Battle of the Sexual Addictions

Sexual addiction can come in many forms. For me, it was like... a new year, a new addiction. And well, you know its bad when you set...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to influence a Woman/Man into being your exclusive partner

It's early stages of dating and you want to inspire something more. What is the trick? Indirectly modeling married life. Creating...

My View On Transgenderism

I support a transgender's right to tolerance. I do not support their right to approval. I am required to tolerate their choice, but I...

Confessions of a Ladies Man: 3 Things that Will Make Her Fall in Love by 2 Months

I have always said that it takes a woman about 2 months to fall in love on average. I even wrote a myTake about it last year. The...

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were LGBTQIAP+

1. Lady Gaga 2. Katy Perry 3. Lili Reinhart 4. Halsey 5: Demi Lovato 6. Miley Cyrus

Sex Isn't A Sin Or Shameful

I felt it was important to do a take about the topic of sex. For reasons which I will get into later in this take. But the biggest...

My Journey to Not Using Porn to Masturbate

It has now been about a month of not watching porn despite watching porn each day for the past 10 years or so. I have noticed some...

How can I be sexy?

So I have a boyfriend and we’re going to spend Valentine’s Day together so obviously I have to sleep with him that day but I have no...

How do I know if my boyfriend is sexually attracted to me?

So basically I’m dating a guy and he’s super nice and we plan to have sex for the first time (with each other) soon! I’m super excited...

Blowjob with a condom vs not?

Does getting a blowjob feel different with a condom on vs without

My boyfriend wants a threesome?

Today my boyfriend asked me while we were in the middle of having sex that he wanted to have a threesome with me and my friend and he...

If human semen was discovered to be a cure to a certain disease, would jerking off become a job?

im zoot af so my mind is thinking of shit, if semen became a natural remedy do something, would that mean that there would be jobs to...

At what age do humans normally start to get horny?

Hopefully not too old, or... let’s just say I discovered a “shocking truth”, and I am a wee ashamed. Someone bonk me, I probably deserve...

Can a human and an animal reproduce together?

I've heard of people fucking their dog/sheep/goat etc... can a baby be born from this lol

Boys if you were about to have sex with the girl you like would you tidy your room and have it look and smell nice?

I heard the boy I like had a really messy room and we’re planning to have sex but I don't know if boys usually clean before or leave it...

AM I the only one who thinks Michael Myers is sexy?

Like with the mask on, I don't want to know what he's supposed to look like ever. I love the mystery and the mask is sexy af. Something...

What's more awesome a penis or vagina?


Is Ben Shapiro straight?

It seems like he wants to wear a dress while having sex with a muscular manly man based on how he whines about feminine guys and how men...

Would you breakup with this woman?

Let's say you meet a beautiful girl. On the internet she tweaks, posts nudes, and a variety of pictures of her private area. You guys...

Who of my friends is the sexiest?

I have their permission for these pictures... they actually asked me to post this :) Also, bonus points for you if you rank them all ;)

Girls and guys, how many of you are virgins?

Just a question, are you waiting for the one? Or it's taboo in your country? Please specify your age after selecting. One more how many...

Creampie or Mouth with the love of your life?

I've been sleeping with the same man for the last 9 years. He's a single father... amazing man!!! Lately he's just been popping up...