Girls on Tinder do smash. A lot!


Girls on Tinder do smash. A lot.

I am a student in sexology and we did a research in sexual behavior on Tinder.

It's something we can't deny that it has a big impact on many people's sex lives. We asked questions to 300 guys and 300 girls who use tinder about their sexual experiences. They were easy to find since it seems to be extremely popular with people from ages 18 to 35! Here are some results that surprised me.

- Unlike I thought, 240 of the 300 girls actually had sex through tinder! Only less than 50 of the 300 men, which is remarkable.

- When we asked for numbers to the people that did have sex: Girls did it on average less than the few guys that did. That means that a couple guys score with almost al the women.

- These men do however show a lot of similarities: Muscular, well-endowed relaxed and (surprise!) a little beerbelly? The girls described the men's attractive personal traids as "they know what they want and don't hold back to take it."

- The opening lines that worked, were often extremely flat but to the point. One that seemed to work was just "wanna smash".

- It appears that these dates where sex was involved were mostly not related with hopes for relationships, just casual sex. The sex in most cases happened on a first date or even just immediately at someones place.

- The terms that came up most to describe the sex were: emotionless, hard, wild, fast, fun, physical and although that wasn't our question, doggystyle (lol). They rated their sexual encounters almost always as very good (other options were bad, mediocre, good). Many even said their best sexual experience is through tinder.

- Neither girls nor guys regretted the sex afterwards, but almost all girls like to keep it a secret, or with very close friends. Many guys liked to share their stories in detail. (not so surprising maybe)

- Something negative: Around 50 women admitted to have cheated through Tinder. Very few guys have. In almost all cases, the partner doesn't have a clue.

- Something positive: Almost everyone agreed that Tinder is a very positive influence on their sex lives.

Girls on Tinder do smash. A lot!

So it seems that a lot of girls show more sexual interest than we thought. Also it seems (and not only through tinder) that women are, and this is increasing fast, daring to admit that they really enjoy casual sex without emotions and prefer certain guys simply for that purpose. This is a very posivive evolution for sexual/mental health. The number of women cheating however (this is also discovered through other researches) is also increasing VERY fast, and it is becoming less and less taboo, which in my eyes is a little shocking. The cheating doesn't mainly happen through tinder though, but apparently mostly at work with a boss or superior figure.

Girls on Tinder do smash. A lot!
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  • alphadoggystyle
    yeah hypergamy is an awful thing, it worked it old society when women had less rights and more men where capable of having something to bargain with women for sex. Now since sex for women doesn't really have value, and feminist society makes it very difficult for men to gain anything to bargain with girls for sex, most guys are simply not interesting enough for women.

    I mean hypergamy simply doesn't work in a feminist society, but you cannot change biology, and if this continues, more and more men are going to hate women, and loving relationships will be a thing of the past, because i dont know any sane guy who could actually love a woman if he knew that she had smashed lots of guys in the upper 20% and only settled with him because she wasn't good enough to secure any of those upper level guys for a relationship. How could anyone love a girl who settles for you after she realizes that her own value is not represented by what kind of guys she can have sex with, but rather what kind of guy she can keep. If women knew this from the beginning they might decide to not smash the top guys in secret before settling down.
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    • TheConst

      Also, what a joke.
      "- Something positive: Almost everyone agreed that Tinder is a very positive influence on their sex lives."

      What about 250 guys out of 300 who wasted their time?

      Also, you shouldn't misunderstand it. It isn't like 50 men fucked all the women, no. Out of them maybe 5 guys fucked all the hot top 50 girls. Then another 10 guys fucked all more or less cute girls. And the rest guys fucked fatties and uglies. And the girls who aren't actually were able to smash probably were just too lazy or 3/10 in looks or below, in other words, the unfuckable level of ugliness.

  • Bandit74
    Exactly why girls are having trouble finding guys interested in relationships.

    Why do I want to spend the time taking a girl on dates for a month when she had pornstar style sex on the first date with a random guy they met on tinder.

