Why being in a female led relationship isn't a sign of weakness but strength

Most people think of men who are in a female led relationship or are obidient to their wife/GF as weak. Which is because female led...

My Tinder Hookup Experience

This is a girl who is tired of relationships. But I miss the intimacy. Tinder is a great place for people who doesn't want emotional...

The contradictions of the lgbt community

Prepare to get hella offended. Look I'm sorry but I honestly never feel dysphoric..Yes I am very masculine, yes I don't care if I hang...

Why I regret doing a Brazilian wax and why girls should stop doing it

It was all for a guy. He wants me shaved, I thought it would be better to wax. After all they say it is smoother. I just wanted him to...

Coming Home To A Good Shower

With a heavy thud the purse fell to the floor. Yanking her hair out of the long braid she dropped her coat on the rack. “I’m home.”...

Trying sex with guys made me better with women!

I recently discovered or I guess accepted that I am bisexual. I just came out of a long term relationship with my ex-gf and decided to...

The Handicap Principle, Contd.

So I jumped the gun a little on my previous take 'Status Symbols are Liabilities.' I completely agree with everything I wrote, but I...

Is it harder to be a guy or girl? why?

┬íKEEP A OPEN MIND! Do you think it’s harder to be a guy or girl? Let’s leave the politics out of it and focus on day to day life,...

Is there anymore app like kik but not kik?

I want to find some people like in kik but not kik, suggest me apps pls

Girls, Is she’s slut?

I know one girl who does just threesomes or gangbangs. She dont like 1 cock inside her

Is 14cm long enough?

Is 14 cm enough, so far i thing its working good

Girls, Ladies and Young Adults, Do you prefer to be hairy or shaven? If your hairy what is your pubic sytle and Do you like it?

For the first time in almost 4 months I shaved my vagina and it feels kinda naked without my pubic hair.

Girl on top position?

How exactly are you supposed to angle yourself for this position? Every time I try it’s a complete fail. Also? I’m a virgin.

Real straight forward, is 7 inches big enough?

I have 7 inches but I don’t know how that would compare to other people.

Guys, has a girl ever ruined your orgasm, either intentionally or accidentally? How did you react, and how did she respond? How upset were you?

Guys, I have a few questions and then I'll explain why I'm curious about the answers. Have you ever had your orgasm ruined by a girl? If...

What do you find most appealing when a woman enters a room?

So hypothetically, this girl and this guy have fallen head over heels, and he’s taking her away for the first time this weekend. Also...

Would you be interested in a one sided sexual relationship? Where the guy never used his penis and only got the girl off?

Guy gets nothing and girl gets everything. Except penis if course, because it’s untouched. I’ve come across lots of guys who want this...

In charge or not?

Do u like being incharge?

Would it be a turn on or make you feel odd to sit and watch porn with the opposite sex?

Would it be a turn on or make you feel odd to sit and watch porn with the opposite sex.

How many guys make noise when they cum?

I was having a conversation the other day which basically centred around the fact that I find it indescribably hot when a guy makes...

How many same sex experiences have you had in your life?

If you’re straight, how many times have you been with someone of the same sex, whether it’s just a kiss or something more? If you have...

Girls who are not into black guys, do you still enjoy watching interracial porn?

Do you enjoy watching BBC/Interracial porn even though you're not attracted to black guys?