My experience getting a mammogram and what you can do to get the most out of yours!

OK, so I recently got my first mammogram and understandably, I was a bit anxious about getting my tits clamped in one of those machines...

'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II

This is a continuation of: 'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I Since...

'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I

This is the first in an interview-style series of articles I will be writing. I enjoy analyzing life, talking with people about their...

6 Male Mistakes That Cooled Women From Sex!

To be honest, there is no woman who does not want to have sex because she has a headache, feels weak, sleeps. There is a woman whom a...

Guide to Seducing the Guys: The Secrets of Being the 'Naughty Girl' in Bed!

I will share with you a few secrets that will make your partner happy in bed and get out of pleasure and nirvana together. With these...

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

Hello friends. Today I will share with you some tips about "sexting", which is called "sex texting" in English and "sexual texting" in...

5 Tips For Women Who Can't Have An Orgasm!

Orgasm, in short, we can say that the highest point of pleasure. Many women who cannot orgasm may pretend to orgasm during sexual...

Guys, What's your idea of a dominant female?

It doesn't mean just sexually, it means in general terms. What sticks out to you that tells you she is dominate? I'm very interested to...

Why do I feel unwanted?

My boyfriend and I have talked about someday getting married, having children, and him moving in with me possibly this July. When we...

Which is yours?

Which positions is your sex positions? :)

Do y'all do drug$?

Do any of you do drug$, like with your partner or something? And if so what do you think about it

Have any incest brother or sister?

Have any incest brother or sister? Write please.

Is it wrong I feel like I want to be "the guy" in the relationship?

So I don't know how to start. basically we've been together for 6 years now. It has always been him being dominant in every single...

Guys Lets Talk Balls?

I find mens balls fascinating. the fact they aren't between your legs physically but more so on the forefront of your thighs. Like the...

Would this bother you?

I've been told for years I don't look my age because of my short height and baby face. I'm only 4'8 and super tiny. And everyone thinks...

So why is acceptable for 2 girls to be an option in sexual escapades, but people don't accept the LGBTQ+ community?

I have seen a bunch of questions here about "would you like to be in a escapade with FFM or MMF in the bedroom" but very few people...

What breast cup size do you like?

Conventionally, men prefer bigger breasts on women and women generally want bigger breasts on their body as a sign of maturity and...

Should women be allowed to "free the nipples"? are they asking for it?

I get horny whenever I see tits so why do the women suddenly feel the need to expose their breasts to the world, it is literally the...

Is it possible to be gay for yourself?

I'm a white guy generally attracted to women, but sometimes when I look in the mirror I think that I'm so cute. I just have a 6 inch...

Should I rock the boat or not?

All he fucking says is "ok" He's on the LEFT

If it was anonymous, would you make a porn tape?

Well if u knew no one you knew would see it, and you’d get paid like it was the work of a whole month (however u earn in ur job), would...