    Girls generally have higher standards for the guys they hook up with than they do for the guys they seriously date. Guys are more willing to lower their standards so it's not surprising that the small group of guys who are the most desirable would get most of the hookups.
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    • Bandit74


      take owner: is this study going to be published online anywhere or was it just for a project?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it's true that women go for the most attractive guy, and men go for the most girls. Its a primal instinct where women want to mate with the highest quality genes (strongest, most dominant) and the alpha males (who have the option of many partners, spread their seed as much as possible. Although you'd think they aren't picky at all, they still are, but less then women. Most of the "successful" guys also described the girls they had encounters with as surprisingly good looking and often better than the pictures.

    • Anonymous

      The study seemed to have gone very well and brought up some interesting results so it might be published, but since scientific research i has to go through a lot of inspection before it can be published, it might take a while.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Kirah
    "- Unlike I thought, 240 of the 300 girls actually had sex through tinder! Only less than 50 of the 300 men, which is remarkable."

    This is pretty much common knowledge at this point, and also clear proof for the idea that women can get laid and get dates much more easily than men.
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    • TripleAce

      So who are the real perverts then? Men or women

    • Anonymous

      @TripleAce I'd say either both or non.

    • Johnagain

      @TripleAce Yeah!!! Words in one of my songs.

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  • redeyemindtricks
    Lol, I'm tempted to set up a profile as a social experiment. My husband would think it was hilarious.
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  • mistixs
    This sounds interesting but if you were really a student in sexology wouldn't you put this into a peer reviewed journal & not anonymously put it on girlsaskguys? I mean, if this in a peer reviewed journal I'd be really interested to see!
  • GirlsLie
    "- Unlike I thought, 240 of the 300 girls actually had sex through tinder! Only less than 50 of the 300 men, which is remarkable."

    Remarkable? That women can get laid easier than men? Who would have guessed!

    Tinder creeps me out honestly.
    • Anonymous

      No that's not what's surprising. Every woman that has sex, needs a guy since the amount of homosexuality among the subjects was very low. Let's take 6 guys, 6 girls. one of those guys would have sex with 5 of those girls. It is scientifically proven that mankind has a polygynous primal instinct, but it's remarkable that the result is still so clear.

    • GirlsLie

      I didn't know that was surprising either though lol marriage/being with one person for the rest of our lives is something that people created and force on each other, some people just aren't like that.

    • Anonymous

      That's actually very true. I like that you have a clear view and see thing realistically.

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  • TripleAce
    Not surprised, Women just try to pretend there not like that... they like to blame men about being perverts and this and that.. but the reality is there worse just more discreet. Men are not discreet so its more bold
    • Anonymous

      Well it is true that women tend to lie more about sex, which is also because they are easily labeled as "sluts" compared to guys. There have been tests where they asked a big group of females sexual questions where they had to fill in their name, then asked another group the same questions anonymously. A lot of questions had extremely different results, like how often they had casual encounters: average 1 to average 5, if they have ever cheated: 5% suddenly 30%, ... you get the picture. So yes it's true that they hide a lot of facts, but the fact that they are less oppressed now is a good thing. Depends on how you view it.

    • dudeman

      its not a good thing for society. its simply evidence of our decaying civilization. in no way is that a good thing.

    • itsmatty

      @dudeman agreed. how is women lying more to fool men because they want to keep their options open a good thing?

  • tyber1
    So every time someone comes on here and talks about how 20% of men get 80% of the women they are basically telling the truth? Disappointing...
    • Anonymous

      Sorry but I'm afraid it's true.

    • tyber1

      Its something a lot of guys suspect is somewhat true but seeing proof of it is unsettling.

    • Johnagain

      Fuckin hypocrites! (Hoes that is.) only difference between a prostitute a wife or a girlfriend is the prices. ... and the prostitute is cheapest!

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  • AleDeEurope
    I'm not surprised at all by what you said, given that almost every time a woman swipes right, she's getting a match, while guys have a very very low percentage to get a match.

