Sexy Time Reduces Cancer!

Did you know that there are bonding chemicals that promote monogamy and assist with keeping parents together in the raising of a child?...

Six Types Of Men Women In Their Right Mind Should Avoid At All Cost!

Introduction: I'm writing this myTake to give women a heads up on what types of men to avoid as Boyfriends and especially a husband. In...

The masculine sexuality, women behavior nowadays and the need for a soft but important revolution on sexual concepts

The masculine sexuality, women behavior nowadays and the need for a soft but important revolution on sexual concepts Hi all, and nice...

Girls Ask Guys is not rated PG

If you notice, some material may be inapporpiate for chidren under 13 and I would argue gag goes one step further, under 17 requires...

Why is casual sex and high partner count more damaging to women as opposed to men? Also, what is the link between casual sex and marriage?

For a long time, there has been speculations over the effects of casual sex and partner count on both the sexes. Speculations included a...

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder AND it matters how a package is wrapped... sometimes

I have noticed here on GAG that a lot of controversy goes on over full figured women being called ugly, fat, overweight, gorgeous,...

The Triple N that men aren't fond of (No Nut November) This video got me off guard, I thought it wouldn't be that good but then I had to hide tears...

Foreign language kink?

I'm mostly asking this to see if it's normal; but does anyone else have a foreign language kink? For me personally, it's russian. I...

Do you like guys who have larger loads or does it matter?

I have extremely large loads whenever I cum and some girls didn't like it. However a lot of them preferred it.

Have you or not?

Has anyone ever took a mirror and masturbated over yourself?

What to do when your mom sees your hickey?

my boyfriend gave me a hickey last night when we were fucking around but nothing else happened. it’s small and not really noticeable but...

How to stop watching porn?

I believe I'm watching just too much porn and I want to stop. How do I go about doing so?

Stop watching porn?

Did you ever stop watching porn after you got into a relationship?

Are women in their sexual prime in their 30's and 40's? If so, why?

How so? I was always told by guys that older women tend to have 'high mileage pussy', to quote them... Is that true, or is it just a...

Any girls that would peg a man?

I have recently discovered i love receiving anal from an ex's toy and was wondering how weird of a fetish this is? I am a straight man...

Does Onlyfans work for guys or only women?

so obviously onlyfans works for women but does it work for men or is accidentally sexist and would not work if a guy made a account

Does Impact Play do anything for you?

So, I was talking to a guy who likes getting flogged and whipped to a point that it leaves moderate wounds and scars fairly often. I...

Who’s usually on top during sex, you or your partner?

I’m curious to see the differences between genders. Also, is there any reason you prefer it that way?

Girls, are you into gay/lesbian porn?

-Is it a guilty pleasure? -Do you masturbate, and when you do do you cum more than normal porn? -What do you feel when watching it...

Who's hotter, a woman who sings metal or one of the Kardashians?

My vote is on metal women. They are much hotter and badass. The Kardashians are a bunch of useless bimbos