My Life As a Purple Pill Ladies Man

Red Pill=Avoiding relations with women out of awareness of female nature Purple Pill= Aware of female nature yet plan accordingly and...

How to physically flirt

The core idea is simple: most people wants it as much as you do, it's just they are too afraid of giving a too strong impression and...

The idiocy of complaining that "he only wants sex!"

This shouldn't take too long. Girls. Ladies. Females. Huddle up here please. I see this from *a lot* of you on this site. So here we go....

"Still Even More Sex Sex Sex" Jokes

So, it's not Sunday... But we can have sex any day... Sex Jokes that is... By now, shouldn't have to include a disclaimer, so I'll just...

Why you should wait to have sex in a relationship!

There is much debate about how long you should wait before you have sex with a guy. Should you wait a week? a month? a few months? or...

Penis Size and Sex Positions

This guide is based on my own experience. I've kept it simple breaking it down into the basic positions. I know there's umpteen variants...

Why isn't there Straight Pride month?

It’s that time of the year again; rainbow-covered items have begun popping up around town, be they banners on street-posts or items in...

Should I feel bad about having done this?

When I was like 14, I didn't know exactly that masturbation could be more than things like fingering etc... So, once I was just on my...

I’m kinda running out of fun stuff to try any suggestions?

I typically like it rough, and trying new things, but I’ve been getting bored lately, suggestions?

I told him that i've had anal sex before and he said that that's disgusting and that he wasn't expecting something like that from me?

He said i should respect my self more and stuff like that, that in my opinion has nothing to do with the fact that I've tried anal. He's...

Girls only please. Girls, When we are ovulating and so horny, do all guys know? And how do they know?

Girls only please. Girls, When we are ovulating and so horny, do all guys know? And how do they know?

Why did he finish on me?

When he finished he did it all on me. You know what I mean! I just wanna know why as it’s interesting..

Was I weird do send him my results?

So, I have a booty call friend and recently had the embarrassment of my life. We were having sex including him giving me oral and when...

How much body can be reveal on this site?

I kinda have question about the area around my pussy but I dont wanna get expelled from it.

Why do some women pick on a mans penis size?

I mean it’s not like she can grow one...

Can the size of the guy , nerves and body image get in the way of enjoying sex?

I think those three things for me are getting in the way of me enjoying sex because i question that and my sexuality sometimes

Why guys call them fuck boy if they can't even make a virgin scream?

There's a boy in my office who have done sex with many and many friends call him fuck boy I want to be first time special but he can't...

Girls, am I the only one that just gets turned on in the clitoris and not the vag?

Why do i only get turned on there but not where i should be. Whenever my boyfriend and I get intimate i get turned on there but not in...

What should I do I always wanna he dominant on bed but when he touches me I became powerless and end up being controlled in bed by him?

He doesn't try to be dominative but he likes to be dominative on me I also want to be dominative but I am unable should I admit it that...

Which Asian Twitch girl is your type, your waifu and why?

-----------------------------------------------------------("Num num...

Why do I get more sexual stimulation from tight close and lingerie than nudity alone?

I haven't been to a gym in literally a decade. today I just couldnt help but to noticed how till this day I still get turned on from...