    Though I don't know who you are and how reliable you are, maybe you're just throwing out random facts and trolling us all. You should have shown prove about who you are and/or this study.
    • ccp16

      I thought the same thing... not to call out lies on no proof alone, but literally every piece of this reaffirms all stereotypes... especially the ones that insecure GAG men are most likely to think about.

      I would just like some better proof is all.

  • TheGuyFromMiddleEast
    Yeah, it shows that sociological civilization is coming to an end and people are more willing to pursue their primal urges. Minority of the males getting to mate all the females. Just like any other animal species that live with packs. Back to the nature, we're becoming smart apes with technology and losing our humanity by disregarding our social rules and ethics.
    • @0112358 is right in something he said in a comment. When you take a sample group, you also take the distribution characteristics of the whole group to a pretty good degree. Which means, the ratios actually gives us (Succesful Men in Tinder/Total Men in tinder) and (Successful women in tinder/Total women in Tinder) not (total sucesful men/ total number of men) and same for women. So, if there are significantly more males in Tinder than females, the gross number of men and women having sex through Tinder might actually be equal. So, it might not have produced a significant, scientific result in polygamy and female sexual behaviour.

  • RachelBrigs
    I'm a bit confused. Of every 300 female tinder users 240 have sex with tinder dates but only 50 of every 300 male users do the same- who are the girls having sex with?
    • With those 50 males. Think of it like this, every girl has sex once with one guy, but every guy has sex with 5 different girls once with each.

    • Anonymous

      @TheGuyFromMiddleEast Exactly This. so if you have 6 girls and 6 guys, 1 guy has sex with 5 girls.

    • @RachelBrigs have you not accepted anything I have said. My dear. A minority guys get the majority girls.

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  • Transigence
    This isn't especially good news for guys. It just means that women only want the best of the best, but men will be happy to oblige. Most men aren't getting laid, and it's not them who are turning down the women.

    Women are in very high social demand for sex and are just loving the ride. Men (except for the most physically fit) are just left out to dry.

    Just like before Tinder. Tinder just reveals it.
    • Besides, did anyone ever doubt that women smash? On tinder or otherwise?

    • higgsboson

      Red pill men have been saying this for decades. If blue pill men want to keep denying it, they can continue to feed the system and marry a tinder, 'modern', 'liberated', 'princess' who can do no wrong, and who's taken more D- than a cock farm.

  • Watermelonoma
    sooo basically a fraction of guys are getting their dicks very wet, very often
    • Anonymous

      Well, basically yes

  • tomeposer
    Reeding this makes me wanna commit suicide (as a guy who isn't in the top 20%). It's almost impossible for "normal" men to get a girlfriend now, when most of the girls can just log on Tinder and hook up with a hot guy in matter of seconds.
    • Anonymous

      How many girls have you slept with? Or could you tell me how often you have sex and with who?

    • Robertcw

      His number is probably between 0 and five. If I had to guess I’d say probably one or two based on he is talking.

  • Jager66
    This kinda makes you wonder about future STD trends, like a few guys with STD's and tons of women with them. Kinda makes me worry a lot more about catching something from the women I see, yikes!! I wonder how long it will take for common opinions to be that women are dirty and full of STD's because you know that is where this is going...

    Or a few hundred guys having kids with thousands of single moms, single moms are terrible for society! This trend might have been fine in a tribal community for what ever reason but in the modern world it's a recipe for disaster.

    Not to mention the problems that are caused when a large group of a cultures men finds them selves disenfranchised, especially when it comes to women. Likely we will see a lot more violence, war or men just giving up and opting out of society until it all collapses from the lack of male participation and burden of single mothers. Plenty of evidence this is all happening right now.

    This reminds me of another study I read a while back, I'll sum it up quickly. They took turns giving a group of male then female children a supply of resources, I think it was candy of some kind, then they told them they could trade the candies for stuff or something...
    Anyway when the boys were in charge of the candy, everyone, more or less, got an equal share. When the girls were in charge of the candy a few boys got most of it, most boys and a few girls got a small portion and a small group of girls got zero.
    • Roostah

      std transfer from women to men is higher than from men to women. Studies show that 1 in 3 women in college with at least 4 or more sexual partner count has an STD.

