"Sex"Game Night. Ways To Get Your Game On.

Relationships can be hard. Outside stresses can put a damper on our relationship if we let it. Sometimes we take things too serious....

Continuing My Foreskin Restoration During Quarantine

If you haven't already, go read my myTake on restoring my foreskin. There's a lot of background information on foreskin restoration and...

How to reach an orgasm and what I have found helpful

I couldn’t figure out how to reach an orgasm and I often asked myself silly questions. Is there a specific location you rub? How long...

"Book Titles" The Best Of The Worst Part II

As promised this is part 2 to my mytake "Book Titles" The Best Of The Worst. Again, just meant in fun, not a book selection you want to...

"Book Titles" The Best Of The Worst

So, my previous 6 mytakes covered bad product fails, business name fails, and slogan fails. I had such fun with them and people seemed...

Clitoral stimulation techniques for intense orgasms

There are many guides and techniques you can find online and through personal experienced, so I figured, why not share mine as well. I...

Why is porn legal?

The whole reason that porn is legal is because Sigmund Frued at the turn of the century proved that sexual suppression is bad. They did...

Why is it that girls are usually less willing to have sex?

I think the fact that females are less willing to have sex than guys is so obvious.

Does your partner seduce you into sex, or do you have sex because your already aroused?

I was just wondering how many people find that they often get seduced by their partner? For example you might be watching TV,...

What's the best way to reduce the pain from anal?

So before this quarantine I was getting into rough sex. This guy I am hooking up with is so hot and I love being dominated but he is...

Should older women young men about sex?

When I was first becoming sexually active I had a lot of practical guidance with guys older than me who were very experienced. This...

Can anyone choose to be 90-100 pounds?

I’m trying to get down to a size 1 because I got rejected by a guy recently

Can you “make love” with oral sex?

Can you “make love” with oral sex or is that more of a freaky/dirty/kinky thing?

Girls, Penetration vs Clitoral Stimulation?

I was just wondering if girls like penetration. Because I feel like only older women (40+) enjoy penetration more than clitoral...

Seems like nowadays sex is top priority and home and family are less important. Are love and relationships dead?

Seems like nowadays sex is top priority. Home & Family seems to be less important and sex, fun, no titles, spontaneity seem to be more...

What word best describes you?

Goofy new game. Choose one of the multiple choice that best describes you. What would other people refer to you as most? And then...

When 69-ing, would you prefer to be on top or bottom AND WHY?

Im not crazy about 69 but if i do it, i like the guy on top as if he’s doing push ups so that he can thrust deep into my throat. Lying...

Is my penis size that weird?

7-8 inches long x 5.2-5.5 inches in girth. According to studies my size is somewhat rare, but I am bored and I hope to read your view...

Would you sunbathe naked?

With the summer coming up, I was thinking about lying in the warm sun and how it would be so much more comfortable to do it without...

'when sex before marriage becomes easier, marriage becomes harder': do you agree?

It is an opinion I saw on here. I totally agree with it.

Ever had a really good sex/masturbation session and then that shxt got ruined when you caught a cramp/muscle spasm?

Boyyyy i tell ya 😂😂😂 i won't go into all detail but man we was killin it... and then that spasm shit killed us 🤣 I was getting my...

Would you bring in a Bull?

For those that dont know. A "Bull" is a a guy that's is brought in buy a couple to have sex with the wife. The S. O. (since I've been a...