Sexy Time Reduces Cancer!

Did you know that there are bonding chemicals that promote monogamy and assist with keeping parents together in the raising of a child?...

Consent For Sex – What Is It And How Do You Know That You Have It?

I have never stopped in the midst of passion and asked my partner, “Do I have your permission to place my penis in your vagina?” If I...

The peculiar women who have “male navel fetishes”: a very rare fetish for women to have (for mature readers only)

I’m taking a break from politics to talk about a very interesting group I stumbled upon on the Internet. It was a pleasant surprise for...

Strip club shaming for men is the equivalent of slut shaming for women.

I try to limit my time on this site, but like where else can I write this stuff? So like before, think if this like a blog post. Today...

Why women should celebrate being creatures with their hairs of head, armpits, legs and private areas and how to rebuke the naysayers

I will cover the hairs of women and why they need to feel glorious and proud of their head hair, armpit hair, leg hair and private area...

Dick Data Part 1: A Deep Dive Declassifying The Diminutive Differences In Dudes' Dick Lengths

There seems to be a fair amount of discussion here about penis lengths and sizes. Some guys wonder if they're "average" or not. Some...

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Love may indeed be blind, but in order to create that love in the first place, you’ve got to start somewhere and wearing lingerie makes...

If you have physical needs that are mostly non-sexual, and your partner is more sexual than you - do they respect it?

Most physical needs I have are non sexual and that's probably me being built wrong, but she accepts and respects it. In turn, I do my...

If a guy wants only wants to have sex with you, Do the following won't apply?

In sumary a guy and aa gilr wants to have sex they know each other for 5 years, they are more like friends, they are not in a...

What do you all think of chat room sexting role playing?

So I am usually reserved when it comes to sex or porn I do like porn but always only watched videos but I’ve been trying chat room role...

Someething. fun?

Any girl want to do something fun, maybe H. O. T

Girls, (Please reply I want to read opinions) Why are women so cruel and superficial and demand fantasy standards but dont wish men the same?

For example always insulting calling incel, belittling and saying that they are misogynist, but you abuse the word a lot. You can see on...

How can I make him relax while having sex?

I am in a new relationship (3 months into it). I am very attractive to him and i am a very sexual person, but he doesn't seem like that....

Sex after prom?

Did you have sex after your senior prom? Junior prom? Any of your homecomings? Who was it with if you did? How’d it feel if you did? if...

When you feel your genitals getting engorged from arousal, is it ever painful for you?

Somebody asked a question regarding how painful are men's penile erections & women's nipple erections. I quickly corrected him by...

Assuming you are vehemently against porn, do youn think its reasonable to demand your so to not watch porn AND wait till you're in the mood?

I ask this due to many people who seem to think porn is harmful to society, yet expect men to just wait until she's just in the mood.

If a guy just wanted sex would he give you multiple chances at a "relationship"?

If he wanted sex would he talk to me for over a year make things work with me multuple time. "Give up" sex for the time being until im...

Girls: whats most attractive in a potential partner/ sexual encounter?

Initial response of what makes you attracted to someone.

Girls, Would you make him wait?

If you found out your boyfriend was depressed due to sexual frustration resulting from virginity and high libido, would you have sex...

Do you think you look better fully clothed or naked?

I've seen girls who looked like they had pretty average bodies fully clothed but look amazing naked and others who look amazing with...

Is having anal sex with girl a gay or bi thing?

My best friend says whe believes if a man fucks her in the butt he must be bi or gay. Her boyfriend asked if they could do anal she...

Your opinions on penis?

How do you think about penis?

Would you like this girl?

Straight men / lesbian/bisexual girls would you be able to like this girl and be able to have sex with her?