      So in essence from this finding ini Mytake. Women sleep with men who are sleeping with multiple girls. They contract STD, and then well the guy who doesn't get any gets the lovely privledge of getting STD infections from a girl who got it from the guy she was sleeping with.

    • Jager66

      @Roostah Women are more likely to get infected based on her anatomy alone, down stream partner, other then that I agree with what your saying and was actually saying the same thing.

  • higgsboson
    And no red pill man learned anything new. Anyone who denies the red pill (a) benefits from waiting betas, (b) likes living in the unreal Disney fantasy, (c) can't deal with facts, or (d) has a white knight savior complex fostered by mothers, sisters, and fake romance films. Either way, they deserve all the hurt coming their way, as they chose it for themselves.
  • the_rake
    Yes it's true: most women's natural aversion is towards polygyny - the most high status 20% of the male population tend to sleep with 80% of women. This is because women are hypergamous by nature.
  • BigJake
    I love sex, but I don't really respect Tinder whores (guys or girls) because they all seem so classless, like they'd fuck a statue if they thought it'd give them a better orgasm.
    • QooLipBite

      😂😂😂 I know right!!! Wow!!! Please billboard this 😂😂😂 I'm done

  • ThisDudeHere
    And then women continue on saying that they have it just as hard as guys do when it comes to getting sex or dates...
    • jokesonyou

      I have a hunch women women will stop saying this as people begin to catch on.

  • Scrambledagain
    You women piss off sometimes with your ignorance. It's the most duh thing that more women would have sex. In any given environment a girl if they choose to will get sex. Guys don't have this luxury.
  • LaurenGrace
    Quite a few girls i know have had lots of sex that they werent getging till they joined tinder
    . you'll be suprised how many of that 20% group of guys are up to smash with a married women and do mfm with her an husband #
  • dudeman
    this is the 80-20 rule. 20 percent of the men get 80% of the women. remember men never seriously date a women over 23. if you can't lock one down early then she's not worth doing it latter.
    • Suhmer

      what? please explain more, do I have a 2 year time limit to find a serious boyfriend? You have literally just given me a panic attack.

    • dudeman

      @Suhmer lol no i was telling other men to not take a women seriously after 23.

    • higgsboson

      agreed. a lot of female 'sexologists' fall for the apex fallacy. they judge all men on the top 1-20%.

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  • Sexualchrist
    All of the women having sex with just some of the guys hey? Who knew?(sarcasm)
  • wOWZERS43
    Dude this is obvious, the top percentile of men (handsome and fit) get laid the most, huge shocker.

    The bottom 70-80 percent or so get nothing, but you ladies still want to get married in your late 20's early 30's. No one likes being "settled" for just because you couldn't get a top tier guy to commit.
  • Robertcw
    So it’s exactly what I thought. Tinder is a tool for women only. And it’s very bad for men.

    Guys don’t have an app where they can be normal and find a sexy woman to have sex with once in a while. There is no equivalent, and thus this is female privilege. Girls on Tinder do smash. A lot!
  • FakeName123
    What would be interesting to hear is the common scientific knowledge that men and women have different ways of estimate their numbers. Men generally exaggerate while women understate. So the difference should be even bigger.

    That being said, Tinder is a place for hookups and thus only a certain demographic moves there. Interesting nonetheless.
    • ArtDent

      Really? Do you 'exaggerate'? I know I don't.

  • DiegoO
    Tinder sounds like crap to me and It's very dangerous. Rapist, murderers can easily use it to commit their crimes and I don't see how It can be something positive, plus It don't gives that interaction you need to know well the person whit who you are having sex whit. I would rather go to a bar or some night club, socialize, have a good time and see what comes up instead of using any social media to do that.
    • Khailz

      Isn't that literally internet?

