Fetish Mining - What it is and Why it's disgusting

If you're a girl on the internet (or someone who has been mistaken for a girl) it's very likely that you, at some point, have been a...

The homophobe in its natural habitat

Whats up people of this site? You have some trash that needs to put on the blast furnace. So im here to deliver.😊 The first thing...

How my girlfriend helped me improve our sex life

My girlfriend and I have been together for 5yrs. We life together and we are generally a very happy couple. However, our sex life was...

Sexual connection is different than emotional connection

Specially for women there are two types of connection. Sexual and emotional. Sexual connection just based on looks and attitude. If a...

A Teenager's Thoughts When Seeing A Penis For The First Time

So, hi. I really don't know how to start this first MyTake, neither I know why I decided to share this experience with you, dear G@G...

My Trouble with Doing The Right Thing.

At the age of 23 with two other small relationships under my belt I began dating a 30 yo women. After four weeks she was pregnant, after...

My Decision to Stay Single and a Virgin for the Rest of my Life.

When most people experience attraction towards each other, they go with the flow, get to know each other and have a relationship along...

Do you like a girl’s imperfections?

Like pimples, scars, blackheads, cellulite, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, size of her boobs. Also would you mind if the girl...

Is it possible for a guy to have psychological Errecetile dysfunction since 2 years?

It's been 2 years he can't get it up. We decided to have sex both were excited and the day came. We were doing foreplay i touched his...

Is it normal to have wet dreams all the time?

I just wanted to know, is it weird to have wet dreams on a regular basis (like 2-3 times a month) regardless of being sexually active or...

Should I initiate a guy to kiss me if im into him?

I dont want to wait until he feels like it. I'd like to make him kiss me & know the feeling of taking control is that wrong?

What's the deal?

Guys ok so me and partner have been together for 14 years I'm 37 he's 39 we have never really had much of a sex life especially in the...

How would you feel if you discovered that your partner's computer was full of porn?

Not erotica or vanilla stuff, but hardcore and over the top stuff. It happened in one of my previous relationships and proved to be a...

Ok, so I did something and want your vote on if I should go with my gut or impulse?

Ok, I'm slightly bi, I know what some of you will say. I just like to go down on a guy once in a while if I'm single. I took a video and...

Is it true most European girls love Muslim men and are total sluts for them?

I've heard some German girls would be standing naked outside of there houses to greet the Muslim boys! As they enter in droves!

Does size matter?

What do girls think about small size of men? Does it pleasures them?

Guys, do you think porn has fucked up your mind and the way you see women and sex in general?

Based on my experience, I really think it does and it sucks bad lol.

Do you support women selling nudes?

Only referring to women since im not attracted to men. Women who sell nude pictures are less valuable then bubble wrap. I’d really...

Kitchen or Bed?

Would you rather date someone who is good in kitchen or bed. Both is not an option.

Guys, how many of you think I paid for meal = sex (even on 1st date)?

Saw another girl mention this elsewhere so let's see.

What crazy stuff have you put in your kitty?

I've seen some pretty stranger choices from broom handles to ping-pong balls. What's your oddest choice? Guys, what have you seen or...

Is this girl a awful girlfriend?

Nora is 22 years old. Her boyfriend, Jerry is 21. One day while Jerry was sleeping, she pulled his pants down and started sucking him...

Sexting or talking dirty?

Do girls like to sext or talk dirty over the phone.

Have you ever had a friends with benefits experience?

For people that don’t know what it is: Friends with benefits (FWB) is basically when you and a friend are both into each other but not...