Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls


If I've learnt anything from my interaction with people is tell them what they want to hear, but be good at seeming like "you're not just telling them what they want to hear."

If you're going to feed into people's fantasies, you have to seem like you profusely share your role in their fantasy. Otherwise they feel insulted. Women operate much like this. They never want full disclosure. They think they want the truth, but they can't handle the truth. They want you to feed into their fantasies, to tell them what they want to hear.

They lie to themselves all the time and they want you to lie to them too. They tell themselves they want the truth, but that's also a lie, women want to live in a believable dream - that's the only thing that makes them happy. Reality doesn't.

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls

Even if they can accept a lot of bullshit in the world, they still want to feel special to you, and even if that's bullshit, they want to believe that bullshit. They have a NEED to feel special to you. You cannot be completely honest with them. You can't show them your world as a man, they don't care, it gets in the way of their happiness. "More bullshit please, but don't let me know you're bullshitting me because that offends my dignity and sensibilities!"

They want you to make them work for your affection, because if you make it too easy, you're not attractive to them. So you have to hurt them. Then you have to justify after hurting them why you hurt them "I hurt you because I care so much about you, if I didn't care I would have ignored you, but the fact I care so much IS EXACTLY why I had to make you feel as I did - what it's like to momentarily lose control over yourself to another because of how you feel for them."

AND THAT CAN BE TOTAL BULLSHIT. It's twisted, but women want that. Will they admit it? No, most won't. Women won't admit a lot of the things we know to be true here. But go and field-test it yourself and see what results you get. She will think you're "a broken soul" she will want to fix you, she will feel closer to you, she will think you're a deep person. If you'd said those things without hurting her first however, she'd just think you're a pussy.

Women fall in love with men who head fuck them, despite what conventional mainstream psychology might tell you. Her words are worth very little, often nothing, her behaviours are much more telling.

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls

They have to submit, but they don't want to submit to a loser. That momentary exclusive vulnerability is the cat nip women crave.

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls

Strong enough to defend her from the world, but she's "so special" that you "quiver sometimes" around her.

You're strong, but her "specialness" overcomes that on occassion. She feels protected, but also invested in.

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls

That sentiment of "I normally don't give a shit about women but you're SO SPECIAL I just lost myself for a minute there" - that's what they want. But you have to make it sound convincing like I did further up. What I just said there is the crude principle, and delivered so poorly they will see through it. Women relate to this because it's similar to how they are. They think "he's not like other men, he's similar to me, he has emotional depth."

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls

You hurt her first, you make her cry, you give her that low. Then, without grovelling, you tell her why you did what you did. As you come from a place of power, because she's hurt and you're not (but you're pretending you are just enough to lash out at her,) by saying she influenced you to hurt her, but giving her that blame in a positive way (she's just so special, she overwhelmed you for a second there etc) it defies typical social convention and "bonds the two of you closer together." They call it hysterical bonding.

This is "Machiavellian seduction game." Yes, it is pretty fucked up. What isn't? Tingles need a rollercoaster to be maintained. It can't all be rose petals, bunnies and cuddles as much as most men would like just because it'd be easier, and it's more akin to how most men naturally love before they get jaded. Conditionless affection. You have to attach conditions to it for women to appreciate it, make them work for it. That makes tingles and tingles leads to appreciation.

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls

Women have beta orbiters to adore them, and because these orbiters do so unreservedly, it means nothing to them. Women value danger and submission to an alpha above adoration.

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls

If she's a snowflake to you, she knows she has your commitment. Women are insecure. All of them. They fear abandonment. That's why they are obsessed with your continued investment in them and continuously look for signs that it's still there. The naive man leaves no room for dread, so she gets bored. Women need a bit of dread to appreciate you, so give it to them. If you're going to do the whole strong paternal routine with 'em, they have to feel like you're invested in them.

Female psychology is a fucking basket case. Women are crazy, understanding the crazy doesn't change that. You can choose to exploit it, or you can nope the fuck out when you get this deep down the rabbit hole. Your call. We can't change who they are.