  • Blueeyes81
    What I take from this. If your a woman, tinder is good. If your a man, you'll be just as frustrated as in real life.
  • tattooedhandfet
    So it's a good thing that women wanna use you men just solely for fucking? I don't understand... because I didn't think the guys would wanna get used considering the stats (less than 50)
    • tyber1

      The evidence isn't suggesting that guys are unwilling to be used, it is suggesting that women are choosing to use the same small group of men while the rest get nothing.

    • No what this evidence suggests is that the women are pretty easy. But that's just my opinion.

    • tyber1

      If they were easy, the number of men wouldn't be so small. They are easy, but only for certain men.

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  • canadianLAD
    everyone on tinder is looking for some surfer white boy to fuck.
  • zagor
    WTF when did "smash" become a term for screwing? Is this another British thing like shag?
    • Anonymous

      I don't know but I used it since it's a typical word that gets used a lot on tinder.

    • Mártainn

      You Yanks don't say "shag"?

    • Tomsta

      I've never heard a British person use "Smash" in anything other than getting drunk. And you American don't say Shag?

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  • brain5000
    • brain5000

      Muscular, well endowed... maybe not relaxed.

    • brain5000

      " Muscular, well-endowed relaxed and (surprise!) a little beerbelly? The girls described the men's attractive personal traids as "they know what they want and don't hold back to take it."

      Why don't women just admit that it's a physical attraction and stop the BS about "they know what they want blah blah blah." Ordinary looking dudes know what they want, too. You're probably not smashing them on Tinder.

    • brain5000

      It is also interesting that the "Wanna smash?" line works. How many women complain about getting that initial introductory email on a dating site to that effect? I don't get it.

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  • GreatnessPersonified
    Most people are built to look for sex first, i. e sexual attraction, then look for something deeper if needed.
    Most romantic relationships, NSA, friends with benefits, and ONS all have the same denominator: sex.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Here's my week long Tinder dating history:
    1. Got on tinder, right swiped for like an hour or 2.
    2. Got some matches, said simple intros
    3. Started talking to a couple, setup a date with one girl.
    4. Went on date at a nice steakhouse, she ordered a Vodka dirty martini (you know what this means if you are American and in your 20s...)
    5. Watched fireworks after.
    6. Made out because she literally raped my mouth. She wouldn't stop kissing me.
    7. Stopped using Tinder because I date classy girls lol.
    • What kind of intros do you usually use? I always struggle with that part xD I have 2-3 that work, but not all the time and in the end it gets boring.

    • @AleDeEurope Well I'm no Casablanca but I like to form my strategy with women based on what every other guy is NOT doing. So think what are the other guys doing:
      1. "Hey whats up"
      2. "wow you are sexy!"

      Don't be simple, boring or generic like #1. Don't be superficial like #2. Say something genuine/fun/classy/unique like:
      "Wow you have a really beautiful smile!"
      "We just matched, does that mean we are bf-gf now?"

      good luck!

    • Ok, thanks man ;)

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  • ChocEyes
    Well, good for them. That's what Tinder is for, right? :) All is good. On a side note, I would be very interested in seeing this research and the methodology you used.
  • Solitude96
    there all well endowed this is why I'm single you have to be well endowed girls always talk about that and then say we'll you don't need a dick you can use sex toys crafted with a well endowed shape chick are liars
  • meatballs21
    I agree with most of these assessments.

    "Wanna smash" makes me laugh, I can see why it works.
  • Betwyn
    I'm soo glad I don't have a Smart phone..

    I don't think I'd trust myself with access to Snap Chat and Tinder lol
  • Starfishlover
    I don't need tinder. I get picked up left, right and centre... in real life :)
  • Joeyzn8
    I've looked at a lot of social sites and they are not confidential a credit card is necessary to even chat with her and I have Skype, if I wanted a prostitute then that's what I would look for selfless service.
  • Jason_r
    Someone on here said something about how is easy it is for women to get laid. I wish I could find the whole quote but it's lost in the sea of comments. Basically saying that any woman could go on Tinder and get laid but men obviously can't. I wonder if this person uses Tinder because I've used it for about 6 months now and have seen hundreds of women who were absolutely terrifying looking; woman that I would have a hard time just talking to let alone having sex with.
    I've also noticed that about 50%+ of the women on Tinder are obese. If this study is actually true, it sure isn't a great accomplishment by those 50 men. I found that walking around in public I see far more attractive women that I see on Tinder. This just proves that the people are out there everyone just needs to start talking to each other in real life.
    • ElvenMr

      Yea, that's true, but let's not forget "most" good looking girls are and probably in a relationship already, doesn't really matter where you meet them. (at a show/on the street etc)

      I would still say that girls generally have a much easier time on tinder then men.

