The rumour about guys wanting only one thing, let's talk about that shall we...

I want to clarify beforehand that I am NOT targeting ALL women or saying they all talk with this mind set, I am simply saying that I...

Here's Why Slut Shaming Is Stupid!

Yes, I'm sure some of you who know who I am must think I am high right now @MzAsh @SydneySentinel @thegirlfromthething @RolandCuthbert...

Trying to understand why most girls would rather be seen topless than bottomless!

Thoughts about this from THIS GUYS perspective (NOTE: I'm a guy AND only represents me) Generally speaking guys would love to see have...

Breaking It Down: Bias < Fact - Part One

Hello everyone! One kind friend of mine, messaged me with a MyTake which is a blatant unoriginal response to my previous MyTake about...

The reality of female on male rape

I have heard a lot of men say that they would "love to be raped by a woman" as a male victim of female sexual assault I want to address...

The burden of the male sex drive!

Being a male... what is that like, especially compared to being a female? Perhaps one common thing that each gender does on occasion is...

The new hotness rating system

I have come up with a new rating system instead of the usual 1-10 when checking out people. It basically asks the question "Would you...

Have you ever masturbated with household objects?

I've heard of women masturbating with cucumbers, electric toothbrushes, and the ends of hairbrushes. I've also heard of women...

Why women are more sexy than girls?

Women are more Frank than girls

Girls, do you get more horny on your period?

I always get more horny on my period 😏

Would you sleep with someone once, if it meant financial security for life?

For example, offered millions to sleep with them on one occasion. Would you prostitute the option?

Girls, Are you good at guessing size?

Like a mans penis size. Im asking because I was taking to this girl on here and she was going on about how her partners dick is 8...

How much sex is normal for you?

How much sex is normal for you?