Orgasm: Can It Really Be Done, Worth Trying?

Do you know that some women, or even some men, can have orgasms by nipple stimulation? Perhaps you have such a talent, but so far you...

Do men tend to be more horny than women?

Who could go without sex the longest, a man or a woman? Who would get horny first?

Who's feeling like pleasuring themselves or another right now?

Who wants to exchange photos and maybe meet up. Must b attractive

Sexual experiences and reactions?

If a girl/guy told you that seeing you orgasm is the most erotic thing they've ever seen is that a huge compliment? If so any hidden...

Are natural redhead women?

Are you natural redheaded girls all sexually the beddest bitches on the planet allthetime or do ibring it out of you? and so rare you...

Girls, can I persuade my girlfriend to swallow my cum?

Any tips? she says its revolting and refuses to have it in her mouth at all.

Do you enjoy smoothering, queening, ass worship?

I often found myself cumming only from giving a girl a lick.

What's up with this?

So my girlfriend and I just broke up here's the deets: -She found porn on my computer -Gave me an ultimatum no porn or were done -Feels...

Loud moans of pain?

Hello Girls I want to know when a girl do loud moans during sex so what is this means like she feel pain or she enjoy extremely

Contraceptive pill?

Right so in a couple of weeks I'm meeting a guy I know and we are thinking of having sex but I want to be extra careful not to get...

Hey Ladies, what some thing about you that?

If I knew your turn on and could have my way with YOU? Any weird or kinky things you wanna share?

What's your clit size or penis size? & Do you experience sexual pleasure from vibrations?

For the sake of this poll, consider a small penis to be less than 4 inches, a medium penis to be 4-6in, and a large penis to be more...

Do you socially party and casual have flings in sexual relations?

Feel free to add odds of spontaneous sporadic one night stands

Best type of punishment for caught lying boyfriend?

So you caught your guy lying about where he was one night. You come to find out he was of flirting with some girl at a local nightclub...

Which feature is your better, T or A?

Hey Ladies, So just curious to see what you consider your better physical feature. Tits or Ass.

Does the pleasure of receiving breast and/or nipple stimulation differ based on the time of the month?

In the poll options, by "around the time of my period", I am referring to during your period and/or the week prior.

Size matter for y'all girls?

Does Size matter girls

Cheaters and Cheatees. A poll for the facts?

Let's collect some data and find some information on cheating and sexual orientation.

Girls, do you like watching male gay porn?

If you do, what do you like about it?

Girls, would you do this to please your boyfriend?

I have a fetish that involves a girl farting on a stuffed animal. I don’t care if the girl wears clothes while doing this.

Have you always masturbated correctly, or did you ever masturbate incorrectly?

In response to my other poll (please vote if you haven't): How did you discover masturbation? Some people said they originally didn't...