      Of course all of that depends on where you live or use tinder.

    • Robertcw

      Depends where you live. In my area most of the women on Tinder are hot. Because most of the women in my area are just hot in general.

  • Rcjh1987
    tinder sounds like a setup to disaster. I've never or will use it.
  • BertMacklinFBI

    fuck tinder
  • hmm so this means that women in tinder smash more than the men there do?
    • CasaNorba

      I bet they do since its easier for them to do so, they also bang and get free stuff in return while playing mind games. this further proofs my theory on all women being whores one way or another correct.

    • Robertcw

      Yes. That was the point of the article,

    • CasaNorba

      @Robertcw I was being sarcastic. Obviously ALL women smash more than men cause as I already said before, they have it way more easier.

      Tinder is basically an escort app for women. That offers free service and awards

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  • BackInGame
    What I have been telling, but nobody listened me...
    • BackInGame

      also: it's how world is spinning, so not just tinder.

  • front2back
    This only reaffirms my belief that Tinder is terrible... but I keep using it anyways, out of hope I guess...

    And yeah the women on Tinder are total hoes. Found that out quick. Had to swipe left for a ton of them to find just one or two decent girls. Kinda ruins women as a whole for you the longer you're on there.
    • squeelz

      Wait why are they hoes? Because they are there to smash on a known hookup site like yourself doesn't that make you a hoe to? ill wait

    • front2back

      @squeelz I clearly state I'm only there for realtionships (and I am), and there's some girls on there for that too. I mean hoes as in have low standards for who they have sex with. I've seen some of the guys on there from a friend's profile and many of them look absolutely disgusting, like those dudes must be carrying some VD. So if the women on there are banging these guys without thinking they probably have gotten a VD too.

    • squeelz

      My fault I didn't see the relationship searching part. But I respect your response and your opinion

  • Crazyced
    Non of this surprise me, already knew it. It should shatter the delusions of a lot though.
  • Polocrew
    Ken confirm I banged 3 but all of em turned out to be psycho
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Ill give it a shot if I am not busy, ya know, working on my life.
  • LittleSally
    Haha Hilarious...
    • Anonymous

      I also had to laugh sometimes. But guys seem to take it really bad. I'm glad someone can laugh at it too.

    • jjmarvin

      Which thing do they take bad?

    • Anonymous

      @jjmarvin That all the girls are fucking around casually and that only a couple lucky guys get to enjoy all of them.

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  • BellePepper
    DO you have any sources?
    • AndrewTroy

      She does have sources. She says so in the article

      Source: We

  • pavlove
    been saying this for weeks on hereee
    • Roostah

      Yet we still have manginas saying. Stop generalizing, only small percentage of girls are like that.

  • AndyOh
    I think I need to do some research on Tinder!
  • Lonewolf_1296
    This study is fake.
    • jokesonyou

      Even if it is, geneticists can show that we're descended from twice as many women as men. In Norway 26% of men go without children while only 13% of women do. I could go on and on. The evidence that the majority of women sleep with a minority of men is overwhelming. It's also in line with everything biologists who study mating think about how human sexuality works.

      The truth is awful, but y'know, gotta live in the real world. It's the only world there is.

    • How does it feel to be the most intelligent man here?

    • @jokesonyou you super do not live in the real world, amigo.

      You live in Internet land where this stuff makes any sense at all. Go post this over to a University professors blog. Or a research scientist. Post your rant as well.

      You let me know how that goes.