Female Psychology Unlocked: How to get girls
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  • Anonymous
    HAH !! xD
    another BS "i know exactly how women work... because im a man" type of article that is...*drum roll*... completely BS which losers follow and then cry about how they just dont get women or end up with psychos

    w/e man, you guys (your type i mean) are hopeless lmao that's why you need to resolve to this BS and that's the closest you will ever come to a girl haha

    p. s: sane/norma/geniuine women usually turn cold after meeting... boys like you :) you are doing your gender more harm than good

    im sorry you are bitter ^_^
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    • Actually, from what I've observed at my school and from couples in the real world, a majority of these are actually true. And my main sources are women.

    • dartmaul15

      @Thisbetterwork your sources are primarily GIRLS, not women.

      You might discover there's a considerable difference, primarily in maturity and what they want from a partner.

    • Anonymous

      @dartmaul15 thank you !

      @Thisbetterwork you are 13, ANYONE at that age is still growing and not mature enough... if you meet those same girls in their 20s you'll see COMPLETELY different people and thats normal
      that's why people advice against dating that young... because both are still too young and not mature enough and usually (with hormones and all) are not the best people they can be and are not stable enough... etc
      this is all completely normal at your age

      but opinion owner is posting about adult women... this is why this take has BS all over it

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Mesonfielde
    You know, what you wrote down here would work; for the women who think the relationship that is depicted in 50 Shades of Grey is "romantic", and Christian Grey actually "loves" Anastasia.

    The people who realize it's an abusive relationship based on emotional manipulation and abuse would however "nope the fuck out".
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    • Roostah

      So in other words 99% of female population.

    • I REALLY hope it's less than 99% of the female population, because I don't want to get involved with any 50 Shades fans. It's a red flag and instant dealbreaker, like listening to Justin Bieber.

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  • PiuBelloAmante
    I do agree ladies are crazy in today's world, but no happiness will ever be found with a relationship like this

    Just lies and deceit...
    And she will know you are lying, so there will be no trust...
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    • U should read what I wrote in response to the my take author, @PiuBelloAmante

      I assure u many women are not like this

      If u do find a woman like that, she's probably not worth ur time.

  • ImSoSozzled
    ... or you could just not be a psychopath find a girl that is emotionally mature and stable.

    You sound like Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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    • Bards


  • Azara
    No I want to know the truth so I can make an informed decision... You are assuming I want to be lied to so I can feel good about a relationship I'm in , as if leaving is not something I have absolutely zero problem doing.

    Submission is not Female psychology, it's domination centric society fantasy... This is a central theme from any Victorian period romance novel created written and produced by Men... You are projecting HUGELY.
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    • Jager66

      Using romance novels as an argument against women liking abusive behavior from romantic partners is probably not he best approach, might even make you sound like you're in denial about being one of the women this take was directed at. Romance novels are almost madlib in nature, stuffed full of sociopathic men and embarrassingly ridiculous tropes, yet they sell by the BILLIONS!! to a nearly 100% female audience.

  • Vesuvius87
    So this is another PUA script?

    What you're get is a crazy, unstable woman... low quality basically. I don't fear abandonment. I'd rather be single than with a total jerk that thinks I'll happily take the blame when it's not my fault an argument happened.
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  • CaliforniaMe
    It's funny because I'm only in love with the game, then I realize I only wanted to win, I don't like this manipulative dork who needs to manipulate a woman to feel like he's in control, I'll never be able to be myself around him, because I'm used to arguing, I'm used to the drama, I just want what I can't have, and after to long I will leave, someone else will come along someone with something to offer, so what's that song by Beyonce? "Don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable" My ex (guy I never dated) Cursed me out for 7 moths straight after he tried this, and I finally tried to settle down with me, that was then I made the conclusion that once the game begin that's all it will ever be. Because woman truly want genuinty, you can pretend to be genuine, but for hire long before you unleash your true colors and she sees you for the manipulative lame jerk you are, not too many women are smart these days, & I wish I could say I was smart enough not to let it go that far, but when someone is lying that's a reflection on them, people get married because they can both be vulnerable, and trust and RESPECT each other, you will never be happy in a relationship like this. Maybe that's not what you live for, congratulations, you manipulated a young naive girl. You win ;)
    • In an "It's complicated relationship" this is all too funny. .

  • GirlScout
    Would love to see your vagina or PHd in psychology, or is this just another load of bullshit made up to make you feel better about not being able to understand how to treat humans with love and respect?

    You and your take are fucking retarded.
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  • GirlsLie
    This is equally as dumb as all of your questions about women as well.
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    • GirlsLie

      I'm just praying he's a troll lol for my own sanity please let him be. Either way, I still agree with you though.

  • Prettygurl12
    This is a joke, right?

    This is why men should not write about what women want.
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    • I found it humerous lol. If his methods work, then it's guaranteed to get him a crazy woman lol

  • HookingSwan
    Hmm I admit some of it might be true. But the women you are describing here are mainly the thrill seekers and the ones that are not mature enough to recognize a good guy when they have one in front of them.

    Mature women like to be treated well, fairly and with honesty (although here I do concede to you that we might not exactly like the raw truth, but a mature woman will know how to deal with it, for the man she loves).

    Men and women are partners in life who shoul look out for each other and love each other to the best of thei abilities, despite their human shortcomings.
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    • i agree completely, i think the main problem today, well at least with many people is selfishness, relationships take sacrifice on both ends, its give and take.

    • Yes indeed it takes two to tango @PiuBelloAmante

  • tinyclit
    This is only accurate if she is looking for a sociopath.
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  • TheGeorge
    Too long, didn't read... sorry about all that effort though ;)

    In general I think what all these pickup artists try to tell you is just one possible way to do it. You don't have to be a dick and you can still get plenty of women even if it means slightly more effort. I think the reward is worth it though when you don't feel like a prick afterwards.
    Tell her why you are daddy and that is why she made you hurt her in such a way. 😂 that will make her find someone less conceded. That violates rule number 3 that chances are she will resent your blaming her since it's always a man's fault. You can't blatantly point that out and then attempt to tell her why you are punishing her. That's expected and she wants your feelings logic emotions and resolution.
  • Frost_Byt3
    I think both men AND women want to be told beautiful lies rather than the ugly truth, not just women. We ALL want to live in a soothing fantasy.
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  • OpenWine
    You crazy dood. At least you get a woman that is as crazy as you this way.

    If a woman gets bored cause you don't give her the drama she could normaly get from players then that's not even a woman worth considering. I see that shit often, like bullshit relationships where I just say wtf but I don't want to do the same shit just to get a gal who "fixes" me.
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    • Exhibit A

    • OpenWine

      @CaliforniaMe confusing

    • Did you read my Opinion

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  • Jager66
    I'm not sure whats worse, that so many men are resorting to this kind of behavior to get women or that there are so many batshit crazy women out there that this is a legitimate strategy to get lots of women.
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  • Crazyced
    All of you calling him a sociopath are just proving him right. All studies on this show that people respond more positively to people that display sociopath tendencies.

    But the thing I agree most with in his post is not to listen to what women say but to observe their actions and behavior. Ask a woman what kind of man she wants then compare it to the type of guy she finds herself with and you'll probably find noticeable descripencies. I often find that women have a hard time revealing what truly turns them on (like they can't openly accept it). As a man you have to figure it out on your own.
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    • Your letting sociopaths, mislead you. .. 😞

  • YourFutureEx
    So they're lying in opinions here? 😜
    your choice of words isn't that great. They were too straightforward. Some points were incorrect but rest work for sure.
  • Strider90
    Good take right there. I have seen this countless times not only with me but also with friends and family. Women are naive by nature. They always make a victim out of themselves and support whats most popular and commonly accepted.
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  • John_Doesnt
    The opening is how every penis ad starts on the internet "Female psychology unlocked, how to get girls". This thing screamed scam, but it's just funny.
  • Scrambledagain
    I kinda agree with you. Not in the passive aggressive way you wrote it but those underlying principles are what separate the "full" bad boys from the "thirsty" nice